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  1. It should be like those Chief O’Brien cartoons. Trailer was alright, though. Is this coming to Netflix/Prime over here?
  2. I’ve started listening to The Greatest Generation podcast, after hearing it had some funny beef with the much more serious Mission Log podcast (which I also recently started listening to). TGG is some very funny nonsense. Would recommend. Start from the start. EDIT: It begins as a Next Gen podcast reviewing all the episodes. From the POV of 2 guys who are ‘embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast’.
  3. Out of interest, have we always said ‘passes’ in the UK when referring to death? I’ve only started noticing this here very recently, I thought it was an Americanism.
  4. Just the kind of game you want to play with friends... Also, 'one-finger mode for when you're doing other things'. Jesus Christ.
  5. I just started playing the first one. Boy oh boy, that first half-hour is ROUGH.
  6. Swery has been retweeting people complaining about the frame rate. Bizarre!
  7. How much are Blu-Ray movies now compared to DVDs in 2000? How much are albums on CD now compared to the mid-90s? I’ll wait.
  8. I’m downloading a Rocket League update at 54kbps a second. Not a typo. With a wired connection. Yet when running the connection speed test in the Xbox itself, I’m at exactly the speed I’d expect (Over 100 Mbps). What is wrong with this shit tonight?
  9. Out of interest, does anyone know how much 'content' costs in a videogame compared to development of the tech behind the game (I assume that even something using Unreal requires some bespoke development)? Are we only seeing 50-60 hour epics because it's perceived that this is how customers see value? Would such a game be much cheaper to make if it was only 10 hours, or is developing the tech and initial assets so expensive that piling on extra content is comparatively cheap compared to getting the bones of the game together in the first place? I think I may be answering my own question by recalling how I once read that creating art assets was a bloody expensive part of the process, and that's what you need when you add content unless you cheap out and recycle areas (and then of course you probably have extra voice acting, mocap, writing, music etc). But I'd be interested if any devs here could comment on this 'length = value' question and how it relates to budget. Are developers spending needlessly when customers would be happy with 10 hour games (particularly in our digital future where games can't be traded in)?
  10. Leaving aside that 'it was really expensive then so it's fine being really expensive now too' isn't an argument that I think is particularly valid, I dare say that manufacturing CDs was more expensive per unit than it is now, plus the more elaborate game boxes, plus the proper written manuals, plus the cost of inferior distribution channels of the time. Also I don't know how the licensing fee for publishers has changed since MGS was released. Maybe I'm wrong but £65 for a game actually feels worse now than it did when I was a kid, maybe because the ubiquity of videogames is now so normalised.
  11. I just don’t think - and will probably never think - that £65 is an acceptable standard price for a videogame. It’s too much. It prices so many people out of what is a glorious hobby.
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