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  1. polygon_monkey

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

    Thanks for the games tonight. I still have no idea of what I'm doing but it's fun! (Also, sorry for dying all the time!)
  2. polygon_monkey

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

    I've picked this up today as well. My friend code is: 3308-4540-7967
  3. polygon_monkey

    Nintendo 3DS

    I can't get the screws on my new 3DS XL to unscrew. They just make a clicking sound when I turn them! Need to get that sd card replaced. edit: ah, got it. You just need to give the case a bit of a pull! All transferred successfully (so it looks anyway) thanks to Dekay's guide.
  4. polygon_monkey

    Nintendo 3DS

    Anyone know what bundles game are offering? I've preordered as I want to trade in my XL but at the time the guy said he had no idea about bundles. Just want a cheap(er) copy of MH4 (Zelda is already in the post!)
  5. polygon_monkey

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Official Server: Moogle)

    Can you move characters to a different server? Moogle was restricted when my girlfriend and I made our characters a couple weeks ago.
  6. polygon_monkey

    DRIVECLUB - being put to sleep by Sony in March 2020

    I've got this now. Still trying to get into the handling after a heap of Forza Horizon 2 - I hope the handling get's a bit looser when you get to the faster cars. How do I get into a club? I searched for Rllmuk and requested to join but don't think I've been accepted to any yet - is there somewhere I need to post?
  7. polygon_monkey

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    Not married but living with my GF and we solve this with a second smaller TV beside the main TV. I can sit in the corner with the sony wireless gold head set over one ear and play my games but still chat to my GF and give comment on what ever shite she wants to watch at the same time.
  8. polygon_monkey

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I bought an Xbox One last night. Damn that's a confusing as hell user interface. And didn't actually get a game running on the thing until about 4 hours after I'd turned it on. Loving Forza Horizon 2 though! Annnyway, now that all setup, I'm wondering if it's got any any issues with the vents at the side being covered up a bit. I don't really have any space beside all my other AV stuff as you can't stand it vertically so the only place I have is in a space in my expedit shelf (finally put the 360 to bed) - am I gonna destroy my xbox?
  9. polygon_monkey

    Formula One - 2014 Season

    The best result!
  10. polygon_monkey

    Bayonetta II - Wii U Exclusive. EDGE 10.

    Is there an easy to see if you've got all the collectibles in a level?
  11. polygon_monkey

    Edge #272 - Another 10

    Nah, did it this morning and it's the miyamoto issue I've already read cover to cover. This months issue shows up as £3.99.
  12. polygon_monkey

    Edge #272 - Another 10

    The 'free' magazine is last issue. Disappointed. I'm still flabbergasted that you have to pay more for the iPad edition when you subscribe to print.
  13. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Anyone else getting continually booted off tonight?
  14. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Anyone up for doing the heroic strike tonight? Username ischemic.
  15. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    I'm at level 20 - how the hell do I get the gear to level me up more? Just crucible or are there single player things I can do? How do I increase my reputation with the various corporations around?
  16. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Anyone fancy doing the Moon Strike mission? Tried this morning with some randoms and we got destroyed!
  17. polygon_monkey

    Off Topic Discussion for People Who Don't Go In Off Topic

    I'm here to start peace negotiations
  18. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Goddamn it, put my old postcode on my amazon order by mistake (normally get stuff delivered to work but am off this week). Not getting redelivered until Friday
  19. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Can someone do me a favour and measure the depth of the limited edition box?
  20. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Don't suppose the limited edition in amazon packaging will fit through a standard letter box, will it?
  21. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Yeah, I think the crucible is fine. I'm old and slow and shit and even I got a few 5 kill streaks going last night. Also the end of that moon mission on hard - holy shit! (Did it solo, died like 30 times).
  22. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    If anyone has a spare 360 code for a friend, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  23. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Loving this a lot. The Strike map is just so damn fun.
  24. polygon_monkey

    Destiny: FIN

    Here are a couple of PS4 codes: KQ33-F6NN-9R9T A35B-R5N9-574T

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