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  1. Believe it or not, I actually considered making this distinction but then didn't. Trouble is, far too many of the cutscenes so far consist of nothing but people standing in a room having excruciating conversations. Still, I knew this wasn't going to be another MGSV--which for me was a Kojima game without the garbage, for which I LOVED it--and if I have to indulge Death Stranding's story content to get to the good stuff, then so be it.
  2. Well, two hours in (of actual gameplay, that is) and, though I'm prepared for it to end up more or less anywhere, for now this is pretty much the properly systemic walking simulator I've kinda always dreamed about. The cutscenes are simply awful though, with clanking dialogue and visibly bemused actors. I wish I had the resolution to just skip them, but then figuring out the plot is all part of the game, I guess!
  3. Claire’s fire grenades are just the tonic for lickers, and the silencer smg upgrade has got me out of more than one scrape with both lickers and You-Know-Who.
  4. Claire A hardcore done! I was quite worried that they’d fudge the balance but actually I’d say they nailed it: just enough resources to scrape by, and the ink ribbons work in just the way they always did, rather than being a token inclusion. Imagining Leon B is already making me break out in a sweat...
  5. Same, was on danger with no healing and used my last shotgun round to kneecap the last zombie in my path, staggering bloody and exhausted to the gates. So satisfying!
  6. Welp, guess I accidentally started my Hardcore run last night. I have it so bad for this game. (Hardcore seems ace, enemies are tougher but still fun to shoot, ink ribbons are not too stingey. It’s so cool that even saving the game is made into an interesting decision)
  7. I mean, yeah, the story logic across the A/B runs is totally broken, best not think about it too hard I guess. It’s a bummer they didn’t implement it like in the original, but if nothing else it does serve to highlight just how bloody impressively that stuff was done there. More generally, is it just me or is this one decidedly lighter in the “lore” department? I kinda wanna say the story is completely unintelligible if you don’t bring your own knowledge of the original game.
  8. I didn't, I played more and completed Fourth Survivor. About 12 minutes, I have no idea if that's good. Was hard, fun, and instructive, felt like bootcamp for Hardcore mode...
  9. 2nd Run complete, true ending seen. I finished the game with an embarrassment of consumables, and I believe I am now ready to offer some Final Thoughts: In all, RE2 is a bloody brilliant game, though not quite a stone-cold classic like REmake 1. I would've been happier if they'd implemented Mr. X slightly differently, making him physically persistent and having him follow a strict ruleset, rather than leaning on teleports and triggers--but I appreciate that that's a very tall order, especially as he's only one feature of a game with loads of other horrors on offer. I'm not complai
  10. RE: enemy varieties
  11. Sometimes something comes along and you just have to say, fuck it, I'm writing off this entire weekend and just playing a fucking videogame. Resident Evil 2 (2019) has been just that kind of something for me. You couldn't even really call it a "remake" of Resi 2, so much as a blisteringly modern update of classic survival horror tenets finished with a lavish Resi 2 skin. It puts you in a complex environment filled with hazards, and challenges you to manage those hazards, operating deliberately and efficiently while optimising your scarce resources. Also it's sadistic and brutal, r
  12. Well, I wasn’t necessarily sold on the first three episodes but I kinda thought that was brilliant...
  13. RL666

    Dishonored 2

    I just finished this. I think it's such a shame that the game's technical woes are dampening people's enthusiasm, because mechanically at least it's an exemplary sequel to one of my favourite games ever. There's hardly an aspect of the original that hasn't been tweaked, refined or expanded. Leaning, formerly absurd, now carries a sensible amount of associated risk. The new upgrade trees allow for some pretty deep specialisation, involving hard choices about where to spend your limited budget of runes. The levels themselves are now amazingly big, complex and dense, and the scope for
  14. Welp, that's my second Classic Ironman run sunk. Double Muton-ambush on a UFO landing site, I wasn't prepared 'cause I had my eyes on the Meld. Half my team dead and the other half in the hospital, Covert Op coming up in three days, no money, nothing but rookies in the barracks. I called it ggs and nuked the savegame. It's sooooo good though, no way could I go back to vanilla XCOM now.
  15. Whale Mission is crazy tense the first time through...
  16. 1 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Real life scares me plenty – but films, books, videogames? Nah. The two exceptions to this are both videogames. One is Project Zero/Fatal Frame, and the other is Amnesia: TDD. Amnesia takes the bold step of denying the player any recourse to combat, so that evading enemies is the only way to survive. What its pseudo-sequel seems to have misunderstood (I haven't actually played it yet) is this: TDD has mechanics on its mechanics. Your lamp, and light-sources in the environment, let you see better, and keep your sanity topped-up, but also make it easier for monsters t
  17. More love for Last and First Men and Star Maker here. Both absolutely astounding and there's nothing else like them.
  18. A bad year indeed... Gateway and Man Plus are delights.
  19. The Viriconium stuff is well worth a look. The omnibus volume that they sell now is actually three novels and a bunch of shorts. The Pastel City is pretty much straight-up fantasy, though with a pseudo-sci-fi far-future/dying-earth setting, and beautifully written as well as very accessible. A Storm of Wings is a lot more experimental, with language that veers between annoying and astounding, and is very concerned with subverting the fantasy/adventure tropes of the first novel. In Viriconium and Viriconium Nights see a lot more Light-style weirdness coming to the fore. In Viriconium is almost
  20. Aw man, I'm halfway through reading Suldrun's Garden literally right now! I've only read a fraction of the fiction he produced, but I love his instantly-recognizable style. Tomorrow I will address everybody in tones of haughty, elaborate formality in his honor.
  21. Yeah, this was ace: largely because it just wasn't afraid to be full of funny, goofy dialogue and throwaway jokes. Not to downplay the action sequences, which were dead thrilling as well, including the climax. It's just a really well-written action film, and it makes me need to watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, stat. Probably enjoyed it as much as Avengers, to be honest. Would happily watch again, better than the first two by miles.
  22. I liked it. It wasn't as gruesome as I'd been expecting, a couple of "oooh, nasty!" moments but not walkouts/vomiting in the aisles fare either. Dialogue and characterisation fell flat of course, but I guess it's a bit churlish to expect anything in that department. It was at its best when traces of the old deranged slapstick approach showed through.
  23. I wouldn't worry about rebalance mods first time through. The ones I've read descriptions of are jokes anyway - best play with the mechanics as the devs intended, then mod if there's stuff you'd like to change.
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