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  1. You're too predictable. Next time kick them out the house and tell them you have an important meeting at 10pm BST and they can't be back for at least 2 hours. Edit : And @MattKB was lucky enough to witness dying. Lucky bugger even got in on the action himself.
  2. Since the hotfix I've not managed a match. I'm on my 5th or 6th attempt, sitting here waiting for 5 minutes each time. 2 raids tonight and 2 failures. Welcome back to Tarkov
  3. What's your in game name? We can all add you and then you can die with us
  4. @MattKB the wipe is happening today, perfect timing to get involved. Everyone is starting from nothing so you won't be up against players with tons of cash who buy the best of everything.
  5. @beakbeak how did the black bowls turn out? I like your pottery, have you started selling it yet?
  6. I can't really get on with 80s soul as a general rule. Bobby Womack is the exception though, Poet is an excellent album.
  7. Yeah the quality of Brandt's passing is what has been the difference, excellent player.
  8. The pace of any match is going to be slower after an enforced lay off. These aren't supposed to be the pinnacle of the sport at this moment. It's about concluding the season in a situation that is as far from ideal as you can get without actually having to call the match off. That is where we are right now.
  9. Or it's sending a visual message to society that those are the rules that everyone has to adhere to despite being tested regularly.
  10. Myself and @Len aren't very good so just stick with us. I don't mind laughing at how shit I am.
  11. Savickas is definitely my favourite strong man since I've been watching various things. Brian Shaw won most WSM but I think Savickas is accepted on the scene as being the strongest, rather than all round performer like Shaw is/was.
  12. Thor was also an arse a couple of years ago when he complained about an event result at WSM. He is more likable than Hall, I agree, but he definitely isn't a saint.
  13. It's not the most accurate because it doesn't take into account the problem that someone could have played the bottom 4 or 5 clubs twice whilst a close rival didn't. That's why, in my opinion, the half way point would be preferable.
  14. It's more like Edmund and Baldrick to be honest, I'll leave you to decide who you are @Len
  15. After a shit couple of weeks with lots of death and not much money things seem to be going better for me, so hopefully I'll contribute a bit to the team post wipe, lack of game time is a bit crap now I'm back at work though.
  16. I think the transfer embargo makes perfect sense. If the club are in deep enough financial dire straits they're asking employees to take pay cuts they definitely shouldn't be able to sign players.
  17. Whilst I'll definitely be buying this they need to get Windjammers 2 out.
  18. Well that was almost a complete wash out tonight, survived a scav run with @Len. Died 3 or 4 more times in various scav/pmc guises but at the very death I managed to do a bit of sneaking around Interchange and nabbed 3 kills, one PMC and 2 scav. Came out with a couple of decent bits, not to mention 30 hours of fuel for my generator in my hideout.
  19. A pretty good night for me, managed to get out with over 300k guns from 2 runs and various other bits. Went up to level 7 after the last run despite not killing anyone. Hopefully I hid @Sir Mullo's gun well enough so he can get that back. Definitely feel like I'm improving but still have very far to go.
  20. I'm hiding too, definitely not getting any kills at the moment. Clearly the few I did get at the beginning were all beginners luck.
  21. Decided today to try a different approach and I've gone into an Interchange PMC run with just a pistol and nothing else with the plan to kit myself out and nick some decent stuff to sell. I'm trying to gain experience but I don't have the confidence or skill to risk my decent guns, especially without access to the flea market. Got out of my first with a a few valuable bits. Made over 120k.
  22. Yeah I just collected mine. Took me a bastard age to rearrange my gear.
  23. Today I've been mostly running with scavs and then doing offline PMC stuff just to get a feel for a couple of guns I managed to nab whilst being a dirty scav.
  24. Bloody player scavs shooting at me when I'm a scav, no honour. Managed to kill him but then limped around for a couple of minutes until I got picked off. What's the best way to tell a player scav from an NPC?
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