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  1. Fan made, but too lovely not to share.
  2. Yeah precisely. I'm only uhming about one because I play gaas monstrosities and I'm sick of uninstalling stuff.
  3. If you want to expand the S/X memory to play specifically S/X games the Seagate card is your only option.
  4. I've never figured it out. When I switch between my series X and one X on CoD it asks me which I'd prefer to use and dates them both. I don't know if there's an option to force that?
  5. Played some more. It's fine. The SMGs are dominant, sliding and jumping round corners is still a thing, the maps are all over the place in quality. Cross play still sucks so I turned that off. It's Call Of Duty. The guns seem to lack impact and weight. I'd need to download it and have a look but the whole thing reminds me of WWII, which was Sledgehammers last CoD? I'll be interested to see what they do with Zombies as it's Treyarch doing that part of the game.
  6. I always find it difficult to judge Call Of Duty games from betas. I'm shit at them anyway and the shift in feeling, ttk and not knowing the maps doesn't help. It's got some nice ideas in it, like destructible walls and whether you want small medium or large teams but the WW2 theme doesn't thrill me, neither does the aggressively clichéd voiceovers. And getting shot in the back repeatedly, but I don't know if that's because of spawns or if Deadly Silence/Ninja is still a perk or whatever. I've just unlocked loadouts so I'll go back in in a bit and see if I can get my eye in. There's nothing in the first hour or so to make me preorder immediately.
  7. Just seen the beta's open on Series as well so I'm downloading it now. Expect more thrilling updates as the day progresses!
  8. Bottom Dollar is only a season or two old. None of the weapons had the grey tab in the corner.
  9. RISE is a pain in the cock to configure. Each car has two settings to tweak and I couldn't get it to feel right. It's a shame because there's a good game in there somewhere.
  10. It reminds me of Speed Devils on the Dreamcast. That wasn't a Cruis'n game under another name was it?
  11. Give @tnman a shout to join the clan and then poke people when they're online. I'm not sure how many people check this thread frequently enough.
  12. https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/cruisn-blast 69 meta, 8.4 user. That's that cleared up then.
  13. At the very least her voice actor is leagues better than the male one. She also has wicked armour that doesn't work on Alexios. And it's funny watching the NPC dickheads trying to intimidate this 6ft+ amazonian brick shithouse.
  14. No, because we have 2 TVs. She plays hers and I play mine, we can't do with fighting over one console and one TV. It's a very odd set up which I took an inordinate amount of flack over in the 'your setup' thread a while ago I've not explained it very well because I'm tired. We like being in the same room rather than being across the house, so when she's doing shit on her console and TV, I'm doing shit on mine with a headset.
  15. CoD is the outlier, but yeah it's not nearly enough. I'd be surprised if Infinite and Horizon 5 are sub 80gb each for example. THe space situation is only gonna get worse.
  16. £43 at ShopTo, Game Collection, Simply Games, 365 and Base. You'd be better off keeping an eye out for eBay money off vouchers.
  17. Well, how long could the sockets for the power and HDMI cope with being moved frequently? Look, this is very much the definition of a first world problem. I have a very unique set up at home where I have my Series X in the front room along with my other halfs but need to move to where all my PC and shit is if she wants to watch TV or whatever, so the solution was to buy another console. The Series S is literally perfect because it's 'cheap', it's not 4k, I don't want to use anything on it that isn't S/X enhanced so I'm not missing out on One X enhancement and it removes the potential of fucking my Series X by humping it in and out of the front room. I'm going to shut up now.
  18. I had assumed it'd be hardy enough but that's a good point. It wouldn't be a daily thing but it'd be fairly regular so how can you tell? Is that what it's designed for or is it taking the place of the external HDD? I doubt there's enough entitled pricks like me who go "Oh I'd like a second next generation console for my fucking convenience plus a memory card to move my games around" that it'd be a design consideration?
  19. I see shit like this on TikTok and it's roper ASMR loveliness. Very nice.
  20. I've been toying with the idea of getting a Series S for my room and having a card to hold the monstrosities that I play multiplayer to move between them as needed, but then you're getting into the price of another Series X which is just bonkers.
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