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  1. On interdimensional cable you'll find it
  2. Simbo

    Babylon 5

    Interesting story behind the haircut. https://amp.reddit.com/r/babylon5/comments/f50ja1/til_centauri_hair_was_never_planned_to_be_like_it/
  3. Saw an update come through in the past hour on Quake 2 RTX and remembered you asking me about this. Quake 2 RTX now works with AMD because its been aligned with the vulkan ray tracing extensions. I gave it a go and it worked. Needed to update my drivers to get the new vulkan extensions which was easy enough.
  4. @JPL Sorry JPL, now that everything is working, it's became my preciousssss and I wants it
  5. Small update from me on the performance issues with Project Cars 2 in VR. Got to the bottom of it I got a huge improvement when I disabled screen mirroring from some helpful people on reddit. Just added "-vrnomirror" to the stream launch options. With that set, I've been able to bump up the graphics quality a far bit so I'm much happier now. Also had a short in Star Wars Squadrons and that is looking sweet - helped of course by the v3.0 release no doubt. I'm really happy now with the graphics card after the huge stumbling block last weekend.
  6. Good luck everyone hope you manage to get some cards. I got mine from overclockers. Even though the launch was 2pm I think they were only released at 2:30 (2:30:00 was the exact time of my order,).
  7. Was able to get some time to try out my RX6800XT. My weekend went through the full Gartner hype cycle. Started off at the "Peak of Inflated Expectations", then plummeted very quickly into the "Trough of Disillusionment" - I am now on the "Slope of Enlightenment" ! From Peak of Inflated Expectations to landing face first into the Trough of Disillusionment: I was expecting big things moving from a 980TI to the 6800XT. My primary use case is VR so that is where I started. First up was Project Cars 2. Started the game, noticed the resolution was indeed nicer on my Ques
  8. Simbo

    Oculus Quest

    New vr cover in stock. In red no less! https://vrcover.com/item/oculus-quest-2-silicone-cover/
  9. Cheers @Siri. Never thought of that. I will need to give virtual desktop a go. It's such a faff getting Oculus link setup. You get one taste of wireless vr (quest native games) then you never look at that cable the same way again. While I am here, thanks for your advice on swapping over the cards ... Worked perfectly first time so cheers for that too!
  10. Watched the Gamers Nexus review last night which really showed up the difference between 4K, DLSS and ray tracing and confirmed that SAM doesn't seem to make any real difference so that took a little of the shine off. Boo! That said, my current monitor can only handle 1440p and my primary use case is actually VR so I think that I'm still good from a rasterisation angle - DLSS may be very interesting if applied to boost VR games but I've not seen DLSS applied in a VR content so that's untested at the moment. Without a VR focused performance assessment and review of the graphics ca
  11. @Siri Thanks Siri, didn't realise it would shutdown after the uninstall - I'll go with that, sounds much cleaner, thank you.
  12. @Uzi I don't know how much I can push it but I've always wanted to try the supersampling as well - thought it was too much for the 980TI to handle. Think I'll try your steps first and then see how much headroom I have before upping the supersampling. I've been holding back my VR gaming on the off-chance I got a card. Can't wait to see how Project Cars 2 & ACC handles and I've not played HL:Alyx since launch. Really looking forward to upping the quality a bit and seeing the difference. Last time I played HL:Alyx was on my CV1 so should be in for a treat. ...
  13. Ya wee dancer! It's shipped! My order has been packed and I've a DPD consignment number. Can't believe my luck. That said, I now need to figure out how to appease the AMD driver gods but that might be too big an ask. Need my Quest 2 to pick up the v23 update as well so I can try out the new and improved Oculus Link. Don't fancy running that ADB command to force the update.
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