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  1. They don't sound particularly like Radiohead, but you can tell that the members love the band and there is definitely a crossover in terms of fans. It's like if instead of going to Kid A after OK Computer, Thom Yorke instead decided to embrace both pop and his falsetto! Jonathan Higgs, the lead singer, cites OK Computer as one of his seminal records growing up, and the band was named after the opening words of Everything In Its Right Place. Definitely give them a listen. Jon's voice takes a bit of getting used to, but once you're there it sounds great. The new album is full of bangers, so there's no problem starting there and then going back.
  2. I bought that T-shirt at the Rough Trade gig - it's great - and I've got the 'Caps Lock On' lyrics book, which is also really good.
  3. Yes - they played the album up to 'Jennifer' in Bristol in April (and in the short set at Rough Trade that I saw on Sunday), and as I understand it that's all they've rehearsed from RDF so far.
  4. Can't wait until the next tour when they will presumably be performing it live.
  5. The new album, Raw Data Feel, was out last Friday and it's a banger of a record. My 5 fave tracks from it so far: I Want A Love Like This Metroland Is Burning Shark Week Cut UP! (this is fucking amazing) Software Greatman Has anyone else here listened to it yet?
  6. Thanks very much for this, I'll be downloading to have a listen.
  7. Yeah, for me that would be too much despite the extras.
  8. I wouldn't buy a 64GB at this point, personally. Games are getting bigger. And yes, there's no way to expand the memory. The OS takes up some memory but I'm not sure how much - again, with so many updates to the firmware the footprint of the OS will likely get ever bigger. How much are they selling it for, out of interest? That could also be a factor. £150, say, and it's probably worth it. Anywhere north of £200 I'd be cautious and either wait for a 128GB seller or save up to buy direct.
  9. You certainly can! The Etsy market for controller add-ons is a thing. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1015695124/golf-club-fits-quest-2-quest-2?click_key=78a5c57c57b02a6802ab8fa839f5b7fe322a320e%3A1015695124&click_sum=d0226ed5&ref=shop_home_active_31&pro=1&sts=1 I have one of these and it’s great. I also have a table tennis paddle one for Eleven Table Tennis, which is like witchcraft.
  10. Walkabout is a system seller. At least it would be if more people knew about it (within the Quest community it's very popular, but it's not known 'outside' VR in the same way that... say... Wii Sports used to be, and it bloody well should be!).
  11. Yep, Cambria basically seems like a test run to then figure out how to get some of the tech into a cheaper headset.
  12. I really love this album, it's great. Definitely the best of the side projects, and it could easily have been an album straight from the mothership.
  13. I reckon the FIFA branding would still help a new owner sell loads more games than a generic name. EA has built its football games to a point where they think they don't need the moniker in order to sell what they did before. For Konami, though, the FIFA name could be a real leg-up as a sign of legitimacy for what has so far been a disastrous rebranding exercise. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised if FIFA's hubris leads to them trying to do it themselves by basically controlling the entire process, rather than just being the name on the box and having (I presume) right of veto and annoying sign-off on the feature set from EA. I can see them using this as an opportunity to become the publisher of their own new branded game and completely controlling a dev team's work. If so, I anticipate a car crash - licencing to Konami is a better idea for both parties imo.
  14. Yeah, it seems more likely that they’ll make the WWE mistake and get a new dev team / publisher to rush something out that’s borderline broken in order to have a game released with the FIFA moniker on it in 2023. They’ll think they can’t miss a year and let EA gain the full foothold… which is probably true, to be honest. Konami is the perfect partner for them, in my opinion - eFootball has flopped massively but could still be a good game given another year in the can. Although… er… maybe have some presentation stuff in the contract, eh? Make Konami hire some flashy UI and menu designers as part of any deal!
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