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  1. Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, I got my old XBox up and running a couple weeks ago and Otogi (along with Crimson Sea) was a game I couldn't play as well as I'd like because one of the camera axis is the wrong way round and can't be altered. I do, however, seem to finally gotten the hang of controlling Gun Valkyrie. Another lovely surprise was finally playing Crazy Taxi 3 and finding it has the right music and both the Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 cities playable as well. Never knew that back in the day.
  2. RUINER - Neo-Tokyo Twin Stick Shooter

    Thanks to those mentioning Assault Android Cactus, I'd never heard of it, had a look at a couple of videos and instantly added it to my wishlist, looks great.
  3. This is especially annoying since the Story and Extra Battle modes all have a near instant "Try Again" option. THere should at least be the option to quick retry if you're sticking with thesame character. I was halfway through the SF2 arcade course, had to retry and the loading times destroyed any wish to continue further if IU was going to have to have multiple attempts at a fight. It's my only complaint about the whole package, loving all the other additions and tweaks.
  4. MST3K Marathon 2017 edition.

    Might have seen it the same way I did, CHannel 4 showed Overdrawn randomly one night in the late eighties/early nineties, I remember kind of liking it at the time but on seeing it again as part of MST3K, yeah...it's rubbish.
  5. Atari Jaguar

    I decided I wanted to play Tempest 2000, only problem was getting the Jaguar working on either of my LCD tellies with only the RF cable. I know you can get a dedicated SCART cable, but at £16, I n wanted to make sure the console still worked. Luckily I still have the massive CRT I used for a couple of months when I moved in here in a cupboard, so dragged it out into the hall and connected everything up. It works! Also discovered through research it's an NTSC Jaguar, which I didn't know when I bought it for fifty quid with seven games from GameStation back in 2007. It came with Tempest 2000, Doom, Wolfensteins 3D, Cybermorph, Syndicate, Chequered Flag and Hover Strike, but I honestly just bought it for Tempest 2000.
  6. Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Yeah, I thanked them on Twitter as it really is a lovely update. Going to take me a while to build by table collection as Android's been my main way to play and 360 before that.
  7. Shmups

    Happened with Raiden FIghters Aces on 360 too didn't it? Which was scheduled for 2010 and...never came out here.
  8. Star Wars Battlefront

    Ultimate Edition's down to £3.99 on PSN for the next week, I've almost bought in sales before, finally took the plunge this time.
  9. Injustice 2 Every battle defines you

    Fighter pack 2 revealed, with a nice surprise. (linking so not to spoil it with a thumbnail) https://youtu.be/Y2_Xq17UIig
  10. What's Your Podcast Game?

    Destiny, Diablo III and Marvel Heroes Omega, having played through all the story stuff once, don't need to hear it all again so I just stick a podcast on and go looting.
  11. I've played a few PS1 games on my RP3, not noticed any slowdown or problems with any of these so far - Apocalypse Einhander G-Darius Ghost In The Shell Rage Racer R-Type Delta Tekken 3 Wipeout 3 SE WWE Smackdown 2 - Know Your Role Xevious 3D+G Only game I've had a serious issue with so far is Darius Gaiden for some reason. About to give Tempest X3 and N2O a go this afternoon.
  12. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    That roster is rather disappointing, not many new characters and no X-Men, oh what a surprise. This has gone from day one to I'll pick it up when it's cheap if that leak is accurate.
  13. Heroes of the Storm. V2.0

    Thanks to everyone for the pointers, I gave it a quick go last night and picked up the basics pretty quickly, my maion problem was I haven't games on a PC for over two years and using a mouse and keyboard again felt weird. Dunno if I'll stick with it but wantn to at least try some more heroes out, got the Assasin's bundle as I'm all about the ranged/AOE in most games.
  14. Heroes of the Storm. V2.0

    How easy is this to get to grips with for someone who's only MOBA experience was a go at the demo of Heroes Of Middle Earth on 360 a few years ago? Tempted to try this out jsut for the Overwatch rewards.
  15. PS Plus May 2017 - TFB, Alienation and more

    Dammit, I only bought Alienation a couple weeks ago.

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