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  1. Had a 2nd just now, best so far for me. I've got the whole family playing this evening.
  2. BeeJay

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I'm still enjoying this and am still just running around seeing what the next battle holds. I even managed to die once, taking on a battle with the wrong weapons. I am now getting major freezes, for a good few seconds. Only started earlier, but is really annoying and often enough to be a pain. Hopefully it'll get patched.
  3. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    I can't battle everyday and my RNG was really bad. Went for over 3 weeks around 70 battles without a single stone drop and before that similar. I now have a total of 23 sinnoh evolutions in my pokebox and 7 sinnoh stones in my bag. That means 30 total sinnoh stone drops since they came out (mid November). And I got 3 right at the start from 7 day rewards. I've had 17 since Friday night. So I'd estimate that prior to the Friday, I'd had 10 drop from battles in 3 months. 10 from battles in 3 months so just bad RNG. I'd guess that on average I do about 15 battles a week. So without the event, maybe another 3 months to do all evolutions, not the 6 months that I estimated. Still too long in my eyes.
  4. BeeJay

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    I recently realised that I prefer games that develop the playable character through dialog, preferably verbal but also text and cut scenes. I like my role playing to be story-lead and I like to be able to act in a way that represents how I think that character would behave in that situation. I don't want to be 'me' in a game. For example, in hellblade: Senua's sacrifice, I really got in to character, so when I felt like she was sad, I would walk slowly around my environment, not really taking in the world. When she was angry I'd be aggressive, run to where I thought the destination was. In combat, if I thought she was scared, I would play scared, dodging and rolling a lot waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack and for my confidence to build back up. What this means is that I really butt up against games that have silent protagonists, especially those that require character creation. I also don't mesh with moments in games where I am expected to do something hugely out of character or force me to make choices that the character wouldn't. Some games also really have massive clashes between the story and the way that you can play, transitioning from soft, emotional cut-scenes, involving mourning and sadness to breaking out of the cut-scenes to immediately jumping around like a summer bunny, murdering enemies like nothing just happened.
  5. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    The sinnoh stone community day has enabled me to get 18 sinnoh stones in less than 24 hours which has allowed me to evolve all of the current sinnoh stone evolutions. About time really. I understand what they were trying to achieve but it should not have taken to this point and needed am event like this. Without the event I'd estimate I'd have needed another 6months to get all the evolutions.
  6. BeeJay

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I would very much agree with S0L about unlocking agility early. Once a certain perk is unlocked the game starts to open up to really be the game that I want and became an orb hunter with a few distractions mixed in. And the distractions have been a lot of fun. The combat also becomes a modern take on third person games without me having to feel like I'm having to buy in to some anime tropes with over the top animations and under dressed girls. I don't need to be an elaborate robot or scantily clad woman to be able to athletically zip around punching dudes in the face.
  7. 3 or 4 for me too. I tend to just play whatever and if I don't go back to it within a week then I probably wasn't that bothered about it anyway. For example, I've just played Subnautica for a couple of hours the last couple of nights despite playing other stuff for almost a week before. I've also played crackdown 3, bloodstained, hellblade in the last few days. And I'll always dip in and out of pokemon go.
  8. BeeJay

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    The looty dead end problem is a killer for me, especially with open world games. There are looty non-dead ends everywhere, how can I possibly reconcile not investigating every single one of them. I like open world games that clearly wall off areas through higher level enemies. At least that lets me know that, yes, should go that way, but maybe not yet. One of my games of last year 'mutant year zero' did this very well.
  9. BeeJay

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    One thing for sure is that it is ludicrously pretty. How Nintendo managed to make switch games look so far ahead of the competition is beyond me.
  10. BeeJay

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    I'm sure those in the industry understands that releasing unfinished games is a bad thing for the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, I think it is one of those situations where without a proper governing body or agreement put in place, everyone is going to do what is right for them, at that time. And if that means lauching unfinished, that's what they will do. There must be other great examples throughout history where this has led to the death of industries but I can't think of any off the top of my head. EDIT: Probably the class B era of Rallying, which while being thrilling at the time, almost put a stop to the sport entirely. Rally bosses and teams must have understood that going bigger, faster, more deadly was only eventually going to lead to disaster but if you didn't follow the trend, you died out.
  11. BeeJay

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    I'm sure there are many more examples than those listed here so far. What it emphasises is that when you experience a game has a massive impact on your enjoyment of it. I think it is actually a huge mistake by developers/publishers and here's why: In the golden era of the birth of online gaming (at least console, I'm thinking motoGP era) and before it, being late to the party was a massive problem. The gaming experience was clearly at its peak on launch and tailed off over time. Some very good online games would simply not be the same experience as little as a few weeks post launch. This encouraged early adoption, pre-ordering, to make sure that you were there day 1. Being there on Halo 3 launch or COD:MW on launch was absolutely essential. Picking up a physical release of Halo 3, early because sainsburys messed up the release date wasn't just about the exclusivity, it was about experiencing the game at its very best, guaranteed. Yes, there were always initial technical networking issues but nothing like we see today, where games are released broken. There was clear incentive to be an early adopter. If DLC came, it was usually months down the line and major patches were actually incredibly minor compared to today. Today, the best experience with a game is almost exclusively, NOT at launch, but at some point later. Games are now so regularly released in a shocking state that early adopters are effectively punished. The time that the 'later' comes varies but many of the big online games can experienced at their best months, or sometimes years down the line. And if you are a single player focused gamer then the situation is even more extreme, almost making buying a game at launch a huge risk that just isn't worth taking. Not only do bugs get fixed, content gets added, the price drops and potential mods appear.
  12. Not sure how to respond to those people who have played all the top 20 games. Possibly cynically, possibly ludicrously, but mainly jealousy. Oh for a time where a minimum of 1000+ hours of gaming a year was a thing. Actually 3 hours a day every day for a year is a lot, but I guess many years ago not that unusual for me.
  13. I stuck this on my wishlist after seeing it on a discovery list. Glad that it delivers on the concept. I've still got plenty of subnautica to play yet.
  14. BeeJay

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I might be reading too much in to it but I think the fear of dark places and battle are metaphorical, not literal. The story is about loss, mourning and depression. The metaphors speak of the difficulties that someone who loses someone close and falls in to depression, has to deal with. The anger that they did something wrong, that she did something wrong, the battle of facing a new day, a new challenge without them, the acceptance of a world without them. I thought it was really well done (what I've seen so far).

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