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  1. No lunchtime game today? What the heck am I supposed to do all afternoon, work?!
  2. Flipping heck, what is with these commentators going on about how it should be given as a goal for the Slovakian player?! It was great build up play but his shot hit the post and was flying straight back into play until it hit the back of the keeper!
  3. Ordered mine yesterday morning and it arrived today! Looks great.
  4. I'm surprised by how interested I am in this, I'm anticipating a huge nostalgia overload when I watch it. Never really considered myself much of a Friends fan, but it was there and around in the background of the majority of my formative years, there are so many touchpoints to it, and I probably am more aware than I'd like to admit of the majority of major plot points and big events. I've also just remembered that we even covered the theme song with the band I was in at the time. Maaan. I had a couple of friends that were a couple of years older than me, sta
  5. Anyone expecting/hoping for a PC xcloud invite, mine was in the Promotions tab in my gmail account, so didn't spot it for a few days. Will check it out at lunchtime.
  6. My Son's MS account is part of my Family account setup on our Xbox. I have a GPU sub that we can all use. He's just installed the Xbox app on his PC (which he signs into using his MS account) and logged into it using his MS account and it's not recognising that he has access to Gamepass through it. Do I need to log into the PC app with my account in order for him to be able to use it? And if I do that, can he still then switch it over to his account rather than have to use mine on it? Is this one of the many foibles of the PC app I keep reading about?
  7. Have to admire your commitment, not sure I could play through EGA versions of games that have VGA versions available. This is a genre very close to my heart, but just don't have the time to go back to a lot of these classics. Instead I've found a great way to revisit them is to put their longplays on in the background while I'm working.
  8. Would be interesting to see how all of this data was compiled. I'd imagine the vast majority of these types of purchases are just private 2nd hand sales so where are they getting the data from? Completed ebay listings?
  9. Ta, might download it and check it out this weekend.
  10. How invasive are the rpg elements in this? Could you play it (on the easier difficulty levels at least) pretty much as a straight action shooter and ignore a lot of the tinkering? This looks like it might be a contender for me and a couple of buddies to get into but we have very limited gaming time each week so if you have to spend half the time fiddling with builds it'll suck a lot of the fun out of it.
  11. I got stuck on this at first also last night, trying to set up some demos with a couple of friends. You just have to cycle through a few different track locations as not all locations seem to have all race types available.
  12. Yeah this took me AGES to work out! Just having a tiny flag indicating you need a vehicle from a specific country/continent to allow you to compete in a challenge is bonkers. Especially as you get no indication anywhere else that that is the issue. There doesn't even seem to be a filter when viewing new cars that you can set to only show vehicles from certain regions. Other than that though it's a fantastic game, and is really scratching the the arcade dirt racer itch. WIll hopefully get some multiplayer action on it tonight with a couple of friends.
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