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  1. My experience with Overwatch is almost entirely role locked and I think it works, aside from the queue times for DPS. One thing Blizzard needed to do is make the feedback for tanks more satisfying, which they admitted at some point. Playing Mercy, for instance, is great because you get the ticking sound when someone you're healing/boosting is hitting people. You don't really get anything similar for blocking/taking damage as a tank bar Zayra's bubble.
  2. Haven’t read the thread but yes is my answer to the question.
  3. I wonder when the review embargo is up. It’s usually Tuesday before release for Nintendo published stuff, I thought.
  4. Famitsu have given it 33/40, which basically means fuck all. I’ll wait for other reviews before committing. Mario Tennis Aces, made by the same developer, wasn’t that great - too many specials and meters and stuff and millisecond timings on special shots and stuff getting in the way of the fun.
  5. AiAi as the final smash dlc character. Controlled in a ball. Bonkers enough to work.* *maybe
  6. £39.95 at shopto, I think. No water bottle, not that I’d ever use it.
  7. It’s occasionally a tad janky but nothing that ruined the experience for me.
  8. As far as I know the game runs at 60 on series x but the main character is animated to look like she’s running at 12fps. Technically all 60 but it’s the stylistic choice. It doesn’t quite work.
  9. Thanks everyone for reminding me why I shouldn’t buy a PC.
  10. My experience with control and hitman is that they give said disclaimers and always offer a free trial to test performance beforehand.
  11. Send it back to Sony. They’ll pay for postage and you’ll get it back in reasonably short order. I’ve returned 3 thus far. (2 floppy triggers, 1 right stick drift).
  12. They still managed 7 odd minutes for the switch lite reveal, despite it having less features than the regular one. I’d imagine when/if they reveal the switch pro they’d want to spend some time illustrating the added benefits/feature and plenty of footage of lots of good looking people playing it in unlikely locations.
  13. Yeah they should. You buy it on a switch, you play it using a switch. When Titanfall came to Xbox one they didn’t say “on Xbox one except the AI grunts which are running off a cloud server somewhere”
  14. I often wondered why Microsoft keep releasing so many different coloured pads (instead of games lol) and then I realised that they probably make a profit on them.
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