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  1. Alexander Arnold (not my mate) is definitely suffering a fairly long run of poor form exacerbated by the injury he had earlieri in the season.
  2. Every team tried that last season as well and it wasn't successful. It's just a poor patch, nothing more.
  3. Where is Origi starting? Klopp doesn't like playing him through the middle, I really hope he plays through the middle though.
  4. @Ry did you use any groups or apps to get notified when it came in stock?
  5. They're out of stock? That's shit. I'm in the queue still but no message to say they don't have any more. They put a message on the queue yesterday.
  6. Just jumped in the queue, 1 hour wait time Definitely not getting one of those.
  7. The idea that Origi is an alternative to Salah is fanciful. Origi is crap.
  8. Firmino is struggling massively, his link up play isn't anywhere near where it needs to be. Alexander Arnold is also in the midst of a poor run. I didn't think United were particularly good, especially Pogba. He was shit.
  9. That midfield set up is very concerning.
  10. That was never a penalty. Fernandes was getting pulled by the striker and that influenced his arm position and movement more than anything, it wasn't deliberate in my view.
  11. My K/D ratio is at 2, which isn't anywhere near brilliant but it's a decent improvement and I'm definitely winning engagements on a personal level. Our trio is working well at the moment.
  12. Expanded woods map, skill progression accelerated, missions reworked and lots of small changes. Oh and the addition of the cultists, which hide away at night and stab you up with a poisoned knife.
  13. The club has demonstrated they are patient and will wait for the right personnel to become available rather than take a chance on whatever is offered in a transfer window. I wouldn't be surprised if a signing wasn't made.
  14. Mine is arriving between 15:50 and 16:50, I'm back home from work around 18:00. Make dinner, build it and then go to bed. Might not even use it tonight It's all Scam's fault (intentional)
  15. Completely turgid, 3 very low blocks in a row and the team can't create anything. There is a real lack of something.
  16. Clearly your aren't married! After my whine I got the hallowed dispatch email. DPD now have the graphics card.
  17. The first half was shit, Oxlade Chamberlain has been non existent. Thiago can't deal with the press at all at the moment. Nothing is flowing and something needs changing.
  18. What you watching it on? The Sky commentary highlighted the fact it was his own player he clattered into.
  19. Scan insist on sending me delay notifications every day or two for an order that was marked as picked on the 24th. Terrible service.
  20. Everything is a bit forced right now. Nothing is flowing.
  21. Sky plumbing new depths with their pundit selection, how the fuck are Carragher and Ince supposed to give anything but Liverpool-centric opinion.
  22. I have only just started watching this so I haven't read the rest of thread and I won't be, I just wanted to praise the casting. It's superb. Farder Coram was exactly who I'd have chosen for the role, he is brilliant. Back to the show! I'm half way through the first series. I have read Northern Lights but for my shame I never got round to the rest. I'll have to make amends.
  23. A game that makes you shuffle your life to accommodate it is a sign of the quality of it. My favourite thread in the forum at the moment, brilliant. Might watch this on Twitch later.
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