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  1. Yeah I don't think the pic does it any justice really, no doubt the compression hasn't helped. I've been amazed at how good it looks, especially in the wide open outdoor vistas.
  2. Boggo xb1 but I did have to resize that a fair bit using an app to get it under the 2mb upload limit.
  3. No he finishes the job alright! Here he is post op, looking slightly dejected, note the bin...
  4. Had an interesting incident a while ago that I've been meaning to mention, from a completely optional random encounter that I imagine a lot of folk would've missed. Riding out North from Saint Denis, a bloke on horseback comes stumbling towards me, covered in blood, begging to be taken to a doctor's.
  5. christaylor

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Bit of justice for Derby and going to make an interesting last 10.
  6. christaylor

    Youth Sport

    No probs.
  7. christaylor

    Youth Sport

    Sounds like you're doing a lot of the right things already. Kids can be right little sh1ts so teaching them about respect and humility early on can go a long way. Building a rapport with the opposition coaches usually helps too as you'll probably find you're playing the same teams a few times each season, so if you can get on with them it'll help, especially if there's a bit of a mismatch in ability on the pitch. For your match subs, we set up rotations to ensure that everybody gets the same amount of game time (or as close as possible to), although this only really works if you're dealing with kids that are all similar ability. If you're able to do that and explain it to them (showing our lot the spreadsheet I'd drawn up helped with this!), and they can see it happening over the course of a few games they should accept it. For resources, the stuff you get with the FA level1 course is useful, although it tends to focus on individual drills and activities rather than teaching through matches. In our coaching group we tend to come up with a lot of stuff ourselves, and make sure we're picking up ideas from the age groups above us (and passing stuff onto those below us). We had a mentor from the County FA with us for 6 months last season, which was great. He was saying their focus now is more on development through small-sided matches and thinking of ways to focus on particular aspects within a small-sided game, rather than isolated drills where you might just practise shooting or passing (which is what you get taught in the level 1!). The general idea is to vary rules within a match setting, using something called the STEP principle, where you look to vary one or more of the Space, Task, Equipment or Players you're using to challenge them within the game. So for example if you wanted to work on positional discipline split the pitch into three zones (defence/midfield/attack) and have players assigned to zones that they have to stay in (switching the players between different zones every 5mins). A good variation on this is to only enforce one team to stay in the zones and allow players on the other team to go where they like. They'll probably find the free roaming team all end up in the attacking zone and if the other team are able to get the ball they'll have players spread across the pitch they can press with. This can create overload situations in all areas of the pitch too, which is good for possession play. For quick passing and play use either a 3-touch or 3 seconds with the ball rule and make the pitch smaller so there's less space. If you wanted to focus on attacking support set the pitch into three zones again and have a rule where if a player dribbles the ball into the final third they cannot shoot, they have to pass first, which will get them thinking about passing the ball forward into the attacking zone instead and having the players without the ball making sure they come up the pitch to support the one with the ball. For a possession game, set out uneven sides and make the team with more players have to complete 5-6 passes before they are allowed to shoot. Doing it this way means you don't get the kids moaning because they're not playing a match too! I can sit there all day and come up with stuff like the above, but the most important thing is to prepare what you're going to do *before* the session, so you're not having to think on your feet. For more ideas we just tend to google for inspiration and then tweak depending on what we think our age group can cope with. There's a good resource here for example that you can get a lot of inspiration from: http://www.thefa.com/-/media/cfa/huntsfa/files/coaching/documents/fa-level-1-and-level-2-arrival-activities-and-game-related-practices.ashx (PDF download) With our coaching setup we tend to run three different activities, split the kids into three groups of 8-10 and rotate them between each activity for 20min at a time so they don't get bored. This also makes it easier from a coach's point of view as you only need to come up with one activity and repeat it 3 times.
  8. christaylor

    Youth Sport

    I've coached my son's age group (now U10s) for our local football club (Ilkley Town AFC) for the last 4-5 yrs, and also manage the team he plays in. We have almost 40 kids in the year group with a massive range of abilities so it can be challenging at times (mainly with my own child tbf) but I love doing it. We have 3 teams playing in competitive leagues where we stream by ability but when we're training we mix everyone in together. Generally all of our parents are sound and as we've been doing it for a few years now I consider most of them as friends so we can speak freely to them but we don't tend to have any issues, but my son's team play in the top division in their league so we have come up against some very competitive sides. One in particular I ended up reporting to the league and the County FA due to the behaviour of the coach and parents, who were treating the game like an adult Sunday league affair. Luckily that's been an exception though. Are you just looking after his team for their matches or are you getting involved with the overall training too? If you are I can highly recommend putting yourself through the FA's level 1 course, it'll give you a really useful framework to build your coaching around. If the club you're with is an FA charter standard club they should be willing to pay for you to do the course. Happy to answer any questions or offer any tips if you think I could help.
  9. I'm around 70hrs in now and have not done *any* hunting bar the mandatory tutorial/mission-based ones (actually and a couple of the legendaries, but really hardly any), it's not hampered the game for me at all. There's loads of additional stuff like this that you can just take or leave. Yeah the first time I tried this it just would not reel in. I gave up and quit it, then tried again and had it caught within a minute. Rotation of the right stick feels horribly unnatural to me, I've not bothered with the fishing since the tutorial.
  10. IIRC both of the times I encountered them were in the wooded areas not far from where your second camp is located, near Valentine.
  11. I did exactly the same as you the first time, but you should come across at least two more instances of them, just have a bit more patience next time. --- I've just started Ch6 last night, think I'm at around the 70hr mark overall. So many side quests/bits of functionality I've simply not touched since their introductions however many hours ago that I'd completely forgotten about, treasure maps/weird murders/hunting/fishing.
  12. christaylor

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Scenes at Ibrox, Rangers with a very well deserved win over Celtic. Watched the last 20min and it was constant pressure from them, Celtic struggling to get out of their own half.
  13. christaylor

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Quite fiddly and definitely not worth it if there isn't actually anything wrong with it.
  14. christaylor

    Steep (Ubisoft openworld, snow, ski & wingsuit)

    This is on offer on cdkeys at the mo for £4.49: https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/steep-xbox-one Bought it last night and have tried it for an hour or so today. The boarding/skiing is fantastic (the first person view is intense!) but the UI to actually get there is appalling. Info about some kind of invite-only event popped up onscreen earlier but I've got absolutely no idea how to access it now from the map screen. I'm definitely going to persevere with this as I'm sure it'll be worth it if I can get my head around the interface, any tips would be welcomed! Also, one other gripe, Ubisoft forces you to download an app and register before you can even play the game, and they have an age limit on that (think you have to be 16 to set up an account) but my Son's Xbox account is age-restricted so he can't even play the game on his account. Sheesh.
  15. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Come on Palace!

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