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  1. I'm going to run ToA, starting in a month or so, and i'm pondering a different starting structure. Everyone admits the written one is poor, and while Cellar of Death seems decent, it does feel a bit like a sledgehammer approach. I'd also like to kick off the death curse itself after the party arrive in Chult, I feel like it will be more interesting that way while NPC's are trying to work out WTF is going on rather than getting a headstart. My very rough outline (subject to change!) is; Party start out as acquaintances in Baldur's Gate where the Flaming Fist are recruit
  2. In terms of content it really feels like an arcade game, it's almost perfect now where I just want to blast through a GP and turn it off. The stunt mode was the time sink, trying to double somersault off every jump and reasonably sized wave took a while to get right.
  3. Yeah, there is a few surprises in there, I had 10 England players down to go, although my list was a bit different to those selected! From an English perspective Hill is probably a bit of a surprise, although his form for Exeter has been excellent. Daly is definitely a surprise although I think it's fair to say he only goes because of North's injury and his versatility at covering all backs positions (as well as a hell of a left boot). Maybe a bit surprised at Mako going. For the players that missed out I think maybe only Sinckler and Underhill i'd consider unlucky (ag
  4. Played Escape the Curse of the Temple for the first time this weekend (and the second, third and fourth times as well) and it was bloody brilliant. We were only playing two player and that was chaotic enough. Haven't added in the curses and treasure yet although it looks like it will add a bit more to the base game. Seems like the perfect filler game between more sedate games to get the energy levels up a bit!
  5. A lot of these products feel like solutions to problems that neither exist or have a sustainable customer base.
  6. There are mods for some of the better games as well, so if you’re using an everdrive check them out. WWF No Mercy is still the best wrestling game ever made as well, so definitely check that out.
  7. Just started re-watching this (although almost finished season 2 already) and it's just so good, even better second time around. Needs more Jean Ralphio though!
  8. If you consider the two areas that Microsoft are weakest in, both the handheld and Japanese markets, then Gamespass on Switch is, commercial agreements aside, a no brainer. If you see yourself as more SaaS going forward then it makes even more sense. I'd love it to happen as I could probably ditch my PC then but i'm sure there are extensive barriers.
  9. Linux can have the tendency to remap usb devices on boot (they typically get added to /dev under ttyACMx or ttyUSBx, where x is an incremental number). If that reference is hardcoded somewhere that could be causing a problem. You can set a fixed reference, although I can't remember how to do it, google will sort you out though.
  10. You shouldn't get hammered for duty as you should be paying this at the point of purchase now anyway. If you just go through the checkout it should include all fees, if it doesn't then maybe leave it.
  11. My partner does the meal planning (and is very good with it) and we just put an Ocado and Riverford order through each week. Plan for 7 days worth of meals, with the freezer/takeaway as a bit of a backup. While the veg box is a bit more expensive it certainly seems to be considerably fresher than supermarket veg and as such lasts a lot longer. It tastes better too, as an added bonus. My partner does seem to hoard cookbooks, which isn't ideal, but she does make an effort to ensure we have a few new meals each week.
  12. Didn't spend much on games but I did finish building an arcade machine to play them on if that counts! I doubt you're tracking MDF sales from builders merchants though
  13. Streets of Rage 2 & 4 F-Zero X & GX Tetris
  14. It's a pretty thankless task all told, but your 3 options are likely to be Hyperspin, Coinops or BigBox (the paid version of Launchbox). You should be able to find complete, fully configured, downloads for most of these somewhere online, but your mileage may vary in terms of how well they work. They will all use retroarch for the majority of retro console emulation though. As long as you aren't doing anything weird with your setup then it should really work out of the box. To be honest the easiest way to get something working is to focus on a limited number of games, th
  15. I think Underhill might get a call up still, he's been in great form for Bath since coming back from injury and he was probably playing better than Curry before he got injured. It would be interesting to see if Gatland has a look at Sam Simmonds as well, European player of the year last season and would give you genuine pace at 8, I agree that Faletau will probably be first choice but if you wanted an impact replacement you could do a lot worse.
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