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  1. Which of the Bunny Day garbage is the most profitable?
  2. Yup. There's a family version of Nintendo online for just this, because Nintendo.
  3. I'm guessing uploading these to the Kiosk means you can get them back at any time, but yeah if they're not in your 'inventory' they won't show up
  4. Had a stab at Doomguy but the editor palette is really limited.
  5. The way they move, generally. Sometimes by gear if you're eagle eyed. Just fucking shoot them and loot them to their bones.
  6. You've both got Nook's Cranny and are looking before mid-day?
  7. Have you tried doing it with a completely empty room? Because I can't find anything about this on Google. It sounds very bizarre.
  8. I like changing skins and using blueprint weapons. I did have a slight buyers remorse after buying the battle pass because I thought "I'm never going to use this shit." Fucking FOMO.
  9. If you have them on you and stand next to a wall you should get the option to hang them.
  10. No. She's as much of a bastard as the Nooks are.
  11. I got the wall and 'bars' the other day. If I ever want to waste gold nuggets on literally a pile of gold bars.
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