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  1. Eighthours

    Star Trek Discovery

    Looks great!
  2. Eighthours

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    An absurd overreaction to those tweets, particularly considering that Disney was already aware of them and allowed him to direct 2 movies while knowing about them!
  3. Eighthours

    Doctor Who

    I assume I’ll get used to the accent.
  4. Eighthours

    Forza Motorsport 7

    Haven't played this since the opening month, really. Is it much better now? Seemed pretty good to start with!
  5. Eighthours

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Nope. Virtue signalling is most tedious when it's taken to such a ridiculous degree.
  6. Eighthours

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    It’s almost like this is a discussion forum where we discuss stuff!
  7. Eighthours

    SNES Mini

    No N64 Classic Mini this year, then? We’re a couple of weeks on from when the SNES Mini was announced last year. (Although the NES one was announced on 14 July 2016, so there is still hope...)
  8. Eighthours

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    But, as I’ve said before, there was a whole Reddit conversation thread in the GW2 team’s recent dev chat and then her tweets about the subject, and she didn’t mention branching dialogue once. So how was anyone meant to assume she’d already thought of it, when she described the problem at length in 2 separate places but didn’t mention it? See for yourself, it’s a good few posts down: https://reddit.app.link/V6pQ1KWqyO
  9. Unfortunate - it’s so much more than the show you as the audience ‘think’ it is after the first few eps.
  10. Eighthours

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Kane did exactly what he had to when it really mattered, apart from last night when it would also have really mattered! I keep replaying that missed first half chance in my mind. From 2-0 we win that game, I think.
  11. Eighthours

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I've heard about Phil Foden, he sounds awesome.
  12. Eighthours

    Extinction - Michael Peña sci-fi

    Why are they buying up shit films? Do their 'metrics' show that the potential viewership is worth losing the critical cachet they had been trying to build up through their Netflix Originals?
  13. Eighthours

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    How have we suddenly jumped from a position where pretty much everyone agreed that there was nothing wrong with Deroir's initial tweets? The firing was rubbish, let's be clear about that, but Jessica Price did overreact to nothing. I've already written about how that is understandable given the context of sexist/misogynist/mansplaining tweets she must have received in the past, but her reaction to this particular tweet was wrong, and trying to reframe it as John Teasdale does is a load of rubbish. I note that he, like others defending her, doesn't point out that not once in her Reddit thread or subsequent tweets before the incident did she mention branching narratives. So how was Deroir supposed to magically guess that she had considered them, when she had gone into detail about the problems of player characters in MMORPGs and didn't talk about branching narratives once?
  14. Eighthours

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

  15. Eighthours

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    That thread is rubbish.

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