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  1. https://www.riversidegardencentre.co.uk/weber-bbq/bbq-cooking-events.html That place? Never knew it was so popular, it's about 15-20 minutes from me. Had a barbecue today, for my daughter's birthday, I didn't have a chance to shop for the meat myself so I ended up with a ton of chicken thighs, burgers and sausages. I went to the local halal butcher and bought a few racks of lamb ribs, they turned out nice. I used the Crispy Grilled Cornell Chicken recipe on Amazing Ribs and it was excellent. Would definitely recommend it.
  2. As I said, the first game is Norwich.
  3. You'd hope the first game is a gimme against Norwich so Origi will almost certainly start. Brewster out wide could be an option. With Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lallana fully fit I don't see Klopp rushing any of the trio back.
  4. Adrock

    Nintendo Switch

    The point is quite obviously the most obvious fucking thing in the world. IT'S CHEAPER THAN THE FULL FAT SWITCH. Jesus.
  5. That looks lovely, did you make that? We have a barbecue planned for next Saturday, a birthday celebration. Any advice or links on doing the brisket? Do I separate the 2 pieces of it to get them right?
  6. Especially considering he can't sign any players for a year.
  7. I might be in the minority but I think he is a very good player and an excellent buy for Leicester, Perez is a 10 or wide forward. If he can contribute 10+ goals whilst pressing high and using his technical abilities to create he'll suit any Brendan Rodgers team.
  8. I serve whatever we're eating and it works, generally. Not much help for what you want but maybe that could be a way forward?
  9. After looking in Gotters' batch cooking thread I've been trying to convince myself I don't need a digital pressure cooker. I've noticed the Pressure King in Argos and obviously the Instant Pot seems to be the ubiquitous brand. Any major downsides to the Pressure King when compared with the Instant Pot?
  10. Adrock

    Food Prepping

    @Gotters that beef barbacoa looks amazing. Do you do it in an instant pot? I'm going off to post in the pressure cooking thread, I've spent the morning looking at pressure cookers and all the alternatives.
  11. Looking at that video would it be possible to buy an artificial light source to do exactly what they did but reliably? There are tons of LED light sources on Amazon that claim full spectrum light and UVA+UVB. Would be an interesting experiment. Maybe I'll give it a go on something.
  12. I'd be concerned by the way Norway created space, there were a fair few last ditch challenges flying in even when England were 2 up. Giving USA those kind of opportunities would not be advisable.
  13. Apologies for the artwork on the video, it's the first link I found
  14. Apologies for the double post but I just put this on again and it's one of my favourites.
  15. Most of their stuff isn't very good, from what I've heard but I quite like the above song.
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