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  1. Cheers again for the advice, very much appreciated. My backup plan is ribs which will be cooked probably Thursday or Friday night and then blasted with heat on Saturday evening either via a conventional grill or the barbecue, not sure on which yet. Reckon that'll be ok? I think the problem I have with the amount of coal is that I bought a 'compact' chimney without even looking, like a tard I rushed and grabbed the first thing I saw in the shop >_< Out again to spend more money. How long would a 6kg bag of briquettes last, do you reckon?
  2. Cheers for that. I dont think I'm gonna have enough time to do the shoulder on the day so I might have to cheat and stick it in the oven after 5 or 6 hours. I've read about indirect heat (positioning the coals to the sides with the meat in the middle) With the drip tray its been suggested adding some water to stop the fat from catching fire and also to help with moisture inside the kettle. Does this ring true with you? So direct cooking what kind of temperature am I looking for? I take it to get a decent searing you'll want it a lot hotter than 200c. Tonight the run off of liquid from the
  3. Got myself a 57cm one touch premium weber yesterday and tried it out tonight. I also got the chimney starter for the briquettes. I found the temperature didn't get very high inside the barbecue, probably because I didn't use enough fuel. I used a full chimney and that didn't seem anywhere near enough. Anybody got any tips for a noob like me? I'm gonna be attempting ribs on it Thursday night and then pork shoulder Saturday. The Fox, your comment about getting up at 5am is scary. Does it really take that long in a barbecue? I was hoping maybe 4 or 5 hours of cooking time. Leaving me ample time
  4. Adrock

    vinyl lovers

    I have an Ortofon 2M Blue on a Technics SL 1500. Lovely sound comes out of it. As for record cleaning, can you not do it yourself? I remember seeing, a few years ago, a guy who sold a clamp that protects the stickers on the record and gives you something to grip when you're cleaning it. I have a few records that could do with a clean. I've noticed some of you guys mention record fairs, what are the prices like at those? I'd have thought they could be quite expensive seeing as its a specialist thing.
  5. Adrock

    Ok Guys...

    Thirnov is your main then? I'll try to catch you in game. Could be interested in buying up your minerals as and when you have them.
  6. Adrock

    Ok Guys...

