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  1. Don't you dare do Akabeko like that. What if it all comes together and you have Bag Of Marbles, 5 Energy, Mutagenic Strength, Pen Nib and Necronomicon, and like two Offerings, a Flex+ and Whirlwind+ in your starting hand, eh? Then you'd be like, man, I wish I had me some Akabeko. I do quite like Akabeko honestly. I'll take it over a key most of the time. I have no idea why Ceramic Fish exists, though. I like 35-card decks too, just to keep up with the recent discourse while I'm here. Throw in Apparitions and I'll take 40 no bother.
  2. Achilles sets the whole hidden aspect thing off so make sure you talk to him at every opportunity. Think you need to have invested a certain amount levelling up the existing aspects first but I assume after 70 hours you've got that sorted already.
  3. Xur's selling a delicious Bottom Dollar this week FYI. Outlaw and Dragonfly, just like the good old days.
  4. Oh my god that's hilarious. If anyone hasn't got time for the whole thing, you can just watch the Heart fight. Quite something.
  5. I saw it at first as an Epic win (might have phrased that better) but that issue really is the only thing the judge backed them on. Apple will have been far more concerned with the monopoly / antitrust stuff. And they're not losing *all* IAP revenue, they just have to allow the use of external payment providers. Your whales and other regular payers (like Fortnite users I guess) will go where it's cheapest but the simplest, most friction-free purchase experience will still be in-app. Plus Apple can appeal (and no doubt will) I guess what I'm saying is listen to the lawyers rather than the headlines:
  6. On this playthrough I respecced several times, basically maximising what I could from the current set of available upgrades, then respeccing once I'd unlocked something else I wanted to invest in. Saving up for 3 DDs from the start is incredibly bad business, obviously, but as soon as it becomes available it's one of the best options available to you. It's very cheap to do, you'll be swimming in keys later on. I'm considering doing it again even though I unlocked the full mirror ages ago, because I want more of the boon token things. They're so expensive but I'm struggling to get builds together a bit.
  7. That bubble Lovely stuff. I couldn’t stand King’s Fall honestly. Never got comfortable with it. I just want Wrath Of The Machine back.
  8. Thanks @spanx and @Bushtopher, very kind of you. Sorry to hear about the subscriber flow, I haven't really looked at it since I set it all up. I believe Substack automates it but lemme see what kind of control I have over it. Obviously want this to be as friction-free as possible, it's sorta the point of the whole thing.
  9. Hey someone bumped this and it wasn’t me! That’s the stuff. While we’re here, can I please ask for your feedback once again. How am I doing? @footle Good point. I assume game services are still considered separate from reader apps and are still bound by the rule changes Apple introduced last year.
  10. I reckon that's part of the plan honestly. Some kind of legacy campaign-mission playlist seems like a bit of a no-brainer, especially if they can remix them a bit and rotate them in and out over time. I used to love doing the Daily Heroic back in the D1 days. Campaign missions are some of the most expensive stuff to make even before you factor in cutscenes. If they honestly plan to just bin this stuff off forever they're insane.
  11. That's kind of how a lot of the high-level stuff works out anyway, I suppose. Might encourage that in more workaday stuff (which is pretty much all I play these days) but where's the fun in that, eh? Go run at some stuff.
  12. I like the infinite primary ammo, if only because it makes it easier to switch weapons mid-fight. Always felt needlessly punished when I did that. Logged in last night, got the new exotic from the season pass, felt the to-do list stretch out in front of me (quest step 1 of 53!) and thought, eh, not sure I can be arsed with this. Then I got booted from the game before firing a bullet and was told the servers were at capacity, so I went off and played Hades instead. Kinda regretting the £8 I spent on Silver, there.
  13. I'm not entirely comfortable with them locking what feels like essential #content behind the deluxe edition, I must say. I mean I'm going to pay it of course, and so probably is everyone else, but that's the point isn't it. Moving the goalposts a bit.
  14. For Aspect of Chiron (the homing special one), I like Relentless Volley (+4 shots to your special) and Concentrated Volley (increases the base damage of every consecutive hit). I tend to use Artemis special for base damage but you can also put Demeter or Dionysus on it (avoid Zeus and Poseidon tho, doesn't proc with every shot) and another status effect on Attack for Privileged Status damage. Prioritise Chaos every chance you get, too — unless it's Duo-hunting time I'll save roll tokens for Chaos as any kind of special damage boost off him is just nutty. Also what do you mean by static? You can be super nimble with Chiron if you want to. You can either charge a power shot from range or just tap attack from up close to get your lock-on. Then you can go anywhere on screen, pretty much, and just mash special when you're safe.
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