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    Favourite Games include:
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [PS1]
    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [DS]
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [XB]
    Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil [PS2]
    Katamari Damacy [PS2]
    Rallisport Challenge 2 [XB]
    Virtua Tennis [DC]
    Metal Slug 2 [NeoGeo]
    Metroid Prime [GC]
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [MD]
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles [MD]
    Quackshot [MD]
    Super Mario World [GBA]
    Super Mario Sunshine [GC]
    Super Mario Galaxy [Wii]
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Wii]
    DoDonPachi [ARC]
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 [PC]
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [GC]
    Picture Puzzle [NGPC]
    Wario Ware [GBA]
    Half-Life 2: The Orange Box [X360]
    Hot Shots Golf [PSP]
    Peggle [iPad]
    Trials HD [X360]
    Uncharted 2 [PS3]
    Crackdown [X360]
    Bulletstorm [X360]
    Prince of Persia 2008 [X360]
    Outrun Online Arcade [X360]
    Hydrothunder [X360]
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX [GBC]
    Persona 4 Golden [VITA]
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds [3DS]
    Final Fantasy X HD Remaster [VITA]
    Super Mario 3D World [WII U]
    Tomb Raider [PS4]
    The Witness [PS4]
    Bravely Second [3DS]
    Rise of the Tomb Raider [XBONE]
    Inside [XBONE]
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD [WII U]
    Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic [iOS]
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [SWITCH]
    Sonic Mania [SWITCH]
    Super Mario Odyssey [SWITCH]

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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    It’s OK mate, they’ll probably release a series of comics and eventually a film trilogy exploring just that.
  2. Sonic Mania Plus - Summer 2018

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with extra characters in Sonic. It gives me a reason to fill up more save games! Ray and Mighty are cool. In the 3D titles it was a problem because they were all a complete nightmare play as. Those horrendous Tails stages in SA2? And Big’s fishing in SA? Awful.
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Yeah, Kylo is the big bad. He’s the emperor. You’re finding more about him than you ever knew about any other Star Wars baddie, and Snoke’s backstory is completely irrelevant.
  4. Sonic Mania Plus - Summer 2018

    Yeah, really wish I waited a whole year to play the game from a disc.
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I never had a problem with it before, but I rewatched that Snoke/Kylo scene again and it makes perfect sense:
  6. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I played it on 360 before I had an Xbone, and even that looked wonderful! Loved the games too. They’re not exactly groundbreaking, but I really can sit there and play them for hours.
  7. Crackdown

    It took me three years to collect all of the agility orbs, and the last one took me months to find. I found it on top of an arena(?) near the edge of the map:
  8. Popular/Great Games you just don’t ‘get’

    Every fighting game ever. I just mash the buttons and have no idea of the strategy required to win.
  9. Dragon Quest Builders

    @Stanley Amazing response, thanks for that! Definitely worth sticking with then.
  10. Dragon Quest Builders

    @Stanley I’ve probably played it for an hour so far, and I’m finding it incredibly relaxing and very nice to play. Perfect Switch fodder. I am very interested in why it’s in your top 5 Switch games - how does it open up in the later stages and what does it offer as the game progresses?
  11. Dragon Quest Builders

    Ahh yes, good tip! Thanks
  12. Dragon Quest Builders

    Is there an easier way to place blocks in this? You can strafe with L and R, but it raises or lowers the block placement so you need to keep letting go of the button. Seems really fiddly placing blocks on the same level as you.
  13. Crackdown

    Game of the generation for me. I’m going to start it again soon I think. It’s just so ridiculously fun, but challenging enough at the same time. Strikes a perfect balance between the two.
  14. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water

    Saw this in a gorgeous little cinema last week. I really enjoyed Three Billboards and I was expecting it to pick up Best Picture, but changed my mind after seeing this. What a beautiful film - it fully deserved the Oscar. The set design was stunning, with so much going on in every shot, and I loved the hugely over-the-top bad guy.

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