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  1. I just bought myself an original painting for my 50th birthday and I feel rather smug about it. Do you want to start a small collection too? (also, a cat is hidden in the picture)
  2. Oh of course MU carries that much « cachet ». It’s up there with Real Madrid, Barcelona Bayern Munich or Liverpool here.
  3. They didn’t celebrate that way because they «destroyed » you. They did because it was a fair victory against a far richer, far more famous, far more powerful opponent. it’s really surprising you don’t get that.
  4. And everyone that was horrified by the Super League project should cheer this result, whatever club you support.
  5. Because Young Boys annual budget is roughly equivalent to MU’s gardener monthly salary? And because it was seen as three guaranteed points for MU?
  6. (I know) but we do indeed go to bed early…
  7. Because, as someone here said once in a thread about Switzerland, there’s a general curfew at 21h00. We are a country of workers.
  8. Young Boys at the Wankdorf stadium. I expected some puns and jokes here. You let me down.
  9. Directed by Starsky. And a plagiat of a french film, "Le prix du danger" - a bit like True Lies...
  10. I’m watching Sexy Beasts. Covid, climate or nuclear bomb : we need to put an end to our misery as a species.
  11. Yeah I know, but he's a massive fan, wrote things about Dune in french press and so on. I (mostly) trust him...
  12. Jodorowsky have always been a massive nutcase and his films are atrocious. (I always liked The Incal, mind) In other news, a french guys on twitter has been to a pre-screening of Dune, and watched the first 10 minutes and the attack of the harvester at the beginning. He's very positive.
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