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  1. I just linked this in the thread also pre-ordered.
  2. HEART YOU. Anyway it's supposed to trigger Ippy and Dippy to open the sewer grate when you do the dialog for the Geiger to and it doesn't, so fuck that. If it's busted that early I'm not paying 20 quid for it. Metro 2033 it is. As you were.
  3. I have vague recollection of somewhere saying it drops tomorrow. Still no word on whether it'll work with Rock Band drums.
  4. Do pay attention, 007! Seriously though I was still uhming because all the cheap codes have gone from Eneba but this isn't looking promising at all.
  5. So there's an hour's trial. I got through the intro, got past the guards and now I'm stood with Ippy and Dippy with the Geiger counter out. And I can't do anything else. I presume I have to enter the sewer bit can't. Either I'm being spectacularly dim or it's bugged out. My question is this: should I just sack this off an okay Metro 2033 instead?
  6. On Android when you bring up the stats there's a copy function in the Share button. I guess it's not too dissimilar on iOS and desktop
  7. My Forza One does it. It's literally you're not pressing it hard enough. It's not even a case of stabbing at it or hammering it, you just need to push it further than you'd think. Annoying but I really don't want to send it back because I wouldn't get a replacement.
  8. Wordle 219 5/6 Streak remains unbroken thanks to my other half. I'd have failed absolutely otherwise.
  9. They jacked the sale price up half way through the week
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