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  1. stefmcd

    Mad Men

    Interesting article for those who have already watched finale. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/18/mad-men-finale_n_7303870.html
  2. stefmcd

    Mad Men

    Very surreal episode. The characters are losing their grip and struggling to cope with changing times. Ironically, all except Roger!
  3. stefmcd

    Mad Men

    Still loving this. Are there any TV shows left for adults once this is finished?!!
  4. stefmcd

    I've never watched The Wire

    Just finished this show. Completely magnificent. Gonna miss all of the characters, especially bubbles and Omar.
  5. Quality list. Struggling to think of obvious commissions. :-)
  6. stefmcd

    Life of Pi - From director Ang Lee

    2 thumbs up. Held my interest throughout. I was with him on that boat. :-)
  7. stefmcd

    Mad Men

    Agree. Very well written and insightful. 'Mad Men' just gets more and more entertaining. This season has been a delight. I just can't guess where it's going and that is quite rare for any tv show. Only 2 more episodes :-(
  8. I think this is simply a numbers game. Amiga had around 4000 officially released games. Megadrive and SNES only had around 800 each. GIven the ability to monitor quality control on the proprietary console formats then it's a no-brainer that far more dodgy games would be released on the Amiga. I would wager that the Amiga also had more great games than either console. I really don't think the top 50 games on each platform would show the Amiga to be inferior. Just different. The Amiga version of Rodland was an exquisite platformer. :-)
  9. stefmcd

    Derek - New Channel 4 Comedy from Ricky Gervais

    Touching and humorous in a nearly perfect balance I'd say now that I've watched the last episode. :-)
  10. stefmcd

    Derek - New Channel 4 Comedy from Ricky Gervais

    Loving this. Perfect tone. Humorous but poignant. :-)
  11. stefmcd

    We love Peep Show

    Hilarious episode. Laughed from beginning to end. Jez's 'life-coaching' of the friend was priceless. 'Did I say Snow Patrol?'
  12. stefmcd

    Jamie Lidell

    lol - Exactly why I'm loathe to offer an opinion on music I haven't heard about 5 or 6 times over a couple of weeks period. I've had too many 'about-turns' in the past. :-)
  13. stefmcd

    Sebastien Tellier - My God Is Blue

    Just got this album - didn't know it had been released till yesterday! Good first impressions. :-)
  14. Much better than 2, far worse than 1, not quite as good as 3. 6.5/10 :-)
  15. stefmcd

    Critically panned movies you just love

    2 Kurt Russell films: Soldier 3000 miles to graceland Loved em both!

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