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  1. Game of the Year A1. A Short Hike - I think this is the best game this year. It is the one that resonated the most. Perfectly balanced, the actual gameplay loop worked, the story wasn't too much. Just the right length, enjoyable to work through and memorable afterwards. Heartwarming. A2. Two Point Hospital - This has been out on PC a while now but the console conversions were this year. The port is perfect. Strategy games have a long history of compromised ports that aren't quite up to it. This not only nails it, I think the game works better. Bought this on PS4 at release and then l
  2. This is sad. Codemasters survived almost going bust a whole bunch of times, they outlived almost every other games company in the world. Although some other UK developers have risen to approach it in size over the last gen (frontier, sumo etc..), they are the actual last of our historical publishers. Being bought out almost never works out. Even more so when it comes to publishers. They will get asset stripped, lose their identity and eventually get closed down when the existing brands fade. Following in the footsteps of gremlin, ocean, psygnosis, eidos etc.. The deal
  3. Until dawn is one of my games of the generation. I actually enjoyed man of Medan too. The character development and writing was below their previous best, but was perfectly fine for what it was. The setting was fun and it didn't outstay it's welcome. Looking forward to getting this. Maybe a bit sad that it's not next gen or switch.
  4. Ha. You posted as I was writing my post. It is a tad annoying they got the hard bit right (as in getting the game ported over and running smooth) and then messed it up on the controls. Making them reconfigurable won't even help because of them splitting what one button could do over multiple buttons. Hopefully it gets an update that has alternative control setups. The switch has enough buttons to make this work. This type of game can have a lot of waiting around. To research, to build cash etc.. not a problem in RCT3 switch because you'll still be wrestling the controls
  5. Own this on pc already first through the original disc release and then on gog. Not too annoyed that it was going free. Just bought the switch version. RCT1+2 I've played a lot they are two of my favourite games of all time and I still think they are the best of their genre. Despite owning it multiple times I've never got that far with RCT3 until now. This is pretty great. It has everything of the first two games but full 3D, making it way more expansive and immersive. It doesn't lose that much in the transition to 3D and stacks up well against current games in its genr
  6. Been playing a few days now. Initially I was not impressed. It is not as good as the first, but is nearly as good. It is just nice to play new and different spelunky. I would compare this to peggle Vs peggle 2. It still has the magic but seems to be made with less focus and they've done a bunch of little bad things just to fuck with it. Playing with the stick rather than the d-pad is actually impossible, it has real trouble registering which way you've moved the stick. This might be the worst game I've ever played on ps for the analogue stick. This is kinda ok though be
  7. The first time I played this thought it was only just ok. Felt slow/easy and the strategy of building up boost and then using it on the last two corners means you win every time. After playing longer I released a lot of the races are only like a minute and a half so this strategy doesn't make the rest of the game invalid. It's kinda cool spending the first two laps going up to four bars and then unleashing at the end. As I've got to the harder levels the drift mechanic has become more important and that means you collect more boost which means you fill the bar before the last lap s
  8. The last gen I've been PS4, vita, switch. This time around I'm thinking Xbox series X and skipping ps5. Xbox = after not doing it last time around I want to catch up on all the stuff I missed. I loved my 360 and the original console. Microsoft seem to be investing heavily in original content. PS = may still get one down the line. Sony have killed off or neutered their European and Japanese development for a long time now. What used to be the most diverse and interesting first party lineup is now threadbare in terms of appeal to me (I like racing, RPGs and strategy the m
  9. Those wooden animations and unfinished looking character models make it look like a star ocean game. Along with over dramatic voice acting that doesn't match what's happening on screen. The first half of the trailer was a real let down. Was not sold. By the end though there were glimmers of good stuff. Some nice effects. The sync between the voices and the animation seemed more natural by the end. Think this has potential but maybe they are showing it too early again.
  10. Finished this last night. Think it was about the right length too. I like narrative games that respect your time and tend remember them/replay them more. Played it over three play sessions and it took about 7 hours in all. Really well made and thought out game. The gameplay and structure I do think was pretty much perfect. The flying system was great. Story and dialogue were perfectly fine but not particularly memorable. Atmosphere reminded me of firewatch, would put this up there with stuff like Edith Finch as the best of its type. Kept the graphics setting as is, had
  11. Actually l'm really looking forward to getting this and happy to go full price on it (none of the crazy £75 special editions though). Grid 2019, I really enjoyed and still play now. I think it gives the best racing experience this gen and is the best version of the codemasters racing gameplay (GT Sport I found good but dropped it in favour of grid). It felt a bit like codemasters does ridge racer. It was a little light on tracks but this kinda worked in its favour as you ended up getting to know them all, like in a Wipeout game. Only issue career being a little threadba
  12. Cool, think I prefer to get this on switch. Is out on ps4 tomorrow too apparently.
  13. As soon as I read the topic title I thought of this. Don't think it ever left the house but I remember having one of these cases. Was always a massive faff getting all the wires in. Probably still have this in a cupboard somewhere.
  14. If Rare/Microsoft are happy with yooka laylee then Sony can get over this. Sad that PS4 wipeout launch game got cancelled. This may make up for it.
  15. Every now and then I see another glowing review for Roki. I know it's out on Steam, but is there any news on the Switch release? The last thing I saw just said it was 'soon'.
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