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  1. That can’t have been coincidental.
  2. So, is there definitely going to be another season? I know 4 was the original plan, but I was sure I'd seen stuff in the lead-up to S3 (around the time the trailer came out) saying this would be the last.
  3. It's the quality of characters in TV shows to be reduced down to charicatures or otherwise much-simplified versions of their original characterisation. As in: in the first few seasons of the Simpsons, Ned Flanders was a relatively normal guy who lived next door, but over time was changed/reduced down to a simplified charicature / pastiche of a religious conservative.
  4. Not massively thick. They're thinner than standard GW base paints out of the pot.
  5. I have no doubt whatsoever that the C8R will be at LM next year, after a race debut at Daytona. Corvette have never really bothered with WEC, preferring to race in IMSA. Plus: We all know that the homologation rules are more advisory for the really big manufacturers.
  6. No more hollow than several of Audi's wins (any of them between 2000 and 2008 when peugeot turned up).
  7. It’s not really a series, more loosely connected one-offs. I liked the first one, second was a bit silly but I liked it and the third (I think that’s the most recent) was a bit poor.
  8. I don't know. It doesn't smell like an organic solvent (or the old washes). But "it doesn;t like water" was something that was said by the demo-er when I tried it, but only in the context of brush cleaning (in water) maybe taking a bit more effort than usual.
  9. They will be selling an unpigmented medium alongside this range, though that probably won't work exactly the same mixed with existing paint. The "secret sauce" is clearly this medium and the specific consistency and drying properties it has with the pigments they use.
  10. It does seem an impressive solution. The array of armies that were on display that had been painted using contrast paints was eye-opening, and as a solution for rank and file units it looks great, but the issues I think will be: How well Contrast-painted rank and file will sit alongside centrepiece units done traditionally. Cost. how much each pot of paint costs (it's designed that you'll use a lot), and how much the sprays are. The grey spray looks very similar in colour and finish to Tamiya surface primer (though that's the one spray tin that'll cost you more per mil than GWs). Even so, the fact that It's possible to get large amounts of units done, quick, and presentably, is tempting for those of us who've fancied dabbling in a horde or two but couldn't face it.
  11. I don't believe it's a scam, in the sense that Roberts cooked this up as a wheeze to make a big pile of cash and retire to Rio, like The Producers. Everyone involved (developers and backers) is just in way too deep to allow things to fail and that informs every decision that gets made, out of desperation – an ever-escalating game of “double or quits” for seven years as ever-more outlandish promises get made, to raise more money to try and get something, anything, out of the door. Roberts is, and always was, a creative mind, with huge ambitions relating to the medium, but an incompetent project manager. Every previous project of his, going back to the days of Origin, needed someone (such as Warren Spector) to take the reins and ship it. But now he’s in charge and literally can’t quit. Because he’s promised the galaxy and admitting failure would be the end of his reputation in games and there’s the uncomfortable fact that he came back to gaming after the career in movies didn’t work out. He’s got nowhere else to go but try and ride this to some sort of success or to try and delay the crash as long as possible in the desperate hope that it’ll work out.
  12. That's been heavily modified - this is what they looked like stock. I do find myself wondering if it would be possible to mess with the surface tension of a fluid so it it would repel itself to act in the reverse way to a shade?
  13. They did, about 10 years ago, do something like this. I recall a spray gun that looked like a little flamer and the intention being that it would be used to spray the old wash range onto models (it was too crude a device to do much else with). It didn't last very long. as a product. Certainly with Agrax and Nuln Oil, they're a lot closer to having washes that are universal over any basecoat where this could actually work.
  14. It’s that time of year when GW do their big survey. It’s long but I recommend answering. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SH89F3Y
  15. Very nice. Those thorns are quite similar to mine, though mine are all-over ghost-coloured and only the base is "solid". I wish they'd do these in clear plastic, maybe slightly frosted so it'll take a tint from paint...
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