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  1. Watford played a midweek match against Aston Villa, Tuesday evening wasn't it? So that was 48 hours between matches. That was never enough time to recover properly and the players already have confidence from the run of results they've had in the Premier League.
  2. Traore is going to cause teams problems as he is now, let alone if his improvements continue. His speed, strength and desire contribute to make him a frightening prospect. Quite a few times last night he made simple footballing mistakes that, if, ironed out of his game will see him up there with the best players in the world. Even with those mistakes he ruined Robertson last night, widely regarded as the best left back in the Premier League right now.
  3. Martinelli, in the few games I've seen him this season, looks like a very good prospect. I recall him causing Liverpool grief earlier in the season. Arsenal fans will be thankful to have someone like that coming through.
  4. What match are you lot watching? Got Sheffield United vs Man City on and United are giving a very good account of themselves.
  5. A consistent, patient Traore would be frightening. He has all of the physical attributes to be a top level player, just needs to work on his understanding of the game. What's his technique like? Never really seen much of his short passing and his crossing seems hit and miss.
  6. I take it you need to be suitably proficient at FPS to play this? I'm absolutely shit at them and could never be bothered to learn recoil patterns in CS:GO for example. Is this game for me? It sounds very intriguing but i reckon I'd end up dead, constantly.
  7. Didn't say touch. Hang over. If you drew an imaginary line from the sphere down to the line of the corner quarter circle it would be on the line. That is legal.
  8. Illegal? The ball only has to hang over any part of the line.
  9. Thoughts turn to Molyneux on Thursday. @dr_manhattan^ and @Boothjan, how do you reckon your lot will play at home against Liverpool? Are they inclined to sit in and invite them on, hoping to catch them on the break? Or will they go toe to toe with Liverpool? I haven't watched enough of Wolves this season to give any realistic assessment.
  10. Good controlled performance today. The nature of the fixture means United are going to have periods of play where they look slightly threatening but they were limited to 2 decent chances the entire match, one in each half. Again though I felt Lallana's introduction was probably the wrong choice. It's not the time to complain though, 21 wins out of 22 is amazing. The best Liverpool I've witnessed.
  11. Happy with the starting line up but even happier with Fabinho and Matip returning to the match day squad. Last week, against Tottenham, the Lallana sub was pretty much the only option in midfield and it didn't really do what was required. This week the changes, when they're needed, should be much better. Never confident against United but this is the best I've felt before a United match ever, I think.
  12. I can't believe Liverpool have the opportunity, after their 2 games in hand, to be 19 points clear of City. I know the West Ham game isn't played for a couple of weeks but just imagine after 24 or 25 games in a 38 game season Liverpool could conceivably be 19 points above what will probably be second place. They just need to make sure they beat United tomorrow, certainly not guaranteed.
  13. Zaha woke up for a couple of minutes there, he is one of the most streaky players I've ever seen.
  14. Adrock

    The Man Utd Thread

    A hat trick after coming on with his team 3-1 down, in the 56th minute. A pretty special striker, it seems.
  15. Watching the City vs Palace game and the commentators reckon the VAR is wrong and it should have been a penalty. I thought the handball rule gave clear consideration for deflected inadvertent handball. Which is exactly what it was. The City pressure is immense though. I'd be very surprised if they don't score.
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