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  1. 90 minutes in, no real idea what’s going on but I think that is kind of the point. Controls well, looks a bit bland till you start chucking stuff about. Men in black meets Twin Peaks and controls a bit like uncharted, minus the cover mechanic. So, yes, good so far!
  2. Mine just turned up from simply. +1 for the bank holiday weekend and having to post early!
  3. Yeah, it’s a real immersion killer when nothing happens because you don’t know where to go and no one mentions it.
  4. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh god yes. I wouldn’t be that hyped for a whole sunshine remaster, I was never a big fan and I’d rather see a galaxy or, better yet, 3D world.
  5. I got the freighter/capital ship after answering a distress cal and they gave it to me. The next time I did that with a different capital ship the guy wanted like 60 million credits for his ship. Anyway, the thigh is I have already done a couple of expeditions (by speaking to that guy) and built a command centre so I could launch to begin with. I assume I got a free frigate with my first (free) freighter? I don’t recall getting a message about it being lost or anything. alternative hypotheses: another bug
  6. I have a capital ship/freighter but I can’t launch expeditions anymore. It asks me to select a ship but there aren’t any. I definitely had one before. Does the freighter not count? I thought I was launching that. How do I get another one without spending credits that I don’t have?
  7. This didn’t work for me, in VR at least.
  8. Can you move bases? My base is on my starting planet, an irradiated hell hole. The gek dude, who lives on the roof at the science station I built up there (for some reason) doesn’t seem to mind.
  9. 12 hours in and I’m still flying the same Playmobil x wing I started out in. It’s an embarrassment showing up at the space anomaly* in that piece of shit but I haven’t found a ship wreck or anything in my price range in all my time. And delivery missions are still fucked. *is that the nexus?
  10. Strafe


    The patch delivered night and day difference in performance. Looks pretty good now
  11. What are these beacon things?
  12. So they’ve managed to disable the in game camera function in the new update for PS4/PSVR. Wow...How did that get through!
  13. How do you get new ships? Hypothetically can you steal one? Asking for a friend.
  14. @MK-1601Nope, tried that. I guess I can boot the game in normal non VR mode and do it that way? Another bug. Have to deliver some de latticed crystal or something as part of a decoy mission. Deliver to the actual, verified drop off point with a marker directly on it. It takes the item. Then the drop off point changes to somewhere off planet but you no longer have the item and can’t get it back. What’s that all about?
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