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  1. Polygon put up a load out guide which was not very good and the internet did what the internet does.
  2. I'll get on that in a bit. Whether I'm about depends on if my OH is playing her Xbox or watching some mind numbing shit on TV because I'm not inflicting Call The fucking Midwife on people. Although push to talk is a thing on PC isn't it? Also I'm an antisocial cunt most of the time. However I do want to get down squads going on with this, if only to get some quests done. Solo can be soul crushing. My biggest worry with playing with people is popping team mates in the head when we split up. Anyway, I'll add you both on the game and get on the discord. I'm pretty sure I'm moosegrinder on there too.
  3. 22nd Jan 2020 - Picross E6. Picross, innit. 5/5. Now the question is do I go for E7, Sanrio or one of the Switch 'non-canon' ones as I've done S1, 2 and 3?
  4. It's the same principle as pirating games (stick with me); you've invested so little money and effort getting them they're ultimately disposable. I had hundreds of amiga games, but the actual amount I put time into was probably barely double figures. Same with this and, to some degree, games on Steam before they did away with the bonkers flash sales. Course, on the flip side I've played some games I never would have bought in the first place, so swings and roundabouts.
  5. IT's mad fun, but yet I still haven't forked out for it. I'm still not sure why. I keep looking for a cheap physical copy but (quite reassuringly) it's held it's £35 price.
  6. And this one gets special mention because the song is absolutely fucking crushing.
  7. There's a plethora of people reacting to Devin Townsend, which is always a chuckle because he's this gurning, mugging, irreverent, neurotic mess that has a vocal range that puts most singers to shame. Honest reaction videos are great. Watching the Lost In Vegas boys completely lose their shit to Heaviest Matter Of The Universe is a genuine pleasure. It kind of scratches that same mental itch that watching artisan videos does, or watching people play video games insanely well; it's someone getting joy from something, often unexpected and that sets me right when your brain is just hammered by the ultimate shit show that is real life. I frequently rewatch them just because it's, well, nice.
  8. Campers. Sigh. This was after 2 hatchling runs to try and get a Skier quest done. I'll get there, it was just a run of 3 tries that were dismal as shit.
  9. Each one has a passive that benefits all the other family members when you've spent 4 skill points (and more after that, but I've not unlocked them yet). Also I think if you use the same one they become fatigued.
  10. It's supposed to have been fixed. It resets your stats but not your progress apparently
  11. It usually depends how recently you played it. If it's really recent it should do it itself but if you haven't booted for a while it tends to update when you start the game.
  12. 30k a pop for the vests which isn't terrible. Of course you can't get the super bargains because of the script kiddies. Not checked Toz's yet. When I first started I had tonnes of the fucking things.
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