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  1. Yes, he is the best player in the league.
  2. All of that guff doesn't really marry with the reality of the last 10 years. Yes, Henderson is immense in the role he fulfills and he has done brilliantly driving through the player's response to the covid 19 crisis but the fact is the best player gets the award. Of course best player is subjective but it's never take taken into account anything but football and if that was the case this year Henderson wouldn't win. He wouldn't be in the top 5.
  3. Even as a Liverpool fan the idea that Jordan Henderson is the best player of this season is laughable. De Bruyne is clearly miles ahead of every other player in the league currently.
  4. Kamikaze defending? It's two individuals errors. The only two on target Arsenal attempts so far. The game was under control until those. Clearly far too relaxed from those two at those specific periods but I wouldn't describe the rest of the performance anywhere near kamikaze.
  5. You'd hope, being the captain, Henderson would have dragged the players out of their stupor in the second half. Milner also fulfills that too, but to a lesser extent. Without the crowd noises you can clearly hear the constant talking from Henderson, always talking to his team mates.
  6. Adrock


    Allowing the CCO to resign and term it as a "need for a change" is pretty damning for Guillemot after what happened. He should resign.
  7. Listened to the Skull Snaps album for the first time yesterday. The above song is currently my favourite but there is some excellent stuff on it.
  8. It wouldn't when it comes to the kind of large alliances we're reading about above. I'd imagine it's more about being able to multi task commanding a massive force and piloting an important ship. I'd struggle to do both.
  9. In big battles do the fleet commanders control titans/capitals or sit, cloaked, from a distance orchestrating their forces? I've never really experienced much past 20-30 person battles.
  10. Not enough time in my life to commit to EVE anymore. Keep this updated as much as possible please @pulsemyne, I enjoy reading about it.
  11. Another vote for Tarkov. Myself, @Len, @Herbalizer and @Sir Mullo play together regularly. It is a game you'll get frustrated with, but you can play solo and with friends. We're all still making mistakes, some more than others. No names. It is pretty punishing though so you'll need to like a challenge.
  12. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    Did he really beat Reid? I've watched that fight a few times and can't see why Reid didn't win. Eubank was finished. I'll give you the Woodhall victory.
  13. Kompany was a massive loss. Especially considering Laporte was injured for so long. City have lacked mental toughness this season and a lot of that can be attributed to Kompany leaving.
  14. Carragher reckons Keita and Minamino have looked sharp in the build up but Keita has been like that before. Not entirely confident looking at the starting 11.
  15. I'd look at the team in front of him, not having players in front of a keeper who inspire confidence will definitely cause a goalkeeper problems. What I'm trying to say is De Gea is still in the top 4 or 5 keepers in the Premier League.
  16. Thankfully family commitments meant I couldn't watch the after show to Norwich vs Southampton. I really like the way Southampton are playing with the press led by Ings, he is an excellent player and it's a shame he never got a run at Liverpool, due to injury. Unsure as to whether he had the technical ability to challenge Firmino's place but he definitely has the work rate. Norwich visibly shrunk after they conceded and Farke didn't seem to have it in him to try and get his players to bounce back. I quite like Farke too so hopefully Norwich stick with him in the Championship and see
  17. The main thing for guns, apart from a few notable shit ones like the Saiga, PP-19 and VPO AK alike, is the ergonomics and the recoil. For damage you are relying upon the ammo and at the level you're currently at you won't be shooting good stuff unless you find it in raid. Obviously the higher tier guns will have better ammo, naturally, but most guns have a decent ammo that can be bought later in the game. Basically this was a long post to say use whatever you enjoy using.
  18. Speak for yourself. Check my first posts in this thread, you're the one dragging me down. I was John Rambo'ing all comers.
  19. That wasn't bad, either go together or be patient though, looked like your friend didn't join you in the rush. You had the numbers on him but he had the cover in the trees. Grenades are my favourite at the moment. Good to see you're enjoying it though.
  20. That was one of the worst Tarkov nights I've had in a while. The last scav raid managed to pocket a few bits but my lord that was poor. Couldn't hit a barn door and it seems I've had a magnet installed into my head to help attract the bullets. Back on the horse a bit later, as soon as my son gets his arse off Raft
  21. Hey @MattKB how are you finding it?
  22. Kai Havertz has been rumoured for a while, maybe Klopp has opted for him instead. I do hope the club aren't shying away from signing players. Strengthening is required to continue the progress they have made over the last couple of years.
  23. I'm on, usually from 8ish till 10:30 or so. Then weekends sporadically during the day and into the evening. Never enough play time.
  24. Article I read earlier said that a few fixtures will be at neutral grounds and they'll be at the request of the police rather than the league or FA. So it'll only be derbies or big rivalries.
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