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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/help/questions/features/uhd-connected-tv/#/Notification List of supported devices on that page
  2. BBC are streaming it on iPlayer in 4k. ITV I don't think are.
  3. So I finished this tonight. Amazing. I am sad.
  4. Anjin

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, that's a shame, my Wii was stolen along with all my other games and tech stuff in a burglary about 5 years ago. Was hoping I could access the stuff I'd bought through the Wii store, can't even remember what I had!
  5. Anjin

    Nintendo Switch

    Additional question, I had a wii years ago and had bought a bunch of retro games from the online store, is there a way of getting access to them or were they tied to the console?
  6. Anjin

    Nintendo Switch

    I was due to go on holiday in a couple of weeks, which is obviously now cancelled, so to cheer myself up I've used the money refunded from that to order a switch. It took ages to find one online but I used that stock informer page someone recommended and got one direct from Nintendo with Breath of the Wild and a case. I remember being blown away by the trailer for Breath of the Wild, but never got around to buying it for whatever reason. I do have some fairly basic questions that I don't know the answer to though, hopefully someone will indulge me. 1.How long d
  7. I wish I'd just watched that youtube video instead of watching the whole thing, utter utter trash, the acting was so bad it was almost compelling. It just throws so much daft shit at you that I kept watching though.
  8. Little bit left field choice but if you've got amazon prime, The Man from Earth is worth a watch, I think it was recommended on here. Sort of sci-fi, sort of philosophy, super low budget, but I watched it when I was ill and found it very entertaining.
  9. Glad it's not just me, stream is shit. Also GOAL!
  10. Just noticed Lean on Pete has been added. Well worth watching.
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