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  1. Balls. Oh well at least there's love for it.
  2. Yeah someone in a what's app group I'm in said the Vallejo is good. It could be a number of things from what I can see; it only just occurred the mini could be grubby as shit because they've been sat in the loft in a box for a year or two. It is, it's a shame I don't rate the game really. I got it for 25 quid a few years ago when Amazon was having a moment.
  3. The entire final race is one of the most glorious things ever created for cinema, but the bit where he kicks the Mach 6 back into life to win the race is something that makes me want to jump up and down on the settee screaming GO SPEED GO! like an utter, unabashed twat. I absolutely fucking love this film and I'll make no apologies for that fact. Fuck all y'all.
  4. Yeah, it was more accessible. Also the game evolved as it's player base aged. People had kids, found themselves with less time to grind away, and lots just fell away anyway. Times changed, so the game did. I'm not sure what Blizzards expectations for Classic are, tbh.
  5. Airbrushes. What's the deal with those, right? /Seinfeld It's been a while since I've done anything so I thought I'd batch primer a load of minis with the view of cracking on tomorrow but something's gone askew. The irritation I have is it could be one of so many things. It's only a practice mini, and even if it wasn't it could be stripped but it's the kind of thing that makes me throw me hands up and go "Fuck it". I think I upped the compression (only by .25 to 1.25) as well as thinning the paint too much probably to compensate for putting the needle in too far. I don't know. Bloody thing. Any thoughts?
  6. I've found 2 batteries and 2 solar panels per 5 storage seems sufficient. Don't know if it depends on the length of day cycle or whatever.
  7. It'll be interesting to see how they inevitably fuck it up once it's released. The cycle's always the same. Beta seems promising, first couple of weeks are ace, then a slow decline into imbalances and shitty microtransactions. There was an article kicking about today about a loot crate only gun that's needed ANOTHER nerf because it's so bent.
  8. Is it actually running on the old graphics engine and everything? I'd assumed it was all remade in the new(ish) engine.
  9. Yeah, you have to buy a copy for each format you want to play on up to shadow keep after they release the free content. Edit: I mangled this, let me try again. After the free content is release you'd have to buy Shadow Keep for each format. I don't know what effect of owning shadow keep on one format and not the other would be.
  10. Afaik all the storage persists no matter where you build it also. So all your shit in storage 1 on one world will be in storage 1 wherever you build it.
  11. It's like 33.49 on Xbox Live. That's almost punt territory. Why is it so cheap? Just cos it's a double A nobodies ever heard of it type of deal?
  12. Fair, I didn't check. I thought it was much longer than that. It seemed much longer than that.
  13. Which format? I've not started it yet but I'm on Bone.
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