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  1. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm sure Nintendo would happily remind everyone that they can just buy new Joy-Cons to achieve this. EDIT - And perhaps sir might consider a new Charging Joy-Con Grip(TM) so that he might charge his new Joy-Cons. Double Edit - I actually think the Switch Lite is a great move. Timed around Pokemon, it's obviously going to get the Switch into the hands of a lot more kids in a kid-friendly way (no chance of losing a Joy-Con in the park or wherever it is that kids go). It also doesn't annoy any existing Switch owners because there's no new functionality that they're suddenly missing out on - this isn't a New 3DS second stick situation. I think it's great. The compromises are a shame but make sense. I guess the major challenge will be communicating the lack of TV mode. They maybe should have called it the 'Switch Out' or 'Switch Go' or 'Switch No TV Mode Edition' to really communicate that detail.
  2. We'll fight you down and up the length of the country to preserve our rights. I think the in-game calibration thing is really neat and it makes sense on the Xbox one and the Xbox One due to the omission of a profile-level preference. However, I have no problem just popping into the pause menu once the game starts to change the setting, so honestly it hardly seems worth the developers' time. I change a bunch of stuff usually - auto aim off, music down etc. so really this doesn't save me much effort. Changing the settings on the Elite controller is great 90% of the time but then you end up getting Edith Finched and finding that most of the one-off mechanics (e.g. the swing) don't make sense with a forced flip on one of the sticks. So it didn't quite work for me. Like much about the Xbone, it's bizarre that they had this idea on 360 and it's gone now. It was such a great idea to keep things profile level.
  3. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    I guess it would make sense to release a mini/extra portable and cheaper version of the Switch just in time for a new Pokémon game. Cheaper and more portable fits the classic series use cases of kids and trainers on the go.
  4. I agree that it surely must be Super Smash Kart at this point. It is in all but name already.
  5. El Stevo

    Google Stadia

    So if cross-saves become commonplace, and the service kind of works, it would be pretty neat to have this as an option to continue your game on the go or at work at lunch time or whatever. If I could boot up ESO on this thing and craft a sweet hat on the bus home in our 5G future and then play for real, proudly wearing said hat, when I get home at night, it would be kind of neat. I remain skeptical and unexcited, though £129 + sub does seem a good price for a 4K gaming experience, caveat caveat.
  6. El Stevo


    I'm very lazy.
  7. El Stevo


    Ack, I should go to Download. Was in two minds about it but on balance I don't really fancy it. I did see Tool live once before and it remains the best thing I have seen. There's a video of Adam Jones just randomly playing one of the Descending guitar riffs and I'm going to put the link in here because it's pretty cool and why not right. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3dNlU0MZ__4
  8. El Stevo


    I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I really like the new songs they've been playing on their current tour. I found myself humming one of the tracks the other day and was like “What's this I'm humming? Oh yeah, it's that new Tool track.” “...” “NEW TOOL TRACK!!!!!”. Like a mental double-take. Anyway it's good, roll on August 30th. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hmqRVYUkvCo
  9. I can't help but think this might secretly be a good thing for the more forgetful among us who might otherwise accidentally spend all their pre-order money before release day. Not me, obviously. But me.
  10. SideWinder Crank-Bank Crankulon 9000 Crank-And-Go Game-And-Watch-While-Cranking Crank'N'Wind CrankPlay CrankDate Crank-It!
  11. El Stevo


    Yay, I was hoping the Tool thread would have come back up. I'm super looking forward to the new album! The two new songs they played seemed pretty great. The music is always so good. I fell down a bizarre YouTube rabbit hole recently of watching people "react to Tool", which was a weird thing for me to do BUT it was funny and validating watching the progress of a channel from "People have been suggesting Tool, never heard of them, dunno, so let's have a listen" to "Hmmm..." to "OMG WE'RE GOING TO SEE TOOL LIVE WAAAAGH!" I'm not going to Download, though I really woud like to. I saw them live around the time 10,000 Days came out and it still sticks in my mind as the best live music I have ever seen. I'll be all over any other UK date.
  12. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    Presumably there would be nothing to stop you pairing a second set of JoyCons to a theoretical fixed-JoyCon Switch to get in on that sweet tilting action. Well, apart from I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't want everyone buying more expensive JoyCon pairs in a variety of attractive colours.
  13. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    My standards are not very high to be sure but I did enjoy my time with it.
  14. Damn it. Both the Xbone games are already in my Pile of Shame. I guess that means I approve of the choices, but... damn it.
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