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  1. Genuinely surprised at how great that looks.
  2. Nope, I was just speculating - I wasn't aware of what Thomas had said.
  3. If you're playing really early, watch out as you might miss a big Day One patch!
  4. On the website, you can turn off the ‘immediately play next episode’ thing. It’s in settings somewhere, and applies to all your devices.
  5. How much would Sony cost to buy outright? (EDIT: Hmmm, apparently they were worth $37 billion last year. Maybe not chump change then, even for the Mouse.)
  6. Just want to check - I can move my main base, right? I've been doing the base building tutorials on a rather boring planet. If I dismantle the base computer and build it somewhere else, the tutorials will continue, right? I suppose I'll just have to make a note of the various modules I've already installed in my base. I was convinced that base building would be really boring, but even just laying out some wooden floor in VR was pretty compelling!
  7. I outran some pirates in my Class C shuttle last night and JUST managed to pulse jump to a space station. A good thing, as I was carrying an item that was worth nearly 850k units! Bollocks, what was it called? It came from some buried salvage, which was an absolute bitch to get to because of the high sentinel activity.
  8. Am well up for more, but not sure the Wachowski (singular) is the best to make it good again. She’s a bit pretentious - R&R were full of it in the writing, and Sens8 was pretty preachy. Less philosophy, more ass-kicking please.
  9. Seems tied to where you’re looking in the headset, not your hand position.
  10. I hated the New Adventures. HATED THEM. And I remember that I was so looking forward to that show, as I loved the original. But the character design was all wrong, Skeletor was ruined, it was shite. I'm well up for more proper He-Man, this time hopefully without the morality lessons that as a young kid I didn't realise were crowbarred into the show with all the subtlety of a thermonuclear explosion.
  11. Unfortunately you either have to buy chromatic metal from a space station or search for a planet that does copper. Can you scan for the exact location of resource deposits when you're flying about, so that you land near a plentiful source? I can't figure out a way. I always have to land and then engage the scanner.
  12. Have they added anything in VR to this yet, in terms of 'proper' races? Or will we have to wait until the PS5 port?
  13. I'll try hyperspace jumping a bit more and see if it happens, then! I've been engaged on a long-winded but enjoyable mission to fix a damaged starship I found. Still only a class C and a shuttle at that, but it has 23 slots which is 8 more than the starter ship, so it seems worth it. I've fixed a few of the slots already, but I need to find a lot more copper to refine into a fuckton of chromatic metal, and then there are a few things I've never heard of that I need to get the recipe for! It's annoying how the resource deposits you've already visited and depleted stay on the scanner! Also, that framerate in the Anomoly, eh? When you're landing it jerks to about 5FPS max (PSVR), and it looks like they lower the resolution in there even more than normal! It runs crazy badly, that place!
  14. The mission has never triggered, so I assume it's a bug. Can anyone who restarted the game for Beyond confirm that this mission triggered for them when first encountering a freighter?
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