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  1. Just drop a couple of italicised Japanese words into every post, man. SUPERIORITY.
  2. You genuinely don’t get the problem with your post, do you? It’s so WEIRD.
  3. Loving Jeff’s obvious annoyance in the Mario quick look when he keeps telling Brad ‘maybe you should follow the arrows’ and similar things in an understated but patronising way. How did Brad ever become a reviewer when he can’t spot the most obvious signposting in games about where to go next?
  4. Ahhhhh, I think you've missed out on part of the genius here by seeking advice. One of the brilliant things about the game for me was figuring out the systems as I went, through the dialogue, screen prompts, extra stuff that pops up in each run, and just trying things.
  5. Someone clearly watched the workprint again and saw that they didn't actually have all the material required for the story. Plus, I'd imagine that a few of the existing scenes are dodgy in terms of coverage and performances. Reshoots are baked into the time for these big blockbusters now to fix glaring problems, but Snyder didn't have the opportunity to do any before he left the film IIRC, so the decision will have been made that there are too many issues with the existing footage to ignore. I wonder if there will be all-new scenes or just pick-ups. It will be fun when the Snyder Cut comes ou
  6. Has no one considered that Lakitu may just be inexperienced? Toad bought him a camcorder from Dixons for his birthday, but in 1996 there was no YouTube where he could watch a tutorial series to learn how to frame shots properly. Stop crushing the dreams of a young documentary filmmaker, it was his first project FFS!
  7. Will a browser-based web app be as reliable in terms of visuals and latency for this sort of service as a dedicated app?
  8. EDIT: Double post due to loading freeze.
  9. And Sir Chris Hoy looked like a sex doll. The eyes on one of them were among the most terrifying things I've ever seen.
  10. Hades isn't getting a port to other consoles anytime soon, and version 1.0 may well be the final version of the game bar bug fixing and small improvements. This is what I got from Supergiant's Reddit AMA yesterday. They're having a well deserved break for a few weeks very soon, before talking about their next big project. There was no sense in the AMA that an Xbox/PlayStation version of Hades is coming. Buy the game on Switch!
  11. In the Reddit AMA, it seemed that 1.0 is it for a while (indeed, it might even be the final version aside from bug fixing and small gameplay improvements), and then they're going to move onto another project. So if there is a port, it'll be by an external team, I'd wager. Don't get your hopes up.
  12. This just shows how Dead Cells would have been even better if all the little secret rooms you find in that game had 100 variations of characters and dialogue, rather than always being the same every time. Hopefully if the devs make a sequel they'll take a few lessons from Hades. It's hard to emphasise just how much the addition of a proper story, great characters and excellent voice acting brings to the roguelike genre. The fact that the combat is so good in Hades as well brings it over the top. It's GOTY for me so far.
  13. Yes, just check what the negative effect is compared to your perceived value of the reward. For example, you might lose HP every time you Cast for a few chambers, in order to then earn a nice buff to Cast. I'm happy not using Cast for a while, so it doesn't matter. I find that I'm not going for anything that hurts me when I use Attack, though, as that's way too much of a disadvantage (for my playstyle) for the 4 or 5 chambers it applies to, even if the eventual reward is better than the one for Cast. There's much more chance of me dying or losing too much health to then make progress, even aft
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