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  1. In fairness to EG, Nintendo hate leaks these days to such an extent that they absolutely will change their plans if something gets out about them. They've done it within the past 18 months (I am being deliberately vague, sorry). Basically ever since that big Pokemon leak a while back, they've been more protective than ever. If I had to guess it's that if they make it so the press turns out to be wrong enough times then they'll stop doing it. And Bloomberg reported it too, of course. I can't see them publishing something they can't stand up.
  2. I'm thinking about this a lot too. For one thing, I worry about running out of steam. I also worry about being annoying. My hope is that it'll be an email people actually (gasp) *like* to receive, and maybe even look forward to. But I know I've also signed up for stuff in the past and been, like, ugh, not you again. So there's definitely a balance to be struck. For now I think daily makes sense for a few reasons. The first is simple momentum — trying to get as many people to see it and sign up as possible, so makes sense to have a regular presence early on. With not-E3 coming up th
  3. I love Popbitch (though the only bit of it I read every week is Old Jokes Home) but the volume of ads shows the perils of being completely free these days. I haven't read the Upshot, but that's more the sort of structure I can see this thing heading towards over time, yeah.
  4. I will never not write about Eggs Benedict. I should probably update the About page to reflect that. I take the point about hitting the brief, to be fair. That's partly about me still settling into a rhythm with it, partly the pre-E3 lull, and partly just me being me. Will definitely bear that in mind — thank you for taking the time. And yes, newsletters are a thing again. It's not something you can make a fortune doing unless you've got a big existing following or some sort of rightwing grift (suggestions welcome, etc) but there are a number of people making a killing off
  5. Hello! Apologies for the self-promotion — if it helps, I am every bit as uncomfortable with it as you are. I asked the mods if this was okay and they just sorta rolled their eyes and changed the subject, and I'm taking that as a yes. This week I've launched Hit Points, a daily-ish newsletter about what's going on in the game industry, why it's happening, and why it matters. It's basically all the bits of Edge I used to love writing — my old column, Big Picture Mode; the industry-insight bits in the Knowledge section; the pithy stuff in Soundbytes — in a regular email. I don't think
  6. I love it so much. I haven’t had that ‘shoot then go hide’ playstyle in Destiny since the Ice Breaker days.
  7. You should have! There were times when I wished for company. I’ve never been any good with mazes.
  8. Thanks for the Presage suggestions, did that this afternoon and had a grand old time. I’ll admit to cheesing the boss with Witherhoard a bit though. What a silly gun that is.
  9. Entirely speculative but I imagine they’re getting stretched quite a lot. DF is one of the most consistently successful parts of EG, wouldn’t surprise me at all if management were pushing them to do more and more. And when you run out of games to do tech analysis on I suppose it’s a pretty short road to stuff like this.
  10. I guess I phrased that wrong. What I mean is that they feel like they should be ten minutes long, but tend to run much longer than that, or at least feel like they do because they're so repetitive.
  11. Still playing this somehow. Had a quick look at Presage solo earlier but the kid was home from school and found it a bit spooky-ooky (I think because there was nothing to shoot) so I had to quit out. Done this week's powerfuls/pinnacles, or at least the ones I want to do or can tolerate (I am not playing Gambit, for example). Ended up around 1275 so I won't be raiding for a while. Battlegrounds and Override are decent enough but both of them go on too long. I understand why they've done it but Menagerie should be the yardstick, and if they're designing seasonal activities as effec
  12. Oh no, I’ve started playing this again. It is still very nice but incredibly confusing, just loads of stuff to do all over the shop and no idea what to prioritise beyond current season stuff. Some questions from someone who’s barely played since Shadowkeep, and not seriously since whenever Menagerie was a thing. 1. what should I prioritise of the things I’ve missed? I had a Cipher in my inventory and spent it on Witherhoard which is fun. It seems Xenophage is a fairly important thing, no? 2. I want Anarchy but looks like I need some kind of raid mats to get it. Is there a
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