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  1. BeeJay

    Monster Hunter: World

    I will start playing soon, just finishing off some other games. I watched an hour or so of gameplay to get myself tuned in to what I am going in to.
  2. BeeJay

    The Alien films

    Completely agree, such a shame that the quality has dropped so far.
  3. BeeJay

    The Alien films

    Loved this one of the shorts:
  4. BeeJay


    I thought gog content was all DRM free? In that case, anyone can play content on your PC right? Galaxy is just a download client, it isn't necessary to play the games. Things may have changed recently but that's the way it was.
  5. It has been stated that the nk will not speak but maybe someone else turned might do.
  6. I'm becoming more convinced that the (genuine spoiler contained, based on a filming leak)
  7. Yes, the blue tiles have progressed.

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