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  1. Adrock

    The Spurs Thread

    One thing I'd never associate Mourinho with is hilarious fun. He sucks the fun out of football. At least he'll galvanise the team for a short period, he might stem the player losses in the summer but you just know at some point in the future it'll all back fire as he creates an enemy somewhere within the club and it'll fall apart.
  2. Adrock

    The Spurs Thread

    Nagelsmann is probably the most interesting on the list of probable candidates I've seen.
  3. Pochettino could walk into a top European club. Can't see Tottenham appointing a better manager than Pochettino for a good while.
  4. Why even respond? We've been through this plenty, neoELITE is a real football fan because he watches shit cloggers playing football in a ground somewhere close to where he lives.
  5. Premier League reckon TAA's arm wasn't in an unnatural position and it was too close for him to react. I don't understand the new handball rule. Sky dude just mentioned about leeway for ricochet handballs, which is exactly what it was. So I'm still completely unsure.
  6. First goal Silva handballed it before TAA, should have been a Liverpool free kick. Second goal Fernandinho gets a toe to the ball, I'm not entirely sure if that make a difference to the fact he looked offside from the cross. Anyone know?
  7. The team is as I would expect given Matip isn't available. I still have absolutely no clue how the game will pan out, a tight affair is probably more likely despite all the bullshit build up by Sky.
  8. Leicester bought a replacement for Kante that summer, Ndidi. He has, over the last 6 months or so, been showing why they bought him. He hasn't reached anywhere near Kante's quality but after the injuries he suffered at the beginning of his Leicester career he has proved a very useful addition. Leicester have the makings of an excellent team, Vardy will need replacing soon enough due to age but I think just about every other position is covered for a while as long as players aren't sold on. They can, as long as Rodgers doesn't eat himself over the next couple of seasons, dislodge an established top 4 club and build from there. They're great fun to watch at the moment.
  9. I think, if VAR is only for clear and obvious errors, why not put a time limit on checks? If the video ref can't see it before the timer is over it isn't clear and obvious. There has to be a way to speed it up.
  10. Ederson will start on Sunday, almost certain of it. Guardiola was hoping for an easier night than he got though, which is nice.
  11. I'm concerned there are people walking around without daemons.
  12. Pochettino to Bayern? I think he is just about finished at Tottenham
  13. That's a terrible shame for Gomes and Everton. He was running the midfield for most of the match today, he is a real classy player. Gonna be a massive miss for Everton.
  14. Under the current rules that's surely a penalty? His arm was making his body bigger and it hit his arm. That's a penalty, isn't it?
  15. They look like a different proposition defensively. Rodgers' Liverpool were firm believers in their ability to out score anyone. Leicester don't seem to be like that, they are better defensively but don't have the quality up top Liverpool had when they finished second.
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