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  1. Interesting look at the workings of the safety car.
  2. A respectful video analysing of the reasons behind the Hubert crash, how the Halo system saved potentially serious injury to two other drivers caught up in the same incident, how Dallara's chassis design shouldn't be faulted, the problems and potential solutions of the Eau Rouge/Raidillon complex, why Correa was unable to avoid the collision, the reason his monocock broke and more. Nothing graphic and a worthwhile look at whether measures at improving safety have anything to learn from it. RIP Anthoine.
  3. Dunno, but he sounded pretty confident. Or is just yanking our chains - more likely.
  4. Alonso hinting about coming back next year.
  5. Very sad. Hubert had already hit the tyre wall really horrifically before Corea ran into him. It is being reported that Alesi lost control and Hubert got caught up in that. Corea "stable" in hospital.
  6. Blue


    Indeed. As I understand it, he invented the Aeropress because the Aerobie flying disc was really terrible at making coffee.
  7. Ferrari strong in FP1 and Albon keeping up with Max quite well so far. It was oddly fascinating to see Stroll's side engine cover blow off, giving a rare view of the whole length of the engine.
  8. The 1955 Belgium Grand Prix. 180mph on the straights with trees, stone walls and children lining the track.
  9. I think this is an El Camino.
  10. My God, there are loads of them. Where have I been!?
  11. My patent pending rolling pin will come with a variety of thicknesses of its interchangeable guides. Don't even tell me if this has been done already.
  12. Those guides on the rolling pin are such a simple and brilliant idea for obtaining uniform thickness of dough that I'm embarrassed I've never seen it before or thought of doing it myself.
  13. Blue


    Yes they do, although I've read they also allow the desirable oils through that the filter papers don't. I'm with you though, the less sludge the better.
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