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  1. At least it's only, at the moment, limited to the ACL and it's been stated as damage rather than a rupture. Hopefully the surgery goes well.
  2. We discussed it all last season when numerous teams had ludicrous VAR calls. The accuracy of the decision is only valid if they can pinpoint exactly when the ball leaves the passing player's foot. Which, if I recall correctly, isn't currently possible.
  3. Peter Walton reckons it doesn't matter. The offside wasn't part of the decision making for not giving Pickford a red card. Who is wrong?
  4. Much happier with that defensive line up. No nonsense with Adrian today, don't play balls back to him.
  5. Not long now. This is probably the least confident I've been in a derby for a long time, the team are still better than the Everton team but the early season form and introduction of some excellent signings have closed the gap significantly.
  6. How does this, in any way, discourage the rampant streaming that has been going on for the last few years? Who is going to subscribe to Sky and BT and be happy to fork out even more to watch their team?
  7. The amount of work it takes to create all of those bookmarks from scratch is commendable. That would have had the enemy grasping for the key period at the beginning of the battle. I can't imagine playing the game like that, I've only ever been involved in a battle with a maximum of 50ish participants.
  8. Not sure what you do after that. Most of the players are going away on international duty so the coaching staff aren't going to get a chance to sort it out. Everton next is massive. Need a big response.
  9. Until that Firmino was having a game worse than anyone, even Gomez. Terrible performance.
  10. Liverpool midfield have been passengers throughout the half, the press has been non existent so the ball in behind has been on every single time. Every single player apart from Robertson has been below what would be expected. Stick Fabinho at the back, take Gomez off and bring on Henderson. Try to at least claw back a goal or two early in the half.
  11. Was a clear obvious motion from McGinn but they aren't given often. Liverpool will definitely score this evening, they're all over Villa at the moment.
  12. I don't think you can blame Origi's development on lack of appearances. He suffered that horrible ankle injury against Everton when he was playing the best he ever had for the club. A couple of times he was hitting his stride he got injured. The injuries curtailed his development which then limited his opportunity at Liverpool.
  13. Sounds like Henderson to me. Not sure I agree with your definition of world class but I'm not going to offer my own either.
  14. Keita was absolutely brilliant tonight, gave Wijnaldum 70 minutes off from being the furthest forward charging the opposition down. The timing of his runs off the ball are also very good.
  15. Sorry! Text never works, I did consider you were maybe making a joke about 5 minutes after replying. The Arsenal line up looks set to be a very defensive one.
  16. Clearly? Likely he is recovering from a knock and it isn't worth risking him. Thursday, in the grand scheme, isn't important to the club. I'm more surprised they haven't gone with the 4-2-3-1 they played in the second half of the community shield because that countered Arsenal's tactical advantage against the standard way Liverpool play.
  17. Nope, it was due to start at 8:15. They moved it to 8:00 so people wouldn't be kicked out at 10:00, before the match finished.
  18. I very nearly began to chastise you until the very last picture saved you. Shining Force 2 and the Story of Thor. Well done.
  19. Jota is 23 and has signed a 5 year deal, all of the front three are hitting 30 fairly soon. They won't be around forever. The club need to look toward new options and Jota, going by what the Wolves fans are saying, can definitely replace one of them.
  20. James Pearce is excellent when it comes to Liverpool, if he tweets something it's guaranteed to have come from the club. Even if the deals don't go through there will definitely have been something discussed.
  21. Hoever is a strange sale from Liverpool's point of view, unless they view the other young central defenders as better prospects. Jota would be an interesting signing.
  22. There has been a rather sharp shock to the industry that has wiped out a massive source of income for the club. TV money has to be paid back and there is no guaranteed timeline to suggest when normality will resume, if at all. Would any business, under those circumstances, make investments that are predicated on the existing economic model of the business when there is no guarantee of a return to the old operating methods?
  23. There must be something up with Brewster for Klopp up not want to keep him. I'm not sure where he fits in the current system so maybe it's that? Maybe it's something else like attitude or that he simply isn't good enough. Reading the Guardian article it sounded like Klopp pushed the club to get it sorted.
  24. 3 shots on target and 3 goals. That won't happen again this season. No need to worry.
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