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  1. gossi the dog

    Abandoned Theme Parks in Games

    Voodoo Vince. It’s a bastard of a level requiring some perfect jumping or a lot of luck and the patience of a saint.
  2. gossi the dog

    Race The Sun

    I quickly deleted it. Not for me, but I can see how some people might like it.
  3. gossi the dog

    Your Retro Grail Items

    Doesn’t that only output the Dreamcast via s video? Or am I mixing it up with one of the TV’s with an inbuilt Super Famicom?
  4. PES must have bombed. I had a look at the games currently on the service and there’s a lot of stuff that’s previously been given away with GWG, which is disappointing.
  5. gossi the dog

    Monthly Release Dates - December 2018

    I was planning on getting nothing, but Tetris Effect is finally getting a boxed UK release, so I have that on order.
  6. gossi the dog

    Brand loyalty

    Pretty much anything by Sega's Yakuza team; Dragon Quest (I'll buy the spin offs) and Pro Evolution Soccer.
  7. gossi the dog

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    I have one. It was great last year. So far this year the only thing I've played was a couple of hours of Steamworld Dig 2. It's been a very disappointing 2018.
  8. gossi the dog

    Is "Game" finished?

    Just Dance 2019?
  9. gossi the dog

    Golf Games

    Either the GBC or GBA game. Both had an RPG story mode.
  10. gossi the dog

    Golf Games

    1. It's the only one made by Camelot before they went off and made Mario Golf for Nintendo. Contains an excellent version of miniature golf.
  11. gossi the dog

    Golf Games

    Yeah. This is great. Although, don't do what I did and completely rinse this and then transfer your character into the Gamecube Mario Golf. It makes it far too easy.
  12. gossi the dog

    The Boxing Thread

    Fury if he’d had another couple fights would win this. As it is, coin toss. Hoping Fury wins.
  13. Didn’t you sell your Jaguar? Traitor!
  14. A new CEX opened near me. A large chunk of the franchise fee goes to buy stock, which is selected and sent from head office. They received a pile of Jaguar stuff. Some in immaculate condition. I was shocked at how expensive it all was.
  15. gossi the dog

    Is "Game" finished?

    I don’t think GAME really understand the long tail nature of pre-owned and how to make money from it. They’ve been offering a £1 as trade in for Yakuza 3 for months. Which is great if anyone trades it in, but no one will.

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