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  1. Destiny 2

    They're on the case with abilities. Bummer that you'll have to do it with mods rather than have quicker cooldowns baked in that you can then shorten further with mods, but it's a start. I'd recommend reading the whole update if you haven't already. Most encouraging, imo, is this line about the shoulder charge nerf being fully reverted: That is very, very good news, and not just for Titans.
  2. EDGE #316

    No, it’s case by case, we’re just on a run of not doing one.
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    Just wait until the final giant swing catches something full in the face and sends it flying. Best game.
  4. Destiny 2

    I think they tried to avoid anything too OP with the armour masterworks but went too far in the opposite direction. The orb-gen perk on MW weapons is obviously targeted at PVE, but this feels like more of a PVP thing. You only get one super a match most of the time, and there are few worse feelings in the PVP game than being killed while in your super. So fine, I guess, but it's not exciting. But I agree. It's the best weekly update I can remember in terms of openness – the Bungie of old would never have specified the percentages on armour masterworks, for instance – and I appreciate tremendously the fact that they're shipping the system despite it having a small inconsequential bug, because that feels like a step forward. More broadly it's just nice to see them being open about what they're thinking, rather than just hinting at it. Yet it's still not enough to lure me back on the regs, and I think they realise that. At least things are moving in the right direction.
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    When you load your save file you choose the option 'create online session' then make sure it's set to 'private'. Pretty sure no one joins unless you invite them. Been a while since I've seen someone so determined not to like something, btw. Godspeed!
  6. Games Industry Dead Pool

    I think he's mostly noteable for being outspoken and eagerly profane with it, which is obviously vv rare from a firstparty developer. Never thought much of his games but I do like the guy, not least for the West Wing reference in the studio's name.
  7. Destiny 2

    I think I actually hate him.
  8. Destiny 2

    Embargoes and that but after 20 hours Monster Hunter is *absolutely* my new Destiny. Ticks a lot of the same boxes and adds janky, but incredibly satisfying Dark Souls combat. I am obsessed. —— Meanwhile, of the three people that played Destiny 2 last week, two backed New Monarchy, and the presumably rubbish gun they had to offer is available now. I might uninstall Destiny 2 tonight.
  9. Great gaming transitions.

    Close the thread.
  10. Eurogamer Essential
  11. Kicking someone on the floor isn’t applying pressure, it’s kicking someone that’s on the floor. The way Street Fighter works is that once someone is on the floor you can’t hit them. T’was ever thus. Rather than looking for another hit you use the time it gives you to set up your next attack. Try timing a punch or kick to hit them as they get up. Jump at them, knowing that they can’t hit you out of the air when they’re down. As for the Ken thing, again, this is just how the game works. The alternative is just a training mode dummy set to block at random. That combo is the game’s way of teaching you how to react and defend and to understand when it is and isn’t your turn to attack. If you block it, you’ll get an opportunity to do 1/3 of his life bar, if not more. None of this is bullshit. They’re just the tactical building blocks of the game’s design.
  12. Destiny 2

    The circumstances in Fortnite’s case are very different because I’m sure the majority of the studio are on live ops whereas Bungie has a lot more content to build. But it’s a question of tone. The first word says everything.
  13. Destiny 2

    No, that's not how it works. Nothing you earn from tokens can be turned into bright dust. Only Eververse items can, and they're only earned by levelling up or buying silver. So unless they're also throttling XP again, this isn't tied into monetisation at all. Instead it's about punishing everyone for the actions of a few, and designing against an event that by its very nature encourages you to repeat a certain activity over and over. It's about spectacularly poor design, in this instance, rather than money.
  14. Destiny 2

    That line about speed cameras on a racetrack is so perfect, K, that I might steal it.
  15. Goosebumps watching that. My kid is going to lose his fucking mind.

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