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  1. Nope, it was due to start at 8:15. They moved it to 8:00 so people wouldn't be kicked out at 10:00, before the match finished.
  2. I very nearly began to chastise you until the very last picture saved you. Shining Force 2 and the Story of Thor. Well done.
  3. Jota is 23 and has signed a 5 year deal, all of the front three are hitting 30 fairly soon. They won't be around forever. The club need to look toward new options and Jota, going by what the Wolves fans are saying, can definitely replace one of them.
  4. James Pearce is excellent when it comes to Liverpool, if he tweets something it's guaranteed to have come from the club. Even if the deals don't go through there will definitely have been something discussed.
  5. Hoever is a strange sale from Liverpool's point of view, unless they view the other young central defenders as better prospects. Jota would be an interesting signing.
  6. There has been a rather sharp shock to the industry that has wiped out a massive source of income for the club. TV money has to be paid back and there is no guaranteed timeline to suggest when normality will resume, if at all. Would any business, under those circumstances, make investments that are predicated on the existing economic model of the business when there is no guarantee of a return to the old operating methods?
  7. There must be something up with Brewster for Klopp up not want to keep him. I'm not sure where he fits in the current system so maybe it's that? Maybe it's something else like attitude or that he simply isn't good enough. Reading the Guardian article it sounded like Klopp pushed the club to get it sorted.
  8. 3 shots on target and 3 goals. That won't happen again this season. No need to worry.
  9. Mahrez and Laporte have Covid-19. Mahrez was out in Mykonos a couple of weeks ago and was partying with everyone in the bar, buying them all drinks and generally having a good time. Saw the picture of him and a friend's brother last week. He definitely wasn't socially distanced.
  10. Matip, when fully fit, is better than Gomez.
  11. Guardian are reporting extracts of Messi's agent's (his dad) letter to the league. If the above is accurate is there any way Barcelona or La Liga can continue to argue against Messi leaving on a free? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/04/lionel-messis-father-la-liga-has-made-clear-error-over-700m-buyout-clause
  12. http://backpagefootball.com/why-liverpool-wont-win-the-premier-league-this-season/126313/ Thought I'd cross post in here just in case some followers don't peruse the other thread.
  13. Not sure how much of this is correct but it's interesting nonetheless. http://backpagefootball.com/why-liverpool-wont-win-the-premier-league-this-season/126313/ I haven't got enough knowledge or time to research the subject further but it sounds plausible given what we see in cycling with all the supplements.
  14. It's almost like the law enforcement officers should be trusted over the drunken recollection of the accused.
  15. They showed their ID, according to what they said in court.
  16. That's disappointing.
  17. He just picked a bloke who was in the throes of being convicted for assault and bribery, Harry "do you know who I am" Maguire, and you're questioning whether Southgate would pick someone who is a bit of a dick?
  18. Yep, because the league didn't finish in time it had to pay the broadcasters compensation. They then got the bonus of a massive festival of football that finishes this weekend. The broadcasters can't have lost out from the current situation.
  19. Sounds like a tactical oversight on the enemies part. The most interesting theme of all your reports so far is the liberal and effective usage of smaller T1 ships. When I used to play we were basically striving for the most expensive stuff but then I was running level 4 missions and belt ratting mostly. I take it T2 ships and mods are still prohibitively expensive to be used on a large scale?
  20. That's a step too far.
  21. Watched the BT sport Saturday morning football show last year and Robbie Savage beat one of the best players at a little demonstration of it. Edit : Just watched the video and I think it was the Hungarian dude.
  22. Maybe the counter offer was completely ludicrous and Liverpool decided against wasting time negotiating when they were so far apart and potentially miss out on Tsimikas too. Tsimikas was attracting interest from a few clubs so the longer they waited the more likely he'd have moved elsewhere, that would have placed Liverpool in a difficult position.
  23. Tsimikas signing confirmed on the BBC, never really taken much notice of Greek football so no idea what he is like. Champions League experience is a bonus.
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