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  1. Watching Football Focus and the desire for the league to be concluded at the expense of cup and international competition is high amongst the guests. Looking at the realistic timings it's going to be a struggle though. Increasing the number of teams in the Premier League, adding the top two Championship teams with no relegation is an interesting idea. The additional fixtures would be difficult to accommodate but obviously these are exceptional circumstances. Relegation from the Premier League next season would be four teams, with the top 2, only, promoted again.
  2. That's probably the best 11 currently. Little bit more confident they'll get the needed result tonight.
  3. Replays almost certainly showed it hit his shoulder. Clear and obvious errors for everything but offside, which can be measured right down to a player's armpit. What an absolute shit implementation of some excellent technology, VAR should have cleared up the obvious officiating errors. Instead it's just ruining the enjoyment.
  4. I don't understand the commentators complaining about Liverpool in the final third. In the last few games Liverpool have been impatient and were crossing constantly, giving away possession. Right now they're being patient and they aren't going to find too much space with Bournemouth having at least 10 men within the last 30 yards of their half.
  5. Insipid. No answers at all to a team who pack their own half and play on the counter attack. It's a similar situation they found themselves in against Watford on Saturday evening. Individual errors cost the team. No time to rest, they need to beat Bournemouth in the early Saturday kick off.
  6. Very poor performance, no patience in the final third where Watford sat the entire team when defending. Rushed final passes and crosses into congested areas that weren't really viable. Watford played the perfect counter attack and Liverpool didn't look like scoring at all in the entire match. Fair play Watford, the makings of that result were formed at the Anfield match where it was a lot tighter than the 2-0 suggested.
  7. Lovren can not be a scapegoat for that goal. The defense was just poor all round.
  8. Hughes kicks Wijnaldum on his standing foot, nowhere near the ball, and doesn't get a yellow.
  9. Passing? Watford are setting up with the whole team in their own half when Liverpool have the ball. It's not an issue of poor passing but a lack of space and difficult passing that is the issue.
  10. Watching West Ham vs Southampton because I like the way Hassenhutl has his team playing at the moment, they are struggling without Ings pressing from the top in unison with Long. However, my main observation is how negative West Ham are, even whilst at home. The fans aren't gonna suffer that for long given their recent history. Despite all that they're winning 2-1 because McCarthy had a nightmare.
  11. That game actually sent me to sleep. Terrible game. Just waiting for post match coverage to see the goal.
  12. What's the accepted milage for a derby? Can you have more than one derby?
  13. In between getting the kids to bed I missed Laporte injuring himself, what happened? Serious looking?
  14. I agree with your Gerrard assessment if you're going for a conventional central midfielder. He had his best campaigns as a second striker or out wide on the right in my opinion.
  15. @Gotters I think the most impressive part of that, for me, is that the team are much greater than the sum of their parts. To a greater degree than most teams in recent years who have had massive net transfer spends. Edit : I think what fox said is true too, when any team gains such a degree of success neutral fans become bored by the lack of competition. Liverpool and City last season ran away in the league but because it involved two teams nobody was complaining. Any team who end up miles ahead of the opposition's will end up being spoken of in the same terms as Liverpool are righ
  16. Safe to say Alexander Arnold's two game blip is certainly over, some of the balls tonight were outrageous. Keita was a bright spot tonight, I felt everything through the middle in the West Ham half was going through him. His short passing and movement was creating difficulty for West Ham through the middle. He was unlucky to be taken off but I'm not sure Fabinho on his own against Rice and Nobel would have been sensible whilst chasing the game. Not the best performance but the right result.
  17. After the third goal it cut to David Moyes and he looked utterly sick, amazing
  18. Alan Smith reckons Liverpool haven't been able to get "down the sides" of West Ham so far. Considering just about all of their best moments have come from there I'm calling bullshit.
  19. Rugby allows full tackling from u9 age groups. They slowly introduce other parts of the game over the next 4 or 5 years with rucking, mauling, kicking, scrums and line outs being introduced in different years. What rugby does have, though, is a decent protocol toward head injury and concussion. Coaches, players and parents are all encouraged to partake in an online course teaching how to recognise potential concussion in a player. Any player with suspected concussion has to take 3 weeks off. The slightest symptom and the player is removed. Rugby has accepted
  20. Alexander Arnold was off the pace against Norwich too. It's to be expected considering his age but hopefully he can begin to recapture the form we know he is capable of. Robertson hasn't been at his best either recently and when those two aren't doing what they're capable of it is clearly seen through the performances.
  21. The movement was clearly that of a stamp. It's a red card, there aren't many I've been more sure about. He didn't even try to play the ball.
  22. I felt that, considering the first half and nature of the match up to that, Mourinho had no choice but to send his team out on a more attacking footing. Tottenham looked like they were playing that same old Mourinho style when he decides his team can't match up against an opponent.
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