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  1. Can’t I get rid of both?
  2. One of the kids left the switch lite on a chair the other day and the puppy got hold of it. The glass screen protector was shattered. God knows what would have happened if it didn’t have the protector on it!
  3. I’ve been picking up items people have dropped so that I can catalog them. But I still can’t order them. Should I be able to or am I missing something?
  4. @StumpyJohn really appreciate it. My daughter will be over the moon. Great island by the way! Very cool
  5. @Laine and @StumpyJohn you will both be heroes to my daughter, and me! We are in Oz so 9 hours ahead of the UK but we get up early and go to bed late so should be able to work around whatever suits you. StumpyJohn, what can I offer you in return for a couple of benches? As mentioned before we don’t have much interesting stuff but we do have plenty of bells at the moment...
  6. That would be amazing. Would you be happy to be paid in bells? We are also still looking for garden benches if you happen to have any or be able to make them?
  7. My daughter is desperate for a garden wagon, garden benches and street lamps for her next development phase. We don’t have much to swap but do have an electric guitar or lots of bells!...
  8. Because you were praying to God that it turns out to be good?
  9. I’m probably too late but @Uncle Mike I would love the wood extra long sofa if it’s still available?
  10. I’ve got a spare electric guitar if you would be interested in some trades? Desperately need some outdoor furniture...
  11. g wings

    NFL 2019!

    I like the choice of inconspicuous getaway car.
  12. Done that a couple of times. I now lay a temporary path as reference.
  13. Has anyone played it handheld yet? Really enjoying this on the xbox but if I got it on switch it would be to play in bed! Just a bit worried it will be hard to see all the detail of obstacles on the small screen.
  14. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    Delighted about RDR2. Been hovering over the buy button for a while but hesitated as I’m not sure I will have the time to dedicate to it. Now I can find out!
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