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  1. This. Isn't this obvious? Microsoft won't do anything major until the Activision acquisition clears with all the authorities. They did the same with Bethesda. And they have plenty of cash so they can just buy what they want at top price whenever the Activision one has been completed.
  2. Breath of the Wild suffers from exactly the same things as all open-world games before it. I would give it a solid 8/10, as it was a charming first effort. I personally find almost all modern Zelda games overrated: I absolutely don't get this Stockholm Zelda syndrome that the gaming world has developed. I bet Freud would have something to say about it were he alive. I haven't completed Elden Ring, but it already feels like one of the biggest games since I started gaming in the early 80s, for the sheer amount of freedom it hands to the player. It is a testament to learning by doing, with barely any handholding. Most games in the last 20+ years are an insult to an individual's intellect, full of meaningless busywork (also looking at you BotW). Elden Ring isn't, at least so far. Also, I have a hard time telling what Elden Ring borrows from its peers... besides From's own legacy, that is. It is a thrilling and liberating experience. Already one of the defining games of the 21st century for me. All I wish for now is some performance fixes.
  3. No. It has jank in the form of performance issues around stable FPS and relatively normal bugs/issues for a game this size. Of course, they should have done 2 additional months of QC before releasing, but Bandai Namco surely wanted this out in their current fiscal year. It's far from the mess that Cyberpunk was. And also that game isn't all that great, this one is magnificent.
  4. It's not irrelevant, but I get your point. It's a smaller market, but without a proper market share in Japan, Microsoft won't see 50% of the Japanese titles that are now associated with Nintendo/PlayStation brands. Without those franchises, it will be harder to increase market share in the west. So yes, the size of the Japanese domestic market might be relatively small, those IPs still control mind share in Europe and the US.
  5. They need a publisher to make a dent. Bandai Namco, Sega Sammy or Capcom most likely candidates. I also see someone buying or licensing the entire Konami IP catalog.
  6. already in the first forest in the open area you there are severe slowdowns in fps. if you don't notice them you have vrr on your screen or you are indifferent to them. the fps bounces between 40-60fps and is far from stable on XSX.
  7. 2.02 is the one I am running, sorry. It's not unplayable but it good be so much better. They clearly developed for PlayStation 4/5 as their main platform.
  8. Series X as well. Performance is a serious letdown with the 1.02 patch. The problem with every freaking From Software game on consoles (Besides Demon Souls remake, which they didn't make) is that their games are NOT stable. Why is it so hard to lock the framerate to 30fps in Quality Mode, en to lock it to 60fps in Performance mode (just tone down the detail/sharpness/settings until you hit 60fps like 95% of the time). While From Software are masters of storytelling, gameplay and world design, they built a shoddy engine that we are now having to endure for like the 5th game in a row. Even the most simple tools available to them are apparently too much. So clean up your game From Software and lock that FPS. Even a locked 30FPS in performance mode more worthy of the word PERFORMANCE mode than the 40-60fps bouncy, or porpoising as they call it in Formula 1, framerate that we are stuck with now. At times, it starts to give me nausea with 20fps framedrops from one second to another. /end of rant
  9. Eurogamer/Digital Foundry: This was in November, so not sure what has changed since. But knowing From Software, they deliver a shoddy engine again... they should just outsource it. The only Souls game that runs decent on console is Demon Souls (BluePoint Games) which was rebuilt from the ground up.
  10. When are the review embargoes due?
  11. I am having a blast with Game Pass, obviously the best deal in gaming. My new love is Windjammers 2 (from the same publisher as the other blast from the past, Streets of Rage IV). Pure gold, I miss games that are just that, games... and not convoluted game theory systems with systems on top of systems on top of systems on top of systems. Obviously some do this better than others, but it is a trend in gaming for over a decade now, and I miss the more arcade driven days of gaming, peaking for me in the Dreamcast era (which is still my favourite era of gaming ever, probably also due to my age at that point in time and the relative newness of online gaming). Now almost 40 with a young family, I just want to hop in a game for a minute or 10 or do a longer session without cracking my brain on where to pick up my adventure. For this reason I have also scrubbed my Xbox Series X to a selection of around 20 games, of which 10 more arcade style, and another 10 that require a bit more involvement (in a few different genres). I am getting old. I wasn't digging Nobody Saves The World either, I don't like it's presentation and also the zoom ratio is off. I will give it another try at some point in the future. Death's Door is right up my alley, great visual presentation in a world that intrigues. Elsewhere I am playing It Takes Two with the Ms., having lots of fun with that one. I repeat: Game Pass, the best deal in gaming, also when you're old.
  12. I am in Team Xbox and a big GamePass cheerleader, but you still have to pay for DLC for most games and many have (cosmetic) MTX. So your statement doesn't really hold. But even buying CoD yearly for £70 isn't cheaper than Game Pass Ultimate at the moment (using the loophole that everyone knows about and which is around for like 3 years already).
  13. 04/01 - XSX - Donut County - 8/10 16/01 - XSX - Limbo - 10/10 (replay, already completed this game a few years ago. still as great as ever, pure art)
  14. I made this much simpler for myself: don’t buy games and only play GamePass games in 2022. Microsoft is certainly helping, they’re killing it with releases.
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