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  1. Rock Band 4

    Can't be bothered this season, I'm not going to buy the season pass and I'm only going to buy a spotlight song if I actually like it.
  2. Rock Band 4

    Drum scores are being set right now! Everybody needs to get some sweet xp tonight!
  3. Rock Band 4

  4. Rock Band 4

    It's not utter shite, it's just everything that hasn't been in a selection for the rest of this season. We're steadily improving our spotlight scores for bass, guitar and vocals, but we need a drummer to get us something please!! The last few weeks has just been me, @Munty Cakes and @ryanski but there's loads of songs this week to earn XP and I really want the bloodstone helmet that flashes in time with the music you guys.
  5. Rock Band 4

    oh god
  6. Rock Band 4

    There's one for sale in Bakewell here :https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rock-Band-4-Microsoft-Xbox-One-2015/282772581461?epid=219562150&hash=item41d68f2c55:g:B90AAOSwnCFaMn4Q It's collection only and nobody goes to Bakewell so it might not go too expensive. I work in Bakewell so I could pick it up and arrange to get it posted to you if you want? If you only need the drumkit we could even split it, I could always use a spare guitar.
  7. Rock Band 4

    Today's the last day!!!!!!
  8. Rock Band 4

  9. Rock Band 4

    We'll be okay. All the insane robot bastards will have been promoted by now hopefully. @Varsity - are you still interested in being in the crew? We haven't noticed you on for most of this season, and we need everyone doing whatever they can for the final week!
  10. Rock Band 4

    Hi gang, we're doing okay on the spotlight scores this week - if everyone can get on and do maybe 10 songs or so over the next 2 evenings, we might stand a chance of being promoted to Bloodstone ***this week*** then we can relax for a week!
  11. SNES Mini

    I've been weeping and forcing e-empathy at everyone in this thread who's worrying about delivery notifications and the like. Hope it made each of you feel better, just to know that somebody out there cares. If I didn't empathise with your nervous delivery-based post, rest assured that I don't give a fuck about you.
  12. Rock Band 4

    [EDIT] Hey guys look at me, I haven't read 3 posts back! I'm the biggest idiot ever.
  13. Rock Band 4

    Well done chums!
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Don't think anyone's mentioned yet, but Tumbleseed is on sale for a third off at the moment (£8.03). http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/TumbleSeed-1206706.html I never played it when it was too hard, but apparently they've patched it all better now.
  15. Rock Band 4

    Plus both of the Kula Shaker songs are on the list this week! It's a great week!

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