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  1. It's not like Lee Majors is doing anything these days either* *I have no idea if Lee Majors is still alive. And this joke is now played out.
  2. Very disappointed at the lack of Colt Seavers.
  3. So I picked this up in the steam sale despite it being entirely not my type of game. It was actually a more painful decision than I expected because normally if I have to question a purchase then I don't really want it, but this kept nudging away at the back of my brain. I spent hours watching Let's Play videos while working and, again, came to the conclusion that wasn't for me. I'm really enjoying it but Christ I am so out of my depth. I'm so glad there's a pause function because I keep having to Google shit, like how to get rid of polluted water. Also I really like the priority system, and I'm 9 cycles in and having crashed and burned despite it looking entirely likely by cycle 3, but then I was basically going "AAAAAAAAAAAAH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!" So yeah, good shit.
  4. Something that needed expunging from my brain.
  5. The aesthetic of the game is probably the single strongest I've seen since Dark Souls, now you mention it. There's a coherence and uniqueness you don't get in many games. Apropos of nothing, I want Faden to investigate an Altered Item which looks like a normal doorway, but when you step through it you end up on the Normandy, then you get into all kinds of intergalactic scrapes with The Femshep in a super powered redheaded maelstrom of chucking shit about with your mind and shooting alien looking goons.
  6. Just Dance has done well historically. They were flogging that on the Wii long after everyone else had abandoned it.
  7. I doubt those cool, hip and happening cats from the Eurogamer comments are going to join the second cuntiest forum on the internet™
  8. This sounds like it'll be a barrel of laughs.
  9. Why yes, all you have to do is to subscribe to Fallout First; the games premium membership service. Yes. Really. I think you stopped posting in here after the first couple of pages. It's quite funny reading back with the benefit of hindsight. Also, one thing that made me chuckle was @Qazimod's Battle Royale comment, which turned out to be entirely on the money.
  10. That January Direct on its way?
  11. moosegrinder

    The Crew 2

    The first was so close to being good, but ultimately ended up being another mediocre Ubisoft grindfest of icons on a map. Played this ones demo but it seemed to want to be Forza Horizon but without.... the irony? Not sure if that's what I mean, but Forza has all the dude-bro shit but seems to do it with a wink? I dunno.
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