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  1. Up until half one because I couldn’t possibly sleep with a half-built roof. This is great.
  2. That’s precisely why I like 6music. Point taken though, K, and I don’t entirely disagree.
  3. New team, same studio, a number of the same staff. It’s not a mistake, there’s been no falling into a trap, I wrote the feature and the coverline and I can’t believe people are actually bothered by it. Sign of the times my arse. Give me strength.
  4. It’s the same studio, a number of Titanfall staff moved over as the project progressed, and above all it’s Saturday, leave me alone
  5. Yeah I totally get the response to it, the EA Play demo didn't sell it well at all. It was only hands-on for judges I think which was also a mistake, it meant that the vast majority of the coverage the game got was people going 'ehh' at the hands-off demo they had at EA Play. Respawn have never made a bad game. EA have no idea what they're doing when it comes to marketing, and particularly when it comes to something like this (singleplayer, no bullet-point features, no real-world superstars to wheel out). And yes, it's not the same Respawn team that made Titanfall, but everything that's good about that studio comes from Zampella, he sets the tone for the whole place. And they've built a very good team for it.
  6. It’s not nostalgia pandering so much as an attempt to turn the game into what it always should have been, a single game called Destiny that only ever gets bigger and broader. No doubt all the old stuff will come back over the next couple of years and I’m delighted about that. Very good stream I thought, though I switched off when the Datto bit started because much as I like the guy, he’s no interviewer. Most encouraging thing for me was coming right out and calling it an MMO. Very smart way of saying they no longer answer to anyone but themselves and their players. Future’s bright.
  7. You’re fucking kidding. Sorry. I’ll look into it
  8. It happens reasonably often ACTUALLY. Once a year or so. The 25th anniversary, FF30, and the Mario Odyssey and BOTW review issues all sold out online. Not sure anything has ever gone this quickly though, and certainly nothing so unproven.
  9. Sorry I missed the Q about this yesterday. We had to delay everything until launch day — meaning subs copies were also later than usual — and it also means we don’t deliver digital files to partners until the last minute just in case something leaks. On iOS we control publishing times, on everything else someone else does.
  10. Bit confused. Is the advantage that you can essentially start charging again on the same frame as you sonic boom? Or do you retain the actual charge because you haven’t technically released the back input?
  11. Any chance you could just get the fuck over it?
  12. In semi-related news, Rllmuk fighting-game pals should scour this issue for a familiar face from days of yore.
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