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  1. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    If it was Daytona and Sega Rally I would happily sell body parts.
  2. g wings

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    Same “universe” but different characters and a new story. I think there are one or two characters from the comic/film that will appear.
  3. g wings

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    The games need to be better and the controllers need to be usable with more games. For instance; why is there a fishing game out this week that doesn’t utilise the Labo?
  4. g wings

    A movie watchers blog

    I really loved it and keep meaning to watch it again. in the dedicated thread I also waxed lyrical about Ramsay and I think it’s such a shame she never got to complete Jane got a gun. You can really see the film it could have been with her directing.
  5. g wings


    I wonder if there is any relevance to the fact that there now won’t be a CEO, instead a managing director and a slight change for Raul. I wonder if Josh Kroenke will be installed in a more prominent role at some stage.
  6. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m going to buy them probably but I would have liked to be able to use the dpad for certain other games.
  7. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Such a shame they only work with the NES games.
  8. g wings

    A movie watchers blog

    I really wanted to like it but I found it hard to watch with my little girl. Some of the violence was tricky to explain (not least from Mai) and why did they have to create a dog that constantly swore? Yes, of course, it was censored but it just made my kids constantly refer to it. Very strange.
  9. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Stupid question probably but does an online sub only link to one profile or is it linked to the switch itself?
  10. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Except those that haven’t.
  11. g wings

    SNK Heroines

    You had quite the change of heart in the space of about 4 minutes! Shame to hear it’s a dud though but given the direction they took it in I don’t think I could have bought it anyway.
  12. I've only seen Tyrannosaur once and really want to watch it again. He was just brilliant in it.
  13. g wings


    Watched this over the weekend. It was fun for a bit but pretty soon it begun to drag. In some ways I would have prefered it to have stayed closer to the roots of the real story instead of amplifying Renner's super-hero abilities. But I guess that would have made it even more beige.
  14. g wings

    Sharp Objects

    There's a final scene at the end of the credits too. I really enjoyed it. I'm normally terrible at working out who dunnit but it seemed fairly obvious in this. It didn't matter though, the murder mystery was just a vehicle for the characters to play out. In the first few episodes I thought there was a friction between Amy Adams' story (and how it was playing out) against the over the top gothic delivery of the other family characters (and the town itself). I let go of this as the show went on though and it all pretty much worked as the over the top elements just got bigger and swept everything else along with it. All in all a great show and Amy Adams in particular was brilliant.
  15. g wings


    Cech playing it out from the back is giving me a heart attack. He looks so uncomfortable it’s ridiculous.

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