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    Favourite Games include:
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [PS1]
    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [DS]
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [XB]
    Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil [PS2]
    Katamari Damacy [PS2]
    Rallisport Challenge 2 [XB]
    Colin McRae Rally 2.0 [PS1]
    Virtua Tennis [DC]
    Metal Slug 2 [NeoGeo]
    Luigi’s Mansion [GC]
    Metroid Prime [GC]
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [MD]
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles [MD]
    Quackshot [MD]
    Super Mario World [GBA]
    Super Mario Sunshine [GC]
    Super Mario Galaxy [Wii]
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Wii]
    DoDonPachi [ARC]
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 [PC]
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [GC]
    Tetris DX (GBC)
    Picture Puzzle [NGPC]
    Wario Ware [GBA]
    Half-Life 2: The Orange Box [X360]
    Hot Shots Golf [PSP]
    Peggle [iPad]
    Trials HD [X360]
    Uncharted 2 [PS3]
    Crackdown [X360]
    Bulletstorm [X360]
    Prince of Persia 2008 [X360]
    Outrun Online Arcade [X360]
    Hydrothunder [X360]
    Crysis 2 [X360]
    Portal 2 [X360]
    Fable 2 [X360]
    Fable 3 [X360]
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX [GBC]
    Persona 4 Golden [VITA]
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds [3DS]
    Final Fantasy X HD Remaster [VITA]
    Super Mario 3D World [WII U]
    Borderlands 2 [PC]
    Tomb Raider [PS4]
    The Talos Principle [PS4]
    The Witness [PS4]
    The Swapper [VITA]
    Stealth Inc [VITA]
    Bravely Second [3DS]
    Rise of the Tomb Raider [XBONE]
    Inside [XBONE]
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD [WII U]
    Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic [iOS]
    WipEout: Omega Collection [PS4]
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [SWITCH]
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [SWITCH]
    Minecraft [SWITCH]
    Sonic Mania [SWITCH]
    Super Mario Odyssey [SWITCH]
    Steamworld Dig 2 [SWITCH]
    Celeste [SWITCH]
    Into the Breach [SWITCH]
    Return of the Obra Dinn [PC]
    Slay the Spire [SWITCH]
    Superhot VR [Oculus Quest]
    Parkitect [PC]
    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening [SWITCH]
    The Outer Wilds [XBONE]
    Super Mario 3D All Stars [SWITCH]

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  1. Their attitude towards making astounding games is what keeps my buying Nintendo stuff.
  2. I played Borderlands 3 in co-op with a mate last night. He was on his phone with a Kishi and I was on my MacBook with mouse and keyboard, both using voice chat through our headphones. Again, it was flawless. We’re living in the future, right? It certainly feels like it.
  3. This is good to hear. I played the first 5 hours or so on PS4, then picked it up on Switch and played the same 5 hours, then I restarted on hard mode because it was too easy and played the first 5 hours again. I found it all incredibly lovely but also quite uninspiring. I’d love to get into it again though - especially if it does pick up - because it is a gorgeous game. Why do all these games take so long to get going?
  4. In case you didn’t know, Rhys Williams and Neco Williams aren’t related.
  5. Interesting that there are quite a few comments about it being too easy. I didn’t find that at all. I guess in hindsight I didn’t find the first run through particularly challenging, but it’s so lovely and fun to play it didn’t matter to me at all. Anyway, it certainly ramps up once you’ve finished the final boss, and yet again when you’re going back through the stages a third or fourth time to mop up the last few moons.
  6. It’s so easy to delete/archive games and re-download them, and this doesn’t remove the save game from your machine, so even a 128GB would be fine for most people. 256GB is probably the sweet spot for size/price, but you only need 512GB if you’re a digital hoarder or have shitty internet. Top tip: buy any games you think you’ll play once on cartridge, as they tend to hold their value really well to sell on.
  7. I really am ready for a Switch Pro/Plus/whatever. Bluetooth audio (obvs), more horsepower (the original Switch is 4 years old now, right?), maybe even an OLED screen. I’d love to get some half-decent, portable PS4/Xbone ports (that don’t look like total arsebiscuits) now the new generation is here, as I struggle to sit down and commit to ‘big screen’ games these days. I can see why they haven’t though - why complicate the market if it’s selling so well already? And would the new games still be playable on the old hardware, just with lower graphics settings? They’d probably have to,
  8. The story in the PQ games is utter guff, but it’s totally fine to just fast forward through it to get to the dungeons. That’s what the games are all about for me, and the dungeon crawling is involving enough to enjoy without the story. It exists purely to explain why the Persona characters are suddenly in this new world with these new mechanics, which is as awful as you can imagine.
  9. Well I dusted off the 3DS, charged it up, updated it, then waited what seemed like forever for Persona Q2 to download, but I started it last night and it’s bloody wonderful so far. Love the battle system and the dungeon crawling. The story is absolute junk, of course, but the movie theatre setting is great (the shop is a concessions stand ).
  10. Is anyone thinking about selling their *New* 3DS (the standard one - preferably white)? I have a *New* 3DS XL, but there are a few games I want to go back to but I think it’s probably a bit too big.
  11. Do you like the Persona series? I enjoyed Persona Q, coming from P3 and P4, and it was my first grid-based dungeon crawler. I preferred it to Etrian Odyssey (which I later tried) as I was familiar with the characters and enemies. I think I stopped around 30 hours in, as juggling so many Persona became a bit tiresome, but I definitely got 8 quid’s worth. Thinking of picking up PQ2 in this sale. Also, oddly, I remember the first dungeon being one of the most difficult due to the lack of SP regeneration, which becomes less of a problem as you get further into the game. Thi
  12. Perhaps Aunt Beru was Rey’s mother in his version, and Rey and Kylo are first cousins once removed.
  13. It’s an odd film for sure, because for me the highs are some of the best moments in any Star Wars film (Luke, Yoda, throne room, the final act, Rey’s parents, the general message behind the film), but the low points are undeniably shitty. The Force Awakens was much the same, but the gulf between the high and low points was much less, which makes it more palatable I suppose. Overall, it’s just a shame the whole trilogy wasn’t a single vision from beginning to end. That isn’t JJ or Rian Johnson’s fault.
  14. Picked this up last night for about a fiver and I was pleasantly surprised! Not the aesthetic I normally go for (which tends to be Japanese, cute, and colourful), and the fighting is real-time too, which again, isn’t usually my bag, but it seems very well made and the environment is nice to explore. Not sure how long I’ll last, but I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth.
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