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  1. My........ ....... ........ ....... Name....... ..... ...... ....... Is........... .......... ......... ......... Rao...... ...... ....... ...... Vantika... .... ..... (Audience has fallen asleep)
  2. Are there any decent story recaps for 4 and 5 out there? I don't want to go in completely unsure of what's going on.
  3. Well, that's one rumour put to bed - this definitely isn't using Unreal Engine 5.
  4. I keep forgetting to buy these. NOW SORTED!
  5. Is there any credence to the rumour that this is switching to Unreal Engine 5 for Chapter 3, do you think? And if so, what kind of difference could it make to a game with this art style that’s on so many platforms, including some that already struggle with it?
  6. Superstars seems a lot better than the first one on Switch to me.
  7. Can't remember if I've said it here, but HBO could make serious mega-bank if they go back and remake the last couple of seasons of the show after GRRM has actually written the books. Get all the actors back, FX de-age the kids who are now adults, start from the end of S5. Of course the actors' deals would be ridiculously huge, but so what? It would once again be the biggest TV event out there. Get Cogman and Sapochnik to showrun, GRRM in charge of the writers' room, job done. (Sadly this probably won't work if the final book isn't released until after 2030...)
  8. I've thought about it and you're wrong. It's generally regarded as one of the great TV finales, and it bookends the series perfecly. But each to their own.
  9. Massively hard disagree. Not only is it an epic story, but it bookends the series in terms of plot with Q and the trial, and also seeing the crew in their Farpoint selves and old uniforms. It's the very definition of a series finale.
  10. Having not played this for over a year, but recently downloading the update and the expansion, do you fine people think that I should start again with a new island or carry on with the one I have? I was only a few weeks into the game when I stopped playing originally.
  11. I don't think a dual launch strategy was particularly clever, tbh. Stick to one or the other.
  12. Only 70,250 views so far. I wonder what it got on E4 last night. Deserves more than this!
  13. Hellbound, then. Anyone watched this? 100% on RT, and The Guardian have their 'so much better than Squid Game'' article up (it's another South Korean show). Sounds fun! Apparently it's really hardcore and brilliant.
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