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  1. My GT is SStarBeeJay. So all that is required for a flip reset is for the ball to hit the underside of the car? I thought it had to hit all 4 wheels. Not that I've ever conciously tried it either way.
  2. I don't really understand flip resets apart from how to counter them (get up early and in their face nullifies the threat. I've watched that video a few times and still can't really understand what you've actually done.
  3. Absolutely, let's get some games on. Most weekday evenings are normally ok for me. I usually drop on after eating.
  4. I've pre-installed this on xbox but it looks to me like a better PC game. Am I right?
  5. @Theholyhogg I'm enjoying this as a walking alternative to pokemon go, which I've stopped playing. How do I switch faction? I can't join the clan as I am the wrong faction. Edit: looks like something to buy with real money. Shame, I'll join another random clan instead.
  6. Fantastic finish. Trent had no right to win that match. Rashid Khan's innings was the best part from me. He rode his luck ball after ball and tried the most audacious shots.
  7. There is an arguement around swimming that the Bolt comparison should be reversed. I don't think a direct comparison is valid personally but... Peaty has swam the 16 fastest 100m Breastroke races of all time, stretched out over his career. Until recently, that number was 20. Since Kamminga has taken 2 of the top 20 spots, Peaty has gone quicker 3 times, restoring the top 16 slots. Peaty is unbeaten in over 7 years in the 100m Breastroke (Long Course). We can't also forget that he is the fastest 50m breastroke swimmer too, which isn't currently an olympic event. Percentage-wise, Arno Kamminga has done a 57.80 compared to Peaty's record of 56.88. That is a percentage gap of 1.62% to the next fastest in history. For Bolt, that equates to a 9.73 in the 100 free, which 3 people have achieved. For me, I'll consider Peaty to be one of the all time greats of swimming if he wins the 100m Breast at Paris. Winning 3 individual gold medals in a row in olympic swimming is something that very few swimmers acheive.
  8. I agree. reducing the number of balls but increasing the time per ball is the absolute worst outcome. Cricket is so much better at a high tempo, both playing and watching.
  9. I enjoyed it overall but one of the balls was proper village: Ball full and way down leg (comfortably a wide), attempted sweep by the batsman in the air, dropped dolly catch for the fielder, who then threw in well wide of the stumps, missfield by the receiver. A proper mess. Great finish to the match though and a great start for the tournament. Once things settle down, I expect 160+ to be a competitive target. Yes the balls is low but the number of wickets is unchanged. A team can lose a wicket every 10 balls and still see their innings through. I think we will see a lot of quick fire 30s and 40s but also plenty of ducks.
  10. Enjoying the cricket in the hundred so far but could do with a little less of the filler. Maybe I'm an old git.
  11. Whatever system that a platform holder puts in place for income, the developers/publishers will target toward that system. Therefore having a very prescriptive income system in place will necessarily lead to a very narrow product range which isn't good for the platform holder. MS will find it hard to continue to be as versatile with their income models for game pass, as they are now, but undoubtedly it is the correct approach. Thankfully we currently have a market with loads of competition, be it physical media, downloads or streaming. When you look at the shit-fest that the music industry is currently in, gaming is in a much better place.
  12. Civ II was a big one for me. I'd never really played a turn based strategy before and had no interest in history or geography at the time. I wasn't in to reading and my parents weren't academic so conversations about ancient civilisations or even technology development never happened. I'd say the most important influences in the game for me were learning about the technology developments and wonders. The game is a great example of starting the breadcrumb trail of discovery. It doesn't directly provide a lot of information but just provides enough to spark the interest. Someone mentioned Assassin's Creed II earlier and I'd also agree with that for similar reasons. I'd also say Mass Effect 2/3. I forget which one specifically to be honest, but both games prompted me to become much more conscious about our place in the universe and was the first game series that I felt like the decisions had meaningful analogy to the real world. It prompted me to think much more about my biases and how my upbringing impacted my world view.
  13. I paused mine because the deal ran out and almost immediately got sent another offer for £4.44 a month, which is actually more than good enough for me to be locked in to 6 months. £12 or even £9 a month would be too much for me, especially considering so many games are also on game pass or been given away elsewhere. Anyway, quality month this month. Paradise Killer has had great reviews and I'm looking forward to it. Hammerting, I bought and played on first release, haven't gone back to yet but really enjoyed it but I am a big fan of the genre. The devs seems to be committed to it and are regularly updating it. Not so bothered about the game pass games (yakuza, dirt and surge 2) but decent games if you don't have game pass. Not played most of the other games but all have decent reviews.
  14. Nice, my bit of advice about the blobs of liquid is that if you use crude oil or petroleum and build the miners out of steel, the time that they will last without needing replacing is ridiculously long (like hundreds of cycles long) so while it isn't technically fully self-sustaining, it is effectively so.
  15. Space in the base game is really, really hard. I spent many, many hours trying to work out a method for myself and got it working ok-ish. Even after following some build guides, it was still pretty tough and I could never get the automation working perfectly 100% of the time, ocassionally having to rebuild after something went wrong and some meteors got through before the doors closed. Thankfully, the DLC makes space much more accessible, but then provides a number of different challenges not in the base game. I'd definitely recommend getting space working on the base game as a lot of the techniques are required in the DLC too (apart from dealing with meteor showers which aren't in the DLC (yet)). I've never actually bothered to go all the way in space due to the length of time that the later space missions take.
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