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  1. Professor Rob

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Anybody know what the schtick is with minis?
  2. So more like a “many worlds” interpretation?
  3. Professor Rob

    De Niro

    Presumably the rest of the cast and all of the crew were too scared as well. It ruins the scene, because it's a pivotal moment where he's tricking Sean Bean into admitting he was never at Hereford, but shows that his character can't claim to have been there either.
  4. Professor Rob

    De Niro

    And why does it pronounce it Hear-ford?
  5. Professor Rob

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    Yes. During Operating Rounds, the Corporation runs trains to gain revenue. This revenue is then split between all shareholders, according to the percentage of the Corporation each one owns. This also causes the share price to rise. Note that the President can choose to withhold dividends, which means the Corporation keeps the revenue. This gives the Corp more capital to use in the next Operating Round, but causes the share price to drop.
  6. Professor Rob

    German film and TV recommendations (subtitled)

    Thanks. Found a few more to have a go at here: http://www.dw.com/en/dark-and-other-german-tv-series-to-watch-worldwide/g-41579472
  7. I've been learning German for the last few months, mainly from audio courses and podcasts, but have also been watching some dramas (Dark and The Same Sky, both of which are excellent). Does anybody have any recommendations for other stuff on Netflix, Amazon Prime or iPlayer that's worth watching?
  8. Professor Rob

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    Professor Rob buys a 10% share of TAG from IPO for $70. -> @MalevolentPanda
  9. Professor Rob

    Jay Rayner reviews Le Cinq, Paris

    Who was the chap who looked like Peter off Family Guy? He was good, but hasn't been on in a while.
  10. Professor Rob

    Jay Rayner reviews Le Cinq, Paris

    I don't mind Jay Rayner – he's an entertaining writer, and his targets do tend to be the more pretentious establishments where the food doesn't quite match the price or the hype. If it's good food or good value for money, he'll say so. I like Grace Dent for the same reasons. One reviewer I can't stand is William Sitwell, who just acts like a spoilt, petulant child most of the time.
  11. Professor Rob

    What are you playing?

    I'll give it a go, although I've never played TM before. I'll give the rules a read this weekend. Edit: Just been having a look on the site: do I need a premium account for Terra Mystica? It's not a problem if I do.
  12. Professor Rob

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    Yes, you can pass if you like, and still have a turn when it gets back round to you. Unless, of course, everyone else also passes, ending the Stock Round.
  13. Professor Rob

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    I'll explain a little bit about this next phase of the game, if people are unsure. Now that all of the Private Companies have been sold, we enter the first proper Stock Round. Here, shares in the six Corporations are bought from the Initial Public Offering (IPO). There are ten shares for each Corporation, and the first person to buy a share certificate in a particular Corporation gets to set the 'Par' or base price for that Corporation's shares. The first certificate bought is the 'President's Certificate' and is actually worth two shares, so that player has to pay twice the Par price he set, and subsequently owns 20% of the Corporation's shares. Once 60% of a Corporation has been bought, that Corporation is 'floated', and gets ten times its Par value from the bank to use as working capital. The player who has the President's Certificate is the Company President, and gets to decide what to do during the Operating Rounds (build track, run trains). I can't offer much advice in terms of strategy (I think we're all in the same boat), but with regard to setting the Par price: if you set it too low, the Corporation won't have as much capital to work with during Operating Rounds, but if you set it too high, you might not be able to afford to buy enough Shares in it for it to float. Of course, it can still float if other people also buy shares in it. The stock round continues until all players have passed consecutively.
  14. Professor Rob

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    Professor Rob starts TAG at $70 and pays $140 for 2 shares (20%) to BANK -> @MalevolentPanda
  15. Professor Rob

    General chatter - discuss anything here


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