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  1. Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    I’ve got a real soft spot for Pong, great variety and some decent multiplayer.
  2. Post Your Gaming Setups

    What kind of lunatic has an angle grinder hanging over their mousemat!? Or is it on instruction of your partner in case they catch you knocking one out?
  3. There was a cardboard shortage in Chine last year (might still be, I haven't heard anyone mention it recently) and it will have pushed up costs for any products containing card. Maybe the shortage was Nintendo's fault! This looks fucking amazing though, and to think people still believe Nintendo should go software only.
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    This game is fucking amazing, i'm 25 hours in and have only just beat my first divine beast. The exploration is second to none, reminds me of playing WoW when it first launched, except you can actually find stuff to do everywhere, regardless of what you've got/done. It seems almost impossible to get bored playing it and all i'm doing is running and climbing! It seems strange playing an RPG that is so 'mechanically' perfect - normally something that you expect in action games / platformers that rely on it, but this has none of the clunkiness you get with most RPG's. I'm also still playing the Witcher 3 (near the end of the vanilla game) and have been playing Divinity Original Sin 2 with the other half - it's like a holy trinity of amazing RPG's. (Everyone should play DOS2 if they can!)
  5. Post Your Gaming Setups

    You don't necessarily need a centre speaker, any av amp will allow you to have a 'phantom' centre which mixes it into the side channels. If your're sat equidistant from the two front speakers (orclose enough to equidistant) the requirement for a centre speaker diminishes. This tends to work best if the speakers are placed so the main drivers run along a central line through the tv, not above or below the tv.
  6. Games Exchange

    Would love a price for Escape Curse.. and Fungi!
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Hybrid Heaven I remember levelling up just one of my legs and roundhouse kicking everything into oblivion like some futuristic Chuck Norris.
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Just bought a switch (with Zelda) - is it worth getting the DLC now (i.e. does it integrate well with the original story) or should I hang on until i've completed the main game?
  9. Excellent, we're only a few k xp off level 8 so we'll execute a few magisters then be on our way!
  10. We're in a similar position where we can now escape the island but i'm a bit sceptical about finishing every last thing on the island off as we'll probably have a second play through and it would be nice for there still to be some mystery! Out of curiosity what level were people leaving Fort Joy at? We're currently 7, almost 8 I think.
  11. You can try and dip into it for an hour or so but it very rarely works like that. Perfectly doable though if you've got a bit of restraint.
  12. The only issue I have at the moment is the near constant feeling of doing everything out of order, the story seems to jump around a bit, for example; It's not a problem and the freedom you're given means you can approach the story from multiple different angles but it just feels wrong at times. We had a more extreme version of this in the first game where we somehow managed to entirely bypass the Braccus Rex part of the game, only going back and killing him when we were five levels higher or something which made it a lot easier than it should have been. Plus doing it out of order left a lot of odd NPC conversations that didn't seem to follow the overall story any more.
  13. I think about this game more than I should be, really need to finish fitting our new kitchen but will probably stick another 10 hours on it over the weekend. Another thing that is brilliant for an RPG is the use of the Journal rather than a conventional quest log. Even great games like the Witcher suffer from 'go here, kill/collect x' fatigue after a while but you never really feel like you're on individual quests in this game. That isn't for everyone by any means, but even if you get stuck simply wondering around finding enemies of a similar level will usually indicate you're in the right area.
  14. So far it feels a lot better, the height element adds a bit more strategy and the gui improves the overall experience. Increased range of surfaces and a greater variety of skills too.
  15. Stuck another 5 hours into this yesterday, it's such a ridiculously good game. Already feel like i'm planning out characters for a second play through and we haven't left the first area yet! We're still in the first area and found I love all the little bits like this that you come across all the time. My only slight concern is that the rivalry between the characters will be difficult to play out properly in split screen as you can see what the other character is doing all the time. A small problem though and hopefully won't have much of an impact.

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