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  1. Any chance of a Tekken special?
  2. (please let them be representing Ireland in Eurovision)
  3. Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's statement: "We ordered a pizza from a local takeaway and it took longer than thirty minutes to arrive. Not only that, one of the extra toppings we ordered was missing! We believe that this tardy delivery and mushroom theft has been orchestrated by those who have constantly tried to ruin our efforts throughout this whole process, namely our ex-colleagues/directors. This fast food intimidation has affected our schedule but we will soon be sending out emails to see if any of our backers are still alive, and if so, we will be asking them to confirm their star sign. Anyone lucky enough to be a Capricorn will be then contacted further to check their shoe size. Once shoe size is confirmed we will be sending out emails containing coded messages which once unencrypted will spell out a location and date/time. On that date, at that time and at the location stated, we will be releasing a carrier pigeon who will have a small message taped to their leg containing a short excerpt from the final games list, along with a potential date for the next email in which we will blame inflation, Brexit, the weather, foreigners, solar winds, bad luck and stepping in dog dirt (in that order) for the next set of delays."
  4. Fair enough - I thought it was a lie from the start, I guess the number of games dropped every week as they dug themselves ever deeper and pissed more and more people off. So the current state of play with this is "it's ready to ship, honest, but we can't tell anyone anything and won't show anyone anything because someone said something to someone else". I'm embarrassed for them - It's playground antics. Who will be the cast of the inevitable Hollywood movie of this? My money is on Rob Schneider as Fogarty.
  5. If this thing accepts SD cards, anyone with a minimal amount of computer know how could find all their favourite games online and have them on it within minutes. This whole "1000 games" thing was bollocks from the start - It's an emulator in a case. By all means have a few big names to sell the thing but promising 1000? They shot themselves in the foot there. That and the whole "taking money and not making anything with it" of course.
  6. Followed by: "It has come to our attention that alternative delivery services such as TNT and Yodel have disrupted UK postal services and as such the post office can not fulfill your Vega+ due to this blatant disregard for our deliveries"
  7. cubik

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    Good choice of tunes but that overhanging turntable is making me nervous.
  8. Arcade games for me. Robotron, Bomb Jack, Mr Do!, Mr Do's Castle, Defender, Pac Man, Pac Land etc etc. I could play these all day. I grew up with the spectrum and C64 but tend not to revisit those. Golden age of the arcade will always be the sweet spot for me.
  9. If you scale the Vega+ based on the scart plug next to it, it's just over 6 inches high, and almost 12 inches wide. Bigger than the Wii U controller! Maybe that's what the delay was for - They're making it an authentic experience by building a 14" portable TV into each unit. I hear the final shipping version will also have a loop aerial hanging out the back, and a dial on the front to tune it in.
  10. Wow. Scart too, cutting edge stuff.
  11. cubik

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Just got back from seeing it - Loved it. Grin on my face from start to finish, apart from some obvious non-grin appropriate bits. I can't wait for part 2
  12. Sad news. Could they stoop low enough to use this as some form of excuse or justification for yet another delay? I really hope not.
  13. cubik

    Venom - October 2018

    That's the one - I can picture this being premiered after "Sharknado 8" starring AC Slater, one of the Baldwin brothers and Amanda Bynes.
  14. cubik

    Venom - October 2018

    Looks like a Sci-Fi Channel production
  15. cubik

    Housemarque - "Arcade is Dead"

    As much as I love their work (Resogun especially) I can't blame them for wanting to make money. Problem with following the latest trend in gaming is that development times are so long and by the time this is out it could be completely old hat. If that's the case then potentially, no matter how good it is it might not bring the cash in.

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