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  1. I don't disagree that it would be better for fans, but it's not just a question of a few quids. It's higly political - even more so with autocrats like Erdogan - and the UEFA does do politics - contrary to what it wants us to believe. And it seems that travel will be possible from the 17th of may.
  2. I know recently the UK has started to ignore things like the rule or law or respecting biding agreements, but it's still valued elsewhere. The UEFA are reckless and cunty enough already without alienating every single one of their partner. Edit : I'm not having a go at you Gotters, my tone is all over the place. Sorry.
  3. I hope Tüchel wins it, just to piss off PSG even more.
  4. This is the only good thing that came out of this awful band.
  5. I just finished the trilogy. I thought the 2 and 3 were far better than the first, but this needed some serious editing work. This is far, far too long. Don’t really even know how I finished it….
  6. Way Station and City are both masterpieces.
  7. I saw Neil Young backed by Booker T. That was one of the best live act I ever saw.
  8. Well, you’re not wrong, but for me it’s Buckingham and Nicks. And it really got big in America.
  9. And nobody said Creedence yet? Are you all mad? And Crazy Horse of course. Yes, it's a genuine band. Like the E Street Band by the way. Oh, and Fleetwood Mac too. All absolute big hitters, unless your only measure is The Beatles and The Stones.
  10. I have been working on some cases about sport, I know lawyers that are practicing in sport’s law and I live literally 500 meters away from the CAS. Legally this is a fucking minefield, and if a lawyer tells you that the case is clear, he’s lying.
  11. Gruyère does NOT have holes ffs!
  12. My local, mid table swiss club with the budget of half a day in Man City is owned by INEOS now. It's cancer. (Fans are quite happy, that said)
  13. As football, as its American cousin, is getting more and more a spectacle and less a sport, expect rules to be changed to accommodate it.
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