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  1. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yoku's is a great example. A game that I was kind of interested in but not enough to buy on switch. Played and loved the game over a few nights before moving on. It has certainly sparked my interest in DLC or a sequel, especially now that I have the confidence that I will enjoy it. One of the big business model drivers for game pass seems to be dlc sales. Which I'm ok with up to a point. That point being when the initial releases are so gimped that we are basically reduced to a glorified demo service that we pay for. I can't see that transition happening any time soon.
  2. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Completely, it is a good thing and has revolutionized my attitude toward my gaming time. I'll give DMC5 a go but if it doesn't work for me, i'll just move on.
  3. Yes, so I've decided to skip this trial version and wait for uplay+. I can't even find a silver lining in already having downloaded the game, because it will be a completely separate download.
  4. Last post, I promise... It really is a fucking demo. Even the sandbox mode is restricted, not even allowing custom games or anything outside of the 'normal' difficulty. What else is going to be gimped? Absolutely stupid.
  5. I'm starting to wonder if this is due to Epic store exclusivity. I wonder if they are trying to avoid some kind of technical contractual clause by releasing this version as a totally different thing to the full game.
  6. Play Anno 1800 for free until 25th August! Even the small print doesn't mention that that campaign isn't included and explicitly calls the 'free' Anno a demo. "may not contain the same content as the full/final game". The use of 'may' implies to me that they gave this to a third party and weren't even sure what would be a part of it. So realistically: "Play a cut down demo version of Anno 1800, put together by a third party, with no campaign, for free" crowd cheers and woops Can you imagine the backlash if Microsoft said that about the new Halo game, or Sony about the new Last of us, and then it turned out the campaign was excluded.
  7. Way to go Ubisoft. "Anno 1800 free to everyone for the next week". But it isn't. I have spent almost 24 hours downloading it, it is a trial version which doesn't give you access to the campaign, only the sandbox and multiplayer. Bloody tools. If they'd said "Anno 1800 sandbox and multiplayer modes free to everyone for the next week". I'd probably have thought it was cool and possibly decided to download anyway. I wonder if they were being deliberately miss-leading or it was a genuine miss-communication.
  8. Mutant year zero is one of my favourite games of recent years. Having a copy that I actually own (as opposed to game pass) makes me much more likely to pick up the dlc.
  9. Honestly, the game is much better for it.
  10. I built the factory last night. Holy shit, that changes things. I'd got a bit stagnant with my day-to-day grind so decided to focus on buildings. The factory is initially completely overwhelming but I think an hour of getting my head around it was enough to set me on my way. Very few games that I have played have had such a fundamental change to them so late in. I also unlocked then drill. Bloody hell, also massively game changing. I've also focussed on fish husbandry and successfully bred my first couple of king fish. The museum is slowly filling up but too slowly, as does the friendship stuff. In hindsight, I'd not bother putting any effort in to the friendship stuff beyond ack and the commisions/special gifts. The story has started to get interesting too. I'm not sure that at least one of the story characters is being completely honest and I'm expecting a switcheroo at some point. Overall, I am still enjoying it and as someone said earlier in the thread, the 3d nature of the game and the building projects is superb. What you build really has a massive impact on the world and what you see. The draw distance is also huge, much more than any game my pc has been able to achieve before. Poop can be spotted miles away as can people and animals.
  11. Release version is significantly less brutal compared to the various early access versions.
  12. You REALLY need to start using pressure doors and gas movement between areas. Your colony is already dead with an open base like that. You can use prrssure doors on their side by pressing o. My advice would be to install them before all external digging missions. If you are digging in to co2 or slime or chlorine, also double pressure door to create an airlock. Keeping oxygen in (and at the correct pressure) and bad gases out is a key mid game strategy. You also need to use air flow tiles to allow gas to move between areas within your main base.
  13. BeeJay


    This has the most bizarre choice of tutorial setup. The hand-holding ones are easy but the first actual level I just can't get to work at all. I can't even successfully do a burger, let alone combine with cheeseburger orders. It is too much for my brain. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow when I am a little more awake.
  14. I was going to link to that RPS article as it is spot on. I've started again for the launch update but the game still suffers/benefits from the same stuff that it did 12 months back. My current colony is doing ok but I can't help feel that it is always on a knife edge, waiting for any opportunity to slide to doom.
  15. Yes, nice grab that I haven't seen on any other sub service. I also want to give automachef a go. I can only think of maybe 4 or 5 twitch prime games that I have properly played since launch but those few have been well worth it.
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