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  1. The trick with camera in 64 is to not fight it, and treat the game a bit more like a side-on (or 3/4) platformer. I think the temptation in any 3d action game (regardless of genre) is to try and get the camera to follow the player character and 64 doesn't really like that for the most part. Also, i'd forgot how fucking good the music was in 64, some really good tunes.
  2. Stick on r/crapmame, you’ll see plenty more like it there!
  3. The one under the manor, they had the small skirmish already.
  4. Had our 3rd session of LMoP last night and it went a lot better than the last one, didn't feel quite so deflated after! Looking forward to our next session on Saturday as the group are (hopefully!) going to tackle the Ruffian's hideout in Phandolin. The first 'dungeon' using a proper grid so that should make it a bit easier to play. Feel like we're starting to get a slightly better grip on the rules which at least helps it flow a bit better. Might have to have a crack at some voices at the weekend, or at stop least swapping between 1st/3rd person continuously, it definitely doesn't
  5. Are you going to put this into some sort of arcade machine or is it an under the TV job? How comfortable are you 'tinkering' with emulators as well? The easiest way to get the specs 'right' is to really start to narrow down what the machine has to play, and what are nice to haves.
  6. Yeah, you've got a few good options for Dreamcast, Redream, Demul (a touch out of date but considered the most accurate) and Flycast Core (in Retroarch). Not sure about Redream but the the other two will also play various arcade games based on similar hardware (like Naomi, Atomiswave, Hikaru?). You do run into the same romset compatability issues you get with Mame though, so just beware of that. I've always used Project64 for N64 but no idea if that is the best one to use now.
  7. I think the confusion comes because the same guys made the Model 2 emulator (it's on the official website at least). Model 2 should play Sega Rally.
  8. Yeah, yours look great (not a lover of the bezels, but that's subjective). Are you on a 4k monitor or 1080p? Shaders definitely come into their own at 4k.
  9. For a frontend, Launchbox would be my recommendation, although you have to pay to access 'Big Box' which is it's fullscreen TV style interface. It certainly makes working with retroarch a lot easier, although any frontend will require some configuration (both itself and the emulators it uses). Plenty of videos on Youtube.
  10. The problem with shaders is the people have a tendency to completely overcook it so you can see every last effect it's trying to implement. I tend to go with whatever CRT one looks nicest, and then turn off (halation, really?) or turn down (i.e curvature) until the effects compliment the graphical style, not completely take it over.
  11. I'd probably take a couple of things into account - forecasting demand accurately is virtually impossible (even more so at the moment) , and unless you like tying your limited cash into inventory you will always lean on the side of caution. I can only speak for the sector I work in (not electronics), but factory capacity is an issue with a lot of people now trying to 'catch up' having stopped or delayed orders for a few months this year. Plus, and this applies to this sort of luxury product, demand doesn't necessarily reduce based on your stock levels, especially if there are no alternatives.
  12. We had our second session last night (completing most of Part 1 and getting to the Inn in Phandalin), and while it went OK it was messier than the last session. I clearly hadn't prepared as well as I thought I had, and without a map the next few encounters became a lot more difficult to play through. Likewise, while I was able to describe some areas fine, the group struggled with visualising the hideout and I had to draw a very basic map as they travelled through it. What do people here prefer (as a GM or player)? Could also do with a couple of other bits of advice; 1)
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