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  1. I’m playing it in performance mode. The fidelity one does look a little better but you’d have to pause it to notice. I think it’s just resolution, all the lighting looks the same to me.
  2. Have you ever liked HDR in a game though
  3. I’m in on the next beta, hopefully I’ll shoot lots of people in the face.
  4. My code came through. Thanks for reading
  5. I’m still waiting for CDKeys to give me my PSN top up after ordering it yesterday at 5pm. They’ve sent the link but the code isn’t ready yet and support haven’t been much help. I know this doesn’t have much to do with the game but I needed to talk abort it
  6. Yeah, it will come back the next day. I don’t think you can stack trinkets (you definitely can’t have two of the same on a gun)
  7. Boss deals is simply. Very reliable in my experience, you’ll have it for release day unless Royal Mail screw it up.
  8. Mine is still there at the bargain price.
  9. Ah ok, thanks. It gives me the lead to follow at noon but I must have missed a section!
  10. it says it’s happening at noon, I definitely went there at noon. I’ve been through a couple of days loop now, what do I do with 2-bit?
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