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  1. In multiplayer, is it possible for two players on the same island to be playing in local co-op and go and visit a friend’s island over the Internet together?
  2. I got the demo of this and there was a lot to like... except the absolutely tiny text. I want to play in handheld mode and after 30mins play my eyes were really straining. It’s a shame as I think I’d really like this.
  3. lau

    Nintendo Switch

    With Switch online, given that my wife and I both share the same switch (but have different user accounts) and only want to play Animal Crossing online, visiting our friends’ islands, will one online account cover us or do we need a family pack?
  4. lau

    Nintendo Switch

    Just got a switch and animal crossing and I am loving it. I also tried demos for both dragon quest xii and trials of mana, but the text size was so small for both on the switch screen (full size) that it strained my eyes a bit and I couldn’t see any option to make it bigger. Is this a common issue with games with lots of small text like rpgs? I think I’ve been spoiled by animal crossing and its MASSIVE AND EASY TO READ TEXT.
  5. Started this last night. Weeded the island with my wife, had a little run around, then had a little play today, bought and sent her a book, caught my first fish. This is such a good game. I’m going to take it so slowly and enjoy every last drop.
  6. I FINALLY GOT THIS. Oh boy. This thread has kept me so excited for this and the switch arrived today and is waiting for the toddler to go to sleep to get played. I'm more excited about a game than I have been for at least a decade.
  7. lau

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone still looking for a Switch right now, StockInformer are great but don’t rely on the email notifications - by the time they go out the shops are often out of stock. Keep the website open with the option ticked for an alarm sound audio notification when they find any as these are up to 5-10 min earlier it seems. By doing this I had ordered and just received my order confirmation email as the email alert came in.
  8. This may have already been answered somewhere in the thread's 202 pages (!) so apologies if so. For sharing an island on the same switch, for players who are not the main player, do the limitations on what you can do (as I understand it from reviews you can't make 'island progress' whatever that means) stop it being as fun? Or is it that once you are past the first few days and things are unlocked both you and the main player are essentially back to feature parity? I'm hoping to get this and share an island with my wife but I want to know what restrictions either I or her will be in for.
  9. lau

    Nintendo Switch

    Me too! I’m not celebrating yet though as I ordered one through Design last week and it got cancelled the next day as they realised they took more orders than amount of Switches they had come in. Fingers crossed though!
  10. This looks amazing. At first I was skeptical but the more I see the more I am convinced. The feel of it seems just right, so fingers crossed. One thought I did have though, was that in the original, due to the prerendered backgrounds, they had a real variety of angles (overhead, closeup, wide angles etc) to keep it interesting (and highlight the generational change over FFVI). Is the new game going to be pure third person over the shoulder? I’d quite like some fancy camerawork that harkens back to the original.
  11. I am loving this game. Played it pretty heavily for a period at the start of the year, then gradually lost interest due to a lack of things to do compared with other Animal Crossings, but have recently found it perfect for short 10-15 mins plays every few days. The relaxing and charming nature of its predecessors is still there. Currently I’m recovering from a particularly nasty bout of gastroenteritis and there’s nothing like just dropping in on my camp to say hi to the campers to lift the spirits.
  12. I have no idea who could watch this and prefer the one on the right. The original is so much more charming.
  13. Are you able to order games from Amazon Japan to the UK then? I know that didn't used to be the case, great if it has changed...
  14. Just got this and played it for about 40 mins yesterday with my housemate. Absolutely love the visuals and style - but found it to be a bit of a button masher's delight. Edit: just realised, is this due to us only playing using the wiimote on it's side NES style? In the options 'easy operation' was off but maybe this way it's automatically on?
  15. lau


    Wow, just noticed this thread, this looks brilliant. Love the plasticene model of poy! Look forward to seeing more of this as it develops.
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