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  1. Beast had an episode zero, so it is 312 really!
  2. Well, at least in the UK we have the preliminary answer about this price point. In the US, $70 is much less than £70, so I assume it will have done better. It was in 3rd place for April in the US and Canada for PlayStation Store downloads. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/05/10/playstation-store-april-2021-top-downloads/#sf245737379
  3. That looks really beautiful, but mega ouch at the price.
  4. Yes, this is getting loads of buzz. Certainly one for the much-fabled rllmuk VR night if enough of us buy it!
  5. I think the plan is to jump a decade at a time per season, and end the show in a near future time period.
  6. There is a 7 season plan for the show, according to Ron Moore. Sorry, @mexos! The biggest impediment to the future quality of the show is Ron Moore leaving Sony Television for a new megabucks deal with 20th TV. He won’t be involved in the day to day on FAM anymore. Then again, the other showrunners - Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert - seem like really good writers too. They wrote the S2 finale, for example, and were on Fargo’s early seasons.
  7. It does get much better as you unlock more cars and tracks, although you should also switch damage to Realistic and up the AI difficulty by a couple of notches. Having the fear of your car being totalled, and having that happen to your opponents regularly, is where much of the fun in the game is. Before long you’ll be on Figure 8 tracks frantically trying to drift around smouldering wrecks.
  8. Mine too! Chalk up another big Joycon fault.
  9. Wasn’t Wyman seen as one of the ‘bad ones’ in Fringe and Alias, though? EDIT: Scratch that, I’m thinking of Alexander and Pinkman.
  10. While the Cyberpunk comparison is very silly to me, it’s hard to believe that intelligent human beings wouldn’t have known about automatic system updates wrecking their ‘use rest mode’ plans well before Returnal came out. Or that players would react very negatively to not having a save. I do think that devs either live in a weird bubble sometimes or play very dumb in their ‘we’re listening to the community’ stuff. There have been plenty of examples of developers ‘listening’ to the most obvious feedback upon a game’s release that they must have known would happen. I’m on
  11. Exactly, and you even had to find it out yourself. If I were them, the change I’d make there would be to add a ‘Skip this cutscene’ to the going to sleep sequence to make it less annoying! I thought that being able to get energy back in Biome 1 was a helpful thing to find out, and that the developers had it in there on purpose. (I mean, multiple people on the team obviously did include it on purpose because going to sleep can’t magically increase your health without them programming it to do so. Maybe they thought the ability was being abused.) I think they’ve absolutely made the w
  12. You can only do it on Biome 1, though. Why cripple the help for people who want it?
  13. Reading between the lines after listening to the Bombcast, it sounded to me like Jeff knows he really has to shake up the site for it to survive and whatever his plans are didn’t appeal to the others. It certainly doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood, though, just handshakes all round and see you later.
  14. They also obliterated their very decent forum, which a number of us were very pissed off about. In the end, the regulars jumped ship to form GRcade.
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