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  1. The most frustrating thing about the stick drift issue on any type of Xbox pad is that I'm sure it could be solved with just a software update, to allow you to slightly increase the dead zone at the stick centre. I've replaced 7-8 analogue stick modules in otherwise perfectly fine controllers for myself and friends and it's a massive pita, each time requiring de-soldering of 14 tiny solder joints, taking care not to damage the conductive foil, and then re-soldering each joint.
  2. Has anyone done the live gold to ultimate upgrade recently? Trying to get a friend to do it but want to make sure it still works as it did. He does get the "1 month for £1 followed by £10.99" option so I'm assuming that would actually then convert all of his remaining months of gold but it's always a leap of faith!
  3. Also, "... writing in the S*n". Fuck that.
  4. Come on lads we need a good solid performance from you today.
  5. This is not good man, nooooot good.
  6. Off to play footy now, thought I'd crack out one of the "classics":
  7. It was such an unusual cross in for the goal, I reckon almost everyone else in the stadium was expecting a lobbed ball to the far post. Watching it repeatedly and still can't work out how he saw the gap.
  8. That 2nd goal is indecent, that poor defender, someone will have to tell his family.
  9. I've still got half of those kits from their original run!
  10. There are a couple of options you can change in the Settings menu to make this a little easier but I agree it can be difficult to genuinely compare weapons. You can set the view so it shows Damage rather than DPS and also tell you what what Damage level it is including all of your suit/perk enhancements (by default the Damage and DPS are displayed irrespective of whatever mods/perks you have).
  11. Very Vardyesque goal for Mane there, ball over the top and used his blistering pace to beat the right back, couple of touches and slotted into the far corner. Brilliant quick playing out from the back from our left side also. https://streamja.com/9P9r
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