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  1. El Stevo

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    I put 800 hours into Fallout New Vegas, 1000 to Skyrim and I'm just as bad working through Fallout 4 at the moment. There's no way of knowing but I estimate that I spent far longer playing Morrowind than any of the later ones. I just love the wondering around, soaking in the atmosphere, exploring all the towns and generally just hanging out. It's then fun having a base and working out from there, bringing home increasingly majestic or interesting loot. I also never, ever fast travel, which pads out the game time a lot. All my favourite moments have come from unexpected adventures on my travels though! I am also a bad one for reading every book/terminal etc. and poking in all the cupboards. I like just making my way and being a citizen in these worlds and generally put off the 'you're the chosen one' main quest stuff to the end. I usually don't spend more than 100 hours on any one game but those Bethesda games really grab me. The funny thing is I only started playing Morrowind to prove to myself that it was rubbish and all these people must be crazy. Hmm.
  2. El Stevo

    Best New Music of 2018

    I really love the new A Perfect Circle album that came out earlier this year - 'Eat The Elephant'. I think it might actually be my favourite album of theirs, which is saying a lot for me and is also pretty good going for a band that's getting on for 20 years old. There are some amazing tracks on there, but here's one I like I guess:
  3. El Stevo

    Game Awards 2018 (1:30am England time)

    These shows have been great over the years - joyful and celebratory and lovely. On the site they have a 'History of the Game Awards' bit which is actually just a simple timeline featuring highlights of previous shows, but it really did remind me that there have been some amazing moments over the years. Koji Kondo! Kojima! Fuck the Oscars! Etc! I'm excited for tonight's show. Come on Borderlands 3 reveal!
  4. El Stevo

    Night In The Woods

    They are on the Xbone version as well. They're technically standalone bits of content, but they are acknowledged in the main game and you'll smile when you spot the references. Well, I did anyway!
  5. El Stevo

    Monthly Release Dates - December 2018

    I was interested in Gear.Club Unlimited 2 but a recent video made it look a bit too similar to Gear.Club Unlimited 1, in some of the wrong ways. The loading times still look really bad, but if the handling is better and races are a bit longer I might take the plunge. Borderlands 2 VR and EDF have made me very jealous of PlayStation owners this month.
  6. El Stevo

    Night In The Woods

    An odd thing happened when I played through Night In The Woods. I fired it up just to check it off the list of 2017 games before making my GOTY list, and after a couple of hours I gave it a tentative spot in 10th place. Then 9th a little while later. Then 5th, when I discovered the DemonTower mini game. A couple of hours after finishing the DemonTower mini game, it had made its way up to 2nd. Then, once I had finished the main game and the bonus Kickstarter episodes that come with the Weird Autumn release, I realised that this was comfortably #1 on my list. Ostensibly a mundane story about a group of friends in a small, run-down town, it manages to touch on very 'now' social issues, as well as having its own surprisingly complex lore and history. You spend a lot of time learning what makes the central characters tick, which is often more than you expect, but there is also back story for pretty much every incidental character to give context to their grumpy outbursts or poignant philosophising. #1 on the list though? Zelda is obviously an amazing game, but I asked myself when making my list, if I had to erase one of the two games from my memory of 2017, which experience did I want to hold on to? I had to say that Night In The Woods, with its amazing writing, relatable characters and gripping drama, was the experience I valued the most. It was Night In The Woods, not Zelda, that had me giggling so much I couldn't play properly (dinner with Greg) and that made me literally stand up in panic while playing because of the ho-ly-shit drama. It's an awesome game. Pro tip: It's easy to miss, so make sure that you head up to the rooftops above Mae's nearby neighbour Selmers every other day, when the astronomy guy is up on the roof. Chatting with him will give you some of the most beautiful writing in the game. PS I kind of just c&p'd the above from my GOTY list, but it still stands and I'm too late for work to edit it.
  7. El Stevo

    Xbox One Console Thread

    My downloading is super fast over wired Ethernet. Maybe it's a bad cable, it's probably worth trying a different one just to be sure. I'm just using the router provided my my ISP and it's working very well.
  8. El Stevo

    Best 'not gamey' games

    There's that weird game 'North' that's a bit freaky but keeps things quite vague and manages to be quite evocative of a sad refugee/immigration situation. EDIT - it's not very good, but it's also not very long. https://outlands.itch.io/north
  9. El Stevo

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    There's a terrible 16-bit style bike racing game on Xbox One that costs like £4 called Super Night Rider, and for some reason I could not stop playing that damn game. It's not even good! It's very bad! I'm also obsessively into Fallout 4 at the moment and have been since February. Looking forward to finishing it so I can make a start on 76.
  10. El Stevo

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    A co-op Fallout would be great, especially one that tightened up the skill tree so you couldn't just do everything yourself. It would be cool if you could get someone in who's good at lockpicking and someone who's good at crafting or whatever so you have a complimentary set of skills on the team. I don't know that there's anything really magical about Fallout's single player that would get ruined by co-op. I do think they've gone way too far with all the emotes and player count etc. in this game, but then people do love the Fallout aesthetic so maybe it will do ok. It will be interesting to see Watching the streams, the game looks really easy. Is there much challenge to it if you wander too far out if your starting zone etc? I was watching a video where they discussed a great way to kill and loot other players. You can't really shoot other players because all that does is initiate an optional 'duel'. However, you can build a tall structure, invite/lure them up to the top and then delete the floor from under them so they fall to their deaths. Then go back down, finish them off and loot the body. Be careful out there. Also, the way to accept a duel is simply to fire back at the initiating player. So, just wait until they're looking the wrong way and then open fire so the 'duel' starts with you blasting rounds into the back of their head and you win immediately. That seems like it needed more thought as well.
  11. El Stevo

    PlayStation 5

    No way
  12. El Stevo

    Spooky Gaming

    I did get Cthulhu but I think I'll be playing Costume Quest 2 tonight. Playing a Costume Quest game has become a bit of a Hallowe'en tradition at this point. I'm also keen to avoid anything that is actually scary.
  13. El Stevo

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I do like the idea of your phone automatically being a really powerful handheld, with a huge library of games. I also like the idea of that Nintendo Switch, rooftop party lifestyle and easily being able to arrange an impromptu round of multiplayer gaming because everyone with you has their phones too. But the realities of making this work and be good seem, like, governed by physics in a way that would make it hard to pull off.
  14. El Stevo

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    YESSSSSS!!! Game Dev Story is amazing. That's awesome. I got to 'Game 5' before I realised I could change the names
  15. This is super specific but my favourite machine/driver in F-Zero X (Billy the Monkey/Mad Wolf) was absolutely awful to control in F-Zero GX and I'll never forgive it for that. It was too hard as well. Man, F(Zero) that game.

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