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  1. I guess. If it’s just something she’ll play handheld all the time and you save £100 (or whatever it is) then that seems like the way to go.
  2. And lack of rumble and docked mode, which you'd need for a hardwired internet connection. I don't think the Lite is a bad machine at all but I'd end it hard to recommend over a full fat version in the majority of circumstances.
  3. Not really in my opinion, though I work from home so it rarely leaves the house anyway. You'd have to decide if having a bit more real estate in your bag and losing 120 odd grams in weight is really going to mean that much to you.
  4. Well, also the sniper training section was the sniper level.
  5. There are plenty of texts to find that allude to people getting more supplies than others/preferential treatment. It would follow that your frontline soldiers would be given more food than those with less physically demanding jobs, too.
  6. I reckon the third will see Abbey finding the fireflies and telling them about Ellie so they send her off to hunt Ellie down. Then she finds Ellie but Ellie is like “ok, I’ll come willingly, no worries mate” then they get back to the fireflies and the scientist person has been kidnapped so they go rescue the scientist together. The issue there being that the fireflies wouldn’t let Ellie out of their sight I suppose so then Abbey’s mission goes bad and she’s kidnapped and all the remaining fireflies are pussies so Ellie has to go and sort it out. The final scene is you as the scientist doing a QTE brain drill. maybe.
  7. It probably isn’t the intended reaction but I laughed when a dog walked over my proximity bomb. I hope they serve beer in hell.
  8. Probably the greatest game ever made, so yes and no respectively.
  9. Well, yeah. I got fired in 2010 and it was probably the most exciting time of my life. Then I temporarily lost my job just before lockdown - no income or furlough etc - and it was the worst time of my life. In the former I had a lot more opportunity available to me, in the latter I was fucked. I’d still say that losing your job without it being your decision is generally a bad idea.
  10. I imagine that I’d carry on working for $30 million a year. Chiefly because if I was at that level I’d probably be a lot more work focussed than I am now. I’d be a different person. If, in some sort of ‘the pope must die’ situation where I was mistakenly given the top job, I’d probably still stick it out for a few years assuming they didn’t fire me first. I’d pay for Rllmuks servers for life though, so don’t hate me.
  11. I suspect there are some rather large caveats in a $30 million a year contract around doing that sort of thing.
  12. Life is all about nuance, the greyed our lines, the middle ground. For instance, I think it’s possible to think this is very unfair but also really want to be earning $30 million a year.
  13. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    you can still do that without a folder, if you can remember the games they make (and I’m guessing you would, as it sounds like you’re a fan)
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