    NEG, do you mine much trit regularly? Do you sell it or use it? I've been back on EVE properly for a couple of weeks now, mainly just trading in Jita, but I'm about to start manufacturing again.
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for an old returnee. Played 4 or 5 years and I have a couple of decent characters with tons of skills. EvE is definitely a game which only works with others so I'm looking at maybe joining a corp. Industrial corps are probably my best bet as I cant dedicate whole evenings to playing as my kids obviously take priority.
  8. Watching those first two Suarez goals I'm confident he wouldn't have had those opportunities against the vast majority of Premier League opposition. To turn and get that much space going forward in the league is nigh on impossible, but South American defenders do tend to sit deeper. For the second goal he would have been shrugged out of the way by the, physically dominant centre halves. I haven't watched the entire match so I'll have to take Tim Vickery's word on his performance. There is no doubting Suarez is a special player, he just needs to begin turning chances into goals at club level, o
  9. Henderson did quite well, I think. The team as a whole suffered as soon as Suarez began to tire. Without his invention and movement up top it became very difficult. Carroll looked very good in the first half. Flanagan was the weak link, for me, he made quite a few mistakes during the game and I'm very surprised Kelly was only on the bench. Maybe Dalglish is looking to get him more experience at centre back. All the new signings did well today, looking forward to seeing Downing more too. He was definitely the best Liverpool player today.
  10. Agger is too injury prone to be hopeful for him. Skrtel is injured and has had problems in the past with his calf so that would be a niggling worry for him too. That would leave Carragher, who has suffered injury and isn't getting any younger. Kyrgiakos, who is definitely a squad player, is ok against aerial bombardment but any kind of pace/trickery and he is like a lost sheep. Also Kelly and or Ayala could be available but neither would induce confidence at centre back right now. Centre back isn't a priority right now, that would be left back, but if Cahill became available at a half decent p
  11. Agger would be my first defender on the team sheet. Apart from that I cant dispute much of of anything else you've put up. Apart from Downing and Henderson who, at those prices, surely will get a look in. I agree entirely on your point about Johnson, a left full back is definitely required. Also, I would say Adam is the Aquilani replacement. He'll be the one to get the ball and dictate the pace of the game with his passing when included in the team. Adam is an interesting one for me, his level of fitness at Blackpool wasn't as high as it will be at Liverpool. With that additional fitness wil
  12. You haven't included Kuyt in your list. I take it when mentioning 3 berths in midfield you've already accounted for Downing taking the fourth spot? If so that means Kuyt could be included as a right winger, he has been effective there for some time. If not then a 3 man midfield with Downing included in the list and Kuyt playing a part of a 3 man strike force that'd mean 6 players not including Shelvey or Coady or Pacheco. All of whom could do a filling in job much like Robinson and Flanagan did last year. Losing Aquilani or Meireles will not be a problem. Losing both could be, though.
  13. Something had to give with the midfield, another sale wouldn't be surprising either considering the sheer numbers the squad contains. I've always liked Aquilani but Dalglish has just purchased Henderson, Adam and Downing so there definitely is no space for him even in the squad when you take into account Meireles, Lucas, Gerrard and Spearing all able to do jobs with varying degrees of success in central areas. Meireles has been touted to leave too, which would be another shame as I really appreciate what he brought to the team last season. Maybe Adam can do the job Meireles did, I really do ho
  14. I'm not judging him as a finished product. Just making my observations on his performances since joining, which I clearly stated were after injury. I'm new to posting in this Liverpool thread but over at NTSC-UK I did post up until awhile back. I think my posting history there details I'm definitely not the kind of person to write a player off after a single season, let alone half a season blighted by injury. I pray Carroll manages to live up to his potential, because if he does Liverpool would have secured a lethal strike force that has youth on its side too. Now, another important topic is l
  15. The Man City game, from memory, didn't stand out as an example of a burgeoning partnership from Carroll and Suarez. I'd like to be proven wrong because I desperately want Carroll to be a success at the club. For me, the interplay between the two isn't to a standard required to terrorise the best defences. I'm still hopeful Carroll can adapt and learn to play short passing football, he has looked awkward when dropping back and trying to actually play. He isn't ever going to be a technical player, granted, but he definitely needs something more than he currently offers to become a great player f
  16. The best thing about Suarez after his superb form since joining the club is the way he has played alongside Kuyt. With Carroll injured and Kuyt playing up top with Suarez the two hit it off instantly. Kuyt scored 15 goals last year and looked impressive in his striking role alongside Suarez. Carroll hasn't filled me with any confidence yet, I appreciate he is new to the club and was injured for pretty much all of last season but the small amount he played didn't have many positives. His work alongside Suarez looked awkward and obviously they haven't had any kind of preseason to form a partners
  17. Blackadder codpiece ahoy!
  18. Adrock

    Wii HI-FI

    Whats the new medium? I take it streaming would be your answer? Or DVD is just still too powerful/
  19. Should be an interesting race tomorrow. Lets hope Button can improve on 5th. Button is the nuts \o/
  20. Hmm, I suppose this takes quite a few parts out of NPC market seeding. Which is always a good thing. Having a completely autonomous economy is much better.
  21. Adrock

    Wii HI-FI

    Are Wii hardware sales dropping that quickly they need a new revision? I've not looked into sales figures recently. Maybe more colours? Thats a favourite of most companies now when they need a small boost.
  22. How is planetary interaction going? What exactly do you create with it? I havent played for a good few months.
  23. Hodgson, in my opinion would be the perfect person for the job. He could get the most of the current squad and maybe do a few deals with his Scandinavian links to get some up and coming players on the cheap. Either way, unless a rich bloke decides to buy the club its in trouble. No transfer funds and no stability of ownership. Lets hope those youngsters Rafa has been buying/nicking come good. We're gonna be relying on them I think.
  24. Adrock


    Aye thats my experience exactly Prof Rob. When I was younger and at uni I had time to play Eve all day, but even then I wasn't as deep into the game as some people clearly are. I do enjoy playing though and any insight into how it all functions is very interesting.
  25. Adrock


    I agree, its an excellent piece. I dont think I'll ever be that worried to follow some of those plans but at least I know how these things can be done, so I wont be a willing target for them.
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