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  1. I'm hoping that with the BT buy up of EE. These ads with Willem Dafoe are building up to a point where he kills Kevin Bacon!
  2. Well PSN seems to be back up. And I now have the youtube app (although it errors when trying to sign in!) which I manually downloaded, even though a number of people said they had it with the 2.0 update. Still no option to download or change themes though!
  3. I haven't even got the youtube app! And there are no themes and no option to add any. All I get is the option to change the colours. And I keep getting an error saying "the connection to the server has been terminated (NW-31194-8) And destiny keeps crashing out with server errors. None of this was happening before the update. To say it's a big disappointment is an understatement!
  4. Everything else works perfectly. If I switch the console off & power back up, I can access the store straight away. But as soon as I've been into a game, app, etc, then I can't get into the store again.
  5. Wonderboy In Monsterland Phantasy Star Kung Fu Kid
  6. No. I hadn't really thought that necessary though. I only actually bought my PS4 3 weeks ago and it has done it since the day I bought it. It sometimes loads the store. But on most occasions it doesn't
  7. Is it just me who very rarely gets the store to actually load? It is almost always just a blank screen (with the theme in the background) and the option to cancel at the bottom of the screen. Surely Sony should have sorted this with the new update, but no, it still does it. You'd think they would want this working properly if they want anyone to actually buy stuff from there.
  8. Lost a pure legend I'm sure that anyone who's even slightly into hip-hop will agree with that!
  9. I was thinking this. They seem to lose track of where they are or what they're doing after their performances! lol!
  10. I have fond memories of going through the Commodore 64 version
  11. I found this on the day of the release. You can also move your head in different positions while you burp to get different burp sounds. Wiggle the right stick left & right to do an angry face. Spin the right stick for that face you put the pic of. Wiggle the right stick up & down for a sort of smiley face. Use left button to switch between different emotions. Use the right button to keep opening your mouth. Hold either trigger & he'll get dizzy after spinning round.
  12. I've not had any freezing at all (yet). But keep getting error messages on the Marketplace, as mentioned earlier on by a few people.
  13. This is pretty cool. Has a decent selection of tunes. And although I was never really into the ST, a lot of the tunes are the same as their Spectrum 128 versions. Worth it alone for Tim Follin's stuff in my opinion. Shame there's no Galway stuff though. Although not sure if he actually did anything on the Atari ST. He only did a couple of Spectrum 128 tracks, too.
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