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  1. @moosegrinder From what I can remember he just started turning up randomly, it might be worth giving him a nectar when you do next see him.
  2. This is far and away my game of the year so far. I’ve unlocked all the hidden weapon aspects and have been having amazing fun with the Excalibur aspect, very slow but the damage is ridiculous. Sticking Artemis on attack and Aphro on special for the heart rend duo, whacking down the damage reduction aura and walloping all comers for up to 6k crits just doesn’t get old
  3. According to a thread on Reddit it makes much more sense if you’ve seen After Hours by Scorcese. And the dropping of the keys is thought to be a reference to a 14th century poem: The small man Builds cages for everyone He Knows. While the sage, Who has to duck his head When the moon is low, Keeps dropping keys all night long For the Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners. I really disliked it for the most part while watching, except for the club scene at the end (the guy can hula!) and the joy of the lads on the pitch. Will definitely give a rewatch at some point.
  4. Yep, feels like a huge misstep. I can forgive it though, Ted would.
  5. I’m feeling pretty HYPE for this, they’ve kept a tight ship, no leaks as far as I know. Hoping for plenty of GT7 action.
  6. I don’t know what this means, but I fucking love it.
  7. Bloody hell I only went and beat it! Started a run with the with a view to just beating Meg and getting a titan blood to upgrade my bow aspect. It just went brilliantly, ended up deflect dash striking the (un)living shit out of everything, walked out of Styx with all of my death defiances and finished the last fight with one to spare. Absolutely buzzing and can’t wait to crack back into it later. What a game.
  8. I’ve made some pretty good progress over the past couple of days. I thought I’d change the shield up for the bow and immediately preferred the damage output. Bought the aspect of Chiron which made an even bigger difference. I beat the deadly duo at the end of Elysium earlier today! By the skin of my teeth but still! I haven’t been sucked into a game like this for a long time, its an absolute stunner.
  9. Yes I’m not too fussed about bashing through it as the core gameplay and story are so much fun. Just got to the Hydra and got it down to half health!
  10. Threads like this always remind me how shit I am at games. 16 runs and only just beat Meg, although did it twice in a row, so definitely making progress. Shield seems to be working best for me so far. Incredible game, it just oozes quality.
  11. This has got funnier the more I listened to it, I could just picture Alan recording that line hundreds of times to get it like that. Also love the way he throws himself into the theme song
  12. I’m really enjoying it, looking forward to watching the finale tomorrow. It’s got an amazing soundtrack which creates quite a weird feeling of anxiety. Great cast as well, the guy who plays Armond is definitely the standout.
  13. Just came to post about this, what a wonderful film! Its not earth-shattering but it is beautifully acted and the emotional beats are perfect, I was an absolute wreck by the end.
  14. I’ve been looking forward to this, heard so many great things, had a quick go at lunchtime, it looks and sounds gorgeous and feels great to control. Looking forward to getting properly stuck in later.
  15. Hunter Hunter (2020) Tense little thriller about a family living off the grid who have to react when they discover a wolf is threatening their way of life. This did not go the way I expected, it’s a slow burn for much of the running time topped off by the most bonkers last 5 minutes I have seen in a movie for quite some time. 4/5
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