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  1. I hope that SRL have taken everything that's happened of late into account and vote this time. If they decline to get involved again it'll end up with the same stalemate as previous.
  2. Will they still need SRL's help to get rid of him? If it's a shareholders meeting it's likely that voting is still on the same terms as the last time.
  3. cubik

    Is "Game" finished?

    They sell Swedish Fish in Ikea.
  4. If the whole project was self-sabotaged by their overwhelming desire for revenge then it shows that the guys who left were right to do so. It sounds like they were so blinded by the need to screw ex-colleagues over that they completely missed the fact that it was backfiring on both their customers and themselves. Since almost day one it feels like they just spent their entire time bitching on the internet about haters and trolls, instead of just getting on with the work of designing and building a quality product. The fact that their quest for revenge will probably ruin them rather than Andrews is sweet sweet karma. It's a shame that all those backers got caught in it though. The potential class action is a nice touch in terms of giving RCL a kick while they're down (which they well deserve), but in the long run I can't see anyone other than maybe the solicitors getting a penny out of this shower of shite.
  5. So he's complaining about the excessive legal costs, and the masterplan to counter this is to drag the legal case on for even longer while simultaneously testing the patience of the judges who will rule on it? He might be a chess genius but he sounds thick as fuck. As for the other directors quitting, why did they appear in court this week as company representatives if they left their roles on the 3rd and 7th August? I doubt that quitting will protect them in the long run as the bulk of trading while insolvent was done during their directorships.
  6. About time this caught up with them. Imagine representing yourself in court and asking if you can have your name taken off the case. What a plonker
  7. cubik

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    I bought it from issue 1 right through to the late PS3/early PS4 era. It's easy to get news via the internet these days, but there was something special about the monthly exclusives, reviews and trade show news in those days when print ruled. Quality writing, in depth articles and those covers were just something else. Link to a gallery of them here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ian_d/sets/72157616611119113/ I'm still waiting for my console that runs Taos though.
  8. They still will though, there's a reality distortion field around RCL. This is the age of FAKE NEWS and these guys are all over it. The truth won't even get a look in
  9. How long till there's a garbled press release from Dr Levy stating that they had a tremendous launch but were then stopped from fulfilling their obligations and achieving even greater success by those bad guys at Sky who took their precious license away for no reason whatsoever? Whatever happens it'll be someone else's fault. It's always someone else's fault.
  10. But in my heart, it was so real...
  11. Wasn't the last vote (where SRL abstained) based on shareholding, rather than directorships? SRL may still own a chunk of shares in the company, in which case they still have a say in things. The last vote was after this resignation date. It was 2nd August. It's all over anyway. The product is a piece of shite, RCL aren't going to find the money to make 4000 of them, and even if they did they won't see a return on them as they've already been paid for and the cash spent. They signed their own death warrant by shipping non-working, badly made egghead (more like dog-egg head) machines. They also no longer have a license to use the Sinclair name, and have contravened the license of the emulator they're using. Their projections for massive sales through Argos etc were meaningless anyway, but now especially so as the shoddy release of the product means it is now so tainted I'd be surprised if you could give it away. They'd have more chance of selling it through Woolworths, Rumbelows, Toys r Us, Maplin & Radio Rentals.
  12. cubik

    Star Wars TV series

    Who's the Bossk? The Gungan the Restless Some Mothmas do 'ave 'em
  13. cubik

    The Techno Thread

    I bought this a few weeks ago for £7 in the Juno sale. Cracking EP. I didn't realise Mark Bell had died, he produced Depeche Mode's Exciter which is admittedly not their best work but I don't think it's his fault. His work with LFO was definitely influential, still sounds good now. I've got the CD single of LFO somewhere. Shame it's not the 12" as it would be worth more!

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