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  1. There are some excellent themes and a good (if slightly clunky) theme creation tool.
  2. I'd just kind of assumed MSU-1 would be on Mister but no problem, it just looks like something fun to try. Thanks for the forum recommendation as well, that's exactly what I wanted.
  3. It's probably the best option for any PC based system these days. It gets regular updates and setup is really straightforward versus a Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher combination.
  4. I don't think it will be that bad, I imagine England might score a couple of early tries but then it will all get a bit messy and the score difference will remain pretty similar to the end of the match.
  5. That's brilliant, thanks. Will ha0ev a watch later and then get ordering I think.
  6. I tried setting up Retroarch on a Shield TV a few days back and I hated it so much i'm not going back (i've done it before, and use it on my arcade machine, but just do not like it). I want a way to play some of the games I was going to use the Shield before and this seems like far and away the best way of doing it. Am I right in thinking that for HDMI output I only need the main board, RAM board and the USB hub? Got plenty of power supplies, pads and SD cards knocking around. I'm also interested in the SNES MSU-1 modifications - can anyone point me to a decent guide for these?
  7. I'm currently running LMoP as my first campaign with another group (tackling wave echo cave this weekend) and i'm unsure if I really want to run it again straight away, although that will have it's benefits. It is a pretty good starting point though and the first two encounters are decent and should give the group an idea if they want to continue. Can't really run the Essentials campaign as another person in the LMoP group is going to take over as DM and run that once we've finished LMoP. Don't want to spoil it! I'll check these out, thanks.
  8. I'm going to run a session for some friends who have never played before, can anyone recommend a decent one-shot (or short campaign with an interesting start)? They'll be level 1/2. Something reasonably light, for my benefit as much as anyone elses!
  9. I wouldn't worry too much just yet, you only have to look and how much things changed in the last 12 - 18 months of the previous WC cycle. Looking forward to England vs Ireland, England's pack is looking pretty great at the moment, with excellent strength in depth (especially when you look at some of the players who aren't getting picked as well). Itoje must be the one of the worst players in the world to play against at the moment, even with some pretty athletic second rows around he looks on a different level sometimes. I still worry about the attack though, and it will be intere
  10. phresh


    That's brilliant, and answers the question. Just need to check i've got space on the shelf now....
  11. phresh


    What would be the recommended grinder, ideally around £120 max and that will work for both a Chemex and Aeropress? Need to up my game and research suggests this is the best place to start. It looks like either the WIlfa Svart or the Baratza Encore might be good choices but it can be difficult to discern which recommendations are genuine and which are adverts sometimes.
  12. I'm just taking my time meandering through unexplored areas and one thing that struck me is how that being completely open you often approach areas you've already seen, but from completely different directions/viewpoints. In a lot of open world games the areas you visit regularly are often through the same bottlenecks and as such you only get a limited view of those areas. I think it adds a lot of variety in a way I hadn't really considered before. Likewise in the way the game doesn't really tie you down to any specific area of the map so you aren't constantly having to revisit areas in the fi
  13. I was listening to the BOTW while at work yesterday and on numerous occasions I had to check the stream was still playing as it uses short gaps in the music to beautiful effect.
  14. I’ve only played it 2 player but it does play up to 6 I think. Doodle is a bit more easy going as you aren’t competing for pieces as you are in the normal version, the only difference between the players is the starting piece you draw individually. Overall it’s a bit quicker, and a bit easier to play, but it does lack some of the mildly strategic elements of the normal version. If you like tile placement games you could easily have both!
  15. It would be great if they implemented Geforce Now (+ local Gamestream), the Switch it uses pretty similar hardware to the Shield TV and it all works fine on that.
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