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  1. I’ve got a controller with a face button that sticks when pressed. What’s the easiest way of fixing it?
  2. If it doesn’t work and the seller won’t refund you then just complain to eBay and they’ll find in your favour. Which makes knowingly selling a broken item a fool’s errand.
  3. For me it’s the principle of not being ripped off. I haven’t got too much of a problem with fakes but someone selling them should be upfront about it and price accordingly I.e. at a fraction of the cost of the genuine item. Selling a fake as the real thing at the price of the real thing annoys me.
  4. When I was selling my Super Nintendo and GBA games for all the cart only games I had to resort to taking photos of the PCB. There are so many fakes out there.
  5. I thought that Riptide game was originally a mobile phone game?
  6. 10/03 - GRID (Xbox One) - I have mixed feelings about this. It gets a lot right, the handling is good, there’s a good variety of disciplines, but it could really do with more circuits to drive around. In addition the rival AI is all over the place, with other drivers often taking you out as they seemingly stick to their pre-ordained route. The nemesis system is also a bit shonky, with someone suddenly becoming a rival when you brush their car, whilst at other times you completely crash into them and they’re not bothered. Anyhow it’s a good game, that would have benefitted from a little more polish and a bit more content. However, I don’t think it’s as good as the latest Forza Motorsport.
  7. No. Saves are kept separately.
  8. How many copies of Crash Bandicoot did you sell?
  9. My Xbox Live Games with Gold have disappeared from my Library following this update? Where are they?
  10. Cancel your subscription? I don’t have GamePass for pretty much the above reason.
  11. Yeah I miss having the two tabs at the top to flick between installed and not installed. In good news Nier Automata finally went on sale and Yakuza 0 is out. So my next month or so of gaming is sorted
  12. I care about Test cricket. Twenty 2O I enjoy watching. You can come home and watch a whole match in an evening, but at the end of the day I don’t really care. One day cricket I no longer see the point of.
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