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  1. I thought we did well as the 5, we actually split into a 2 and 3 most of the time. But yeah, as the 4 we were probably worse. Maybe @Herbalizer is the answer!
  2. I think you might be right there! I'm definitely learning though. I'd usually go balls out shooting at people but I've quelled that desire. Just need to survive every once in a while now.
  3. That is truly scandalous logic employed by the PFA. I listened to Gary Lineker earlier, on the Marr show, and he made the pertinent point that there are high worth individuals in all industries. Maybe we should have a windfall tax of high worth individuals? Not just target footballers. The way clubs as businesses deal with it, via furlough or whatever they do is also a separate issue.
  4. Players aren't on PAYE as far as I'm aware so they couldn't go on the scheme. As for not accepting a cut, the PFA are lamentable in complete lack of social awareness. I've not read any articles yet but is the NHS thing because they wouldn't be able to donate the money they'd planned? The money, whilst as a headline sounds like a lot, is a drop in the ocean for the NHS and right now money isn't what the NHS needs.
  5. I've just started playing Escape From Tarkov, my first foray into PC FPS gaming for bloody years. Need a decent headset, I have absolutely no clue what I'm looking for though.
  6. Liverpool have taken advantage of the Government paying 80% of their wage bill for PAYE staff and will top up the extra 20% so the staff won't lose out any money. That makes perfect business sense, they've reduced their outgoings massively. Being a fan I'm not going to comment on the moral aspect because I'm clearly bias. I just wanted to point out that under the headline there is detail, because my instant reaction was it was a shit move.
  7. I did, yeah. Didn't achieve much to be honest. What happens if you get insurance back but there is no room in your stash? I've been burning through gear.
  8. I've been waiting for the windjammers sequel by DotEmu. Loved playing the original years ago and DotEmu have done well with rebooting old franchises up to now.
  9. Thank you both very much @Sir Mullo and @Herbalizer for putting up with my noob questions and very much slowing you down. It was excellent fun, especially when Sir Mullo led us to the wrong extraction point and we ended up having to sprint to another. Made it by about a second or two, after the two pros killed 4 or 5 scavs.
  10. Is it worth getting my hideout upgraded? Just did a PMC run and panicked as soon as I heard footsteps. Forgot to get into aim mode with my gun
  11. @Sir Mullo I'll definitely try to join at some point. Usually watch a film with the family in Friday evenings. I don't have a mic at the moment though. I'm using a tired old set of headphones with a broken mic. Don't have discord either, yet. I'll sort that out too. I've only been playing interchange too. If that matters.
  12. Cheers. Sell the rest then? Got a load of matches, bog roll and tools.
  13. Bog roll, matches, fuel conditioner to name a few. I also found a Terragroup Lab Access key card. Is it worth keeping or selling?
  14. Managed a PMC extraction and another couple of scav ones, got a few more guns to have a play with too. Is it worth keeping barter stuff or just shift it on as soon as I get it?
  15. Another few runs and one PMC run, killed a scav but got injured badly and was dying so I ran to the hole in the fence but got killed on the way. Still only one successful extraction. Need to be more bold to get more loot in each run.
  16. Aarrrgghh, just did another scav run and got 3 kills. Was running low on time and ended up dying. So frustrating but so much fun too. I'm scared to use my PMC. Also, sorry about the splurge of posts on my front, enjoying this new experience too much!
  17. Just got another kill and safely extracted with a scav Got out with a MP-133 12ga shotgun and HK MP5 9x19 submachinegun (navy 3 round burst) Was using a Simonov Semi Auto on the scav. Excellent fun.
  18. Did my first PMC run last night, that didn't go very well. Died within a couple of minutes and the AK-47 I was using didn't seem very effective, I'm definitely a snipey type. Always have been. I find myself constantly walking around rather than running for fear of alerting others to my presence and the idea of actually looting stuff doesn't come into play, at all. Just surviving for now will do me. I've just set up my second monitor though, so that should help me find my way around ALOT better.
  19. Completely lost during the gameplay, no idea where to extract to and no idea what I'm actually doing but its very intense and I'm enjoying it immensely. I've looked at a map from the linked wiki above but I couldn't see the key/legend, my second monitor isn't connected so I'm using my phone to look at the map. The last 2 scav runs I've tried I timed out, managed to work out how to open a container too. Progress!
  20. Just had my first game, that was tense! I think I headshot sniped someone but I'm not entirely sure. I'ma lefty and have never, to my shame, learned the WASD control scheme. I've always used the cursor keys, I used to play TFC years ago like it. Well I've decided to try and learn WASD. I can't remember any of the controls whilst in the game.
  21. Thank you both very much. I'll get on to it as soon as I escape these dastardly kids.
  22. Cheers, I'll try and join you guys as soon as I'm not an embarrassment. In the meanwhile could you point me in the right direction for reading material?
  23. Game is 25% off currently. Just bought it on the strength of what you guys have been saying about it. I'm absolutely shit at FPS but this sounds pretty good. What with currently being furloughed I should get more time than usual, as long as my kid's home schooling doesn't send me mad.
  24. Why are you worried? It doesn't really matter, it's an entertainment product and right now it bears little relevance to what is going on around us. I would love to see Liverpool win the league but if it means waiting another 30 years then so be it.
  25. Any good? It has been on my wishlist for a good while.
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