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  1. Uhming about double dipping on Darkest Dungeon despite only putting an hour or so into the PS4 version. I think I like the idea of it more than the actual game.
  2. In what respect? I mean it's full of Nintendo polish and love but it's STILL got bullshit AI fuckery playing GPs solo.
  3. They're barely Resident Evil games. @PyramidFace is right, 2 is fine. I guess it depends how much it is, they're usually overpriced on Switch even on sale. Just checked, for six quid and change I'd say probably? I think it's telling that no-one can go "FUCK YEAH BUY REVELATIONS 2!"
  4. This is a very broad answered question depending on who you ask. My short answer is probably not. The remake of 1 and Zero are clunky as fuck, and 5 and 6 are bad/cheeseball fun depending who you ask.
  5. It's only £3 more! But no you're right. I should imagine they will, they're on the US store and on the US PowerA store.
  6. Isn't the frame of the Series pad fundamentally the same as the One pad but with better construction/dpad/grips and that extra share button? Edit: apparently not, it's slightly smaller. But given how much effort MS have put into the compatibility of all the peripherals and that it'd be daft of them to make a mistake like not making the grip compatible with their new pad.
  7. When I was looking at brains for the Ion Rocker aeons ago the actual frame and drums seemed to be a universal thing, I think it's just the Xbox/PS module that's not a standard thing. @beenabadbunny will probably know for sure.
  8. Part of me thinks I preferred the Most Wanted sequel/reboot/whatever it was, but I definitely had a rad time with this. I'm in for the £35 it costs.
  9. Got this downloading to review for MHG so with Splatfest and some WarZone going on it's going to be a busy weekend
  10. Well they do cheap-er. It'll be £33 at some point but not for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.
  11. One thing that's been consistently brilliant about Destiny alongside it's gunplay is its art direction. It's strong as fuck. The art books are worth picking up, if only for the iconography.
  12. I'd say probably another wave, but I'd also have thought there would have been at least one more wave before now as well. There should be some at launch but is imagine they're Super limited.
  13. Lots of good stuff in this. Inst-sparrow is a QOL that's been needed for ages so very welcome.
  14. Good chunk of stuff on my wishlist is on offer but I've already got so much to play, man.
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