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  1. That's a nice looking magazine - I hadn't heard of this one. Are you aware of A Profound Waste Of Time? There have been two issues so far (well, actually, issue 2 isn't out yet...) https://apwot.com/ Ninty Fresh (which I write for) covers Nintendo "from NES to NOW". https://nintyfresh.net/ [Lock-On] is a multiformat release, and issue 1 is available for pre-order here: https://www.lostincult.co.uk/shop/p/lock-on-gaming-journal
  2. It's sad to see the gradual demise of print media on newsagent shelves. I haven't bought the official PlayStation mag for many years, but I've subscribed to Play as I'm intrigued to see what the release from the "official" tag will offer. I've a complete collection of a few classic mags from the past, and I've recently started to dip into ebay for the odd issue here and there of magazines that I used to own. (And I've had a subscription to Edge since around the year 1832.) There are several other gaming magazines that don't benefit from shelf-space on WH Smiths that are also worth
  3. Resurrecting this old abandoned thread to say I bought Lykke Li's most recent album (although it was released nearly three years ago) and - wowzers - what a beautiful album. It's her fourth to-date, and my favourite. Her voice sounds at is absolutely finest.
  4. Does £70 include a games manual, as standard? At that price, I want a manual... even if I never look at it again!
  5. I'm most looking forward to (and so I hope they are played!) the trio of Sub Culture / Bizarre Love Triangle / Vanishing Point. What a trio.
  6. I'm hoping the o2 concert later this year doesn't get cancelled. I've never seen New Order live, and I'm really looking forward to it.
  7. I think I might be in a similar situation; not necessarily because I found it boring, but because I think Advance Wars is such a perfect game, I find it hard to engage with anything else similar. I will give it another go though.
  8. More exciting interviews are planned in the coming issues, definitely! Thank you for your support. And a subscription model is being planned. I will look into this to confirm, but I believe a subscription option will be available from issue 4.
  9. The feedback is appreciated - positive or negative. Our intention is to evolve the magazine each issue, and hopefully you will be pleased with the result in issue 3. The team that put the magazine have a real passion for Nintendo and for print media, but we do of course want that passion to result in a high quality too.
  10. The cover art has now been revealed! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nintymedia/ninty-fresh-issue-3
  11. Just want to confess that it was a few hours before I spotted the '4' on the cover.
  12. Freelance contributions are indeed paid, and are advertised via the Ninty Fresh Twitter account (so any freelance requirements for issue 4 will be posted online at a later date). https://twitter.com/nintyfreshmag
  13. Hi everyone, the Kickstarter for issue 3 of Ninty Fresh is currently live at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nintymedia/ninty-fresh-issue-3 (ending Saturday 6th March), a publication created for everyone who would like to read a mag that fills the void left behind when the official Nintendo magazine closed. Issue 3 has lots of Pokémon content, as well as an interview with Peer Schneider (IGN), coverage on the new LEGO x Super Mario sets, a SNES Retrospective and a huge look at Wii Sports Resort (the latter has been written by me!). The first 4 stretch targets have been reached, adding
  14. My main concern with Edge now is that we are getting the March issue in January! How is this war with time going to be resolved?! They literally could have repeated a month in 2020 and no one would have noticed.
  15. SM3DW+BF is my first lead review of a first-party game for Switch Player magazine, and I'd love it if any of you could have a read of my review (below, and also published in issue 49). I've been reading gaming magazines since the late 80s, and so the opportunity to actually write for one is still a buzz for me! Bowser's Fury is a fantastic new adventure for Mario, and for me it alludes to what an open-world Odyssey 2 could offer. https://switchplayer.net/2021/02/10/super-mario-world-3d-bowsers-fury-review/
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