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  1. the greatest line in cinema history is

    “Shut that cunt’s mouth or I’ll come over there and fuck start her head!”
  2. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    I genuinely don’t know many teenagers whose wank fantasies would include Max Headroom. OK, that sounds a bit weird, I am far from an expert on teenager’s wank fantasies.
  3. Gomorrah (TV series)

    I bloody love Gomorrah, but I’m feeling anxious just thinking about putting it on later. It’s so fucking bleak.
  4. Kindle shop Recommendations

    The Hamilton book that the musical is based on is 99p at the moment. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alexander-Hamilton-Great-Lives-Chernow-ebook/dp/B01FHYZWFQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516441872&sr=8-2&keywords=hamilton+book
  5. Critical Role - The new campaign

    Agreed @Sie, amazing start. I loved the first encounters between the characters, hearing the new accents and getting a sense of the new personalities. The card game (and fallout) between Nott and Jester was hilarious. Matt was as amazing as ever. This is is going to be epic
  6. Inside No.9

    Ha, didn’t notice either- I was thinking he’s very honest to stick one of the newest episodes at the bottom of the list!
  7. Oh my fuck this show is amazing Up to Trial of the Take part 3 and am absolutely in love with the characters, most of the cast and especially Matt Mercer - that dude has some serious storytelling voodoo going on. I’ve read the stuff about Orion/Tiberius, which has completely biased me against him, possibly unfairly, as I really enjoyed his character in the first few episodes and am almost looking for faults now (though I was really surprised and a bit disappointed that he basically ducked out of the climactic fight in the Underdark). I LOVED the slapstick of the Felicia Day and Mary McGlynn episodes, and am enjoying the contrast of the current episodes with the more surly characters. Great to hear that it gets better, but in all honesty it’s doing it for me already! Awesome rllmuk recommendation, thanks!
  8. Destiny 2

    I’ve read that I shouldn’t have handed in a load of quests until I got to power level 265, especially ones that give “powerful rewards”. Of course I read this after I had handed them all in. Is this a min-max thing? I’m at about 262 now, doing lots of public events and patrols. I’m a bit wary of doing Nightfall (cos I’m shite). I guess it will just be slower going but I’ll get there in the end by grinding? Loving the game, I was previously an auto rifle fan (I think it suited my spray and pray style) but I’ve got an exotic scout rifle (Skyburners Oath) that is amazing, melts through Cabal like nobody’s business.
  9. Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    Anybody else having problems picking up a clan banner from Hawthorne? She talks about clans a lot, but doesn’t seem to want to give up the goods.
  10. Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    Third time's the charm. Cheers Gorf!
  11. Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    Just tried again, full message is “The maximum number of Clan Members has been reached for this Clan. No more can join until others leave the Clan.”
  12. Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    Or not, maximum members reached!
  13. Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    I’m signing up for PS4 : sam_clinton
  14. Uncharted - The Lost Legacy

    Guys, guys, guys. You’re holding a mirror up to the television. Turn it around, take a good look at yourselves. Any tics there? Shadows beneath the eyes to evidence a sleepless night or two? Anything at all to reflect the slightest bit of guilt at the hundreds of thousands you have maimed, killed, obliterated, all in the name of entertainment? No? And Nathan Drake is the psychopath? For shame, sirs, for shame.
  15. A couple of weeks back I think. Audible are currently running a 12 days of Christmas sale, they had Catch 22 up yesterday for a couple of quid. Worth keeping an eye on.

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