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  1. I hope Horizon Chase plays well because it looks fairly bland. I thought the polygon graphics looked quite nice at first but after a couple of minutes it's all a bit sparse. There's left & right turns and a few dips but it's all a bit underwhelming. I was getting quite excited for an arcade racer. Where's the crazy buildings, bridges & canyons? It's the same stuff all the way through with slightly different colours as the game progresses. I haven't written it off, just pinning my hopes on this as I hate Football in general so PES has no appeal whatsoever. I was watching this video if it matters:
  2. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    I really need to organise my vinyl collection. I've got all my old stuff from years ago, then a big gap when CDs ruled the world and my turntable was boxed up in the loft, and then a load of stuff from the last 4 years which consists of discogs binges where I've bought loads of hip-hop and house 12"s from yesteryear plus loads of new stuff including loads of 12"s from the Juno sale or sites like Bandcamp & Swervingthecommunity. It's all in Kallax shelving but in no particular order so I'm going to try and sort it. I'm probably going to avoid mixing new and old stuff as there's a real gap between them so I'm thinking first of all by genre for the older 12"s. Back in the day it was easy, hip hop and house (which included pretty much anything electronic including techno, electro, acid etc) There were some other sub-genres like hip-house but it was still fairly simple. Newer stuff is a bit different as I've no idea what genres for electronic music are these days, I just buy stuff I like in the Juno sale or from Bandcamp but don't understand what the difference between the latest incarnations of electro/techno/deep house and tech house are. I think my later 12"s will just be alphabetical in artist order. Albums will be separate, again alphabetical order. Some artists (Depeche Mode mainly) will have their own section. That'll be split into album & 12", sorted by release date obviously CPU Records will get their own category as I've got a lot of their 12"s and expect to buy more. My plan is to keep it simple and use dividers - There's a few plastic ones available but they're a bit too "record shop" for me. I'm going for a plywood option. I got a couple of these to see what they're like and they are pretty good https://www.juno.co.uk/products/mukatsuku-wooden-12-vinyl-record-divider-with/730209-01/ There are others on Amazon/eBay with laser marked letters/genres but they're expensive. These are plain but seem quite well made (they're flat and have no sharp edges). I've ordered a couple of five packs plus the two I have so that gives me 12 in total which should do the job - I'm not bothered about going to the level of detail of one per letter of the alphabet. Next step is to get it all listen on discogs. That might take a while.
  3. cubik

    The electronica thread

    The Bjork remix set on NTS2 is pretty good too.
  4. I thought this thread was about Time Pilot, the early 80s Konami arcade time travelling shoot em up.
  5. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Sounds like you’d like the classic Technics models (SL-1500 for example) Have you looked locally on eBay/gumtree?
  6. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Are you bothered about buying new? Second hand could open up more options. What about the Pro-ject did you not like? What are your tastes when it comes to aesthetics?
  7. Now playing - Some funky fresh Hip House courtesy of Tyree Cooper (via the Juno sale). Queued up for the rest of the night, the rest of my purchases from the sale, ten 12"s in total. I love the Juno sale, I listen to the previews and pick anything that sounds decent or interesting, sometimes they're not the best, mostly they're great. Well worth the gamble for 99p each!
  8. cubik

    Bat for Lashes

    New album announced, Lost Girls. Pre-orders for signed and special editions are up: https://www.batforlashes.com/shop?gclid=d2cstore_DSP_BTN New single is on Spotify: Also, Two Suns is great, even the second half.
  9. Not spinning yet but pre-ordered: New Bat for Lashes album on splattered vinyl. Signed too (hopefully the sleeve, not the disc!)
  10. A USB stick would be much faster than the original CD drive would have been wouldn't it? When I tried the same games with Retroarch, I found that it was fussy about which core I used. Some would jump, others wouldn't. Autobleem doesn't have any options so you're stuck with what it gives you. Sorry for making this seem complicated, it sounds like everyone else got it working first time out of the box.
  11. I've just given Autobleem a go and it wasn't a good start. The first game I tried (Tempest X3) locks it up and the second (Rage Racer) is jumpy during the intro video and then the in game music doesn't work. At least with the retroarch cores you can try different ones till it works, I couldn't see any options within autobleem.
  12. "load content" does the trick, bit clunky though. Can't believe how bad I am at Einhander (and most other games) these days. Which emulator has the best combination of user friendly/slick front end and compatibility? Ideally I want this to give me a simple list of systems and then a list of games via coverart once I've finished. Systems I'd like to run are PS1, MD and some MAME stuff plus maybe a couple of others like Vectrex. Is there a front end that doesn't look like a PS3 that does this?
  13. Am I missing something obvious? I've set up a memory stick exactly as described and it boots into Retroarch perfectly. I created subfolders in the ROMS directory for Megadrive and Playstation. I've copied some "legally owned backup" roms in there but when I select "scan directory" it says there are no items. The scan process see the files but then they don't show up. What format do the files need to be in? I've tried zip and .bin files so far for PS1 games.
  14. Got one on order from Smyths for £25. Not many left in stores so get checking if you're looking for one
  15. B7 is one series that is crying out for a remake. RIP Avon.
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