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  1. El Stevo

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    SideWinder Crank-Bank Crankulon 9000 Crank-And-Go Game-And-Watch-While-Cranking Crank'N'Wind CrankPlay CrankDate Crank-It!
  2. El Stevo


    Yay, I was hoping the Tool thread would have come back up. I'm super looking forward to the new album! The two new songs they played seemed pretty great. The music is always so good. I fell down a bizarre YouTube rabbit hole recently of watching people "react to Tool", which was a weird thing for me to do BUT it was funny and validating watching the progress of a channel from "People have been suggesting Tool, never heard of them, dunno, so let's have a listen" to "Hmmm..." to "OMG WE'RE GOING TO SEE TOOL LIVE WAAAAGH!" I'm not going to Download, though I really woud like to. I saw them live around the time 10,000 Days came out and it still sticks in my mind as the best live music I have ever seen. I'll be all over any other UK date.
  3. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    Presumably there would be nothing to stop you pairing a second set of JoyCons to a theoretical fixed-JoyCon Switch to get in on that sweet tilting action. Well, apart from I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't want everyone buying more expensive JoyCon pairs in a variety of attractive colours.
  4. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    My standards are not very high to be sure but I did enjoy my time with it.
  5. El Stevo

    Xbox Games with Gold | April 2019

    Damn it. Both the Xbone games are already in my Pile of Shame. I guess that means I approve of the choices, but... damn it.
  6. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    FAST RMX is actually pretty good. Gear.Club is not that good. It seems really promising on paper and has a lot of features but the handling is awful. I have heard that the sequel is pretty similar. I'm pretty bummed about Xenon, I was looking forward to it.
  7. That's OK - the assistant has the power of Google Search to help you! <Robot Voice> Have. You. Tried. Sucking. Less?
  8. El Stevo

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    I have never got on with PlayStation controllers. How they got away with "Oh fuck, the other guys have a stick now. We need TWO sticks if we're going to sway this thing, so get them on there. What? I don't know, just jam them on the bottom or something." FOR THREE CONSOLE GENERATIONS is beyond me. But yes I hate the stick placement on them. Having them down and central there, they always make me feel like I'm riding a bicycle that's too small for me, and I'm sort of bumping into myself all the time trying to play a game. The DS4 is better than the DS1, DS2 and DS3, which were identically shaped, FOR THREE CONSOLE GENERATIONS, but the trigger situation as mentioned earlier is absolutely dire. Nope. Nope nope nope. Edit - The gall of these guys, making the same dang controller over and over except with slightly different combinations of ideas they robbed off Nintendo each time, with omissions explained away like they're doing you a favour. Edit 2 - this doesn't mean Microsoft get away with View and Menu buttons which are a perfect embodiment of 2013 Microsoft losing the plot and forgetting their audience.
  9. It would be a great bedroom Xbox I suppose, but the Xbone is still our DVD player in the living room. I wonder if that's still the case for many people. I guess this would be a good second console if you already had a PS4, which is probably part of the thinking.
  10. Yes! I've been playing! It's pretty good, and is absolutely one of the most chill games I've ever played. There's no penalty for anything! Forget to water your crops? Ahhh, they'll grow eventually. Didn't feed your pigs? They're cool, don't worry about it. The result is that you actually get a lot of freedom to do whatever you want because you're not worrying about stuff all the time, so you actually have the time to get creative. The multiplayer works well too and it's fun to visit random farms just to see what other people have done, or what they have prioritised from a min-max point of view. I kind of wish there was a town or maybe some other NPC humans, or one human even, but, on the plus side, I have a cool tractor. It has a skull on it.
  11. El Stevo

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

    SOBBLE I go into every one of these with the firm resolve to catch all of them but I always run out of steam about two thirds through. Not this time. This time I really am going to catch "em" all and be, if not the very best, at least adequate. I'm excited. I was going to say that I hope the Switch doesn't prove to be too unwieldy for impromptu battling and trading etc. but heck, we did it on the Game Boy with a cable and that was fine.
  12. El Stevo

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    I'm super excited about Link's Remakening, and weirdly into the idea of more Starfox stuff in Starlink.Tetris 99 is so funny/awesome as well. It's nice to see a lot of meaty RPGs and longer games on the way.
  13. My money is on Mario Maker Switch. I don't know that you'd necessarily describe a racing game (like Star Fox GP) as an "online title" first and foremost, assuming it is structured like a Mario Kart game. But Mario Maker fits the bill as an "online title" rather than a "multiplayer title". Or it's time they ditch Mario Kart + guest character DLC and just commit to Super Smash Kart. Edit - Actually I guess there was a bit more nuance than that in the quotation but I still don't think it's how you'd hint at a racing game.
  14. El Stevo

    Nintendo Switch

    Someone suggested it should have been a Splatoon game and that sounds right. I liked it! FedFo 4 Life.

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