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  1. I can’t remember the last time I saw a NGPC game in CEX. Shortly after they started selling them my local had a pile of boxed games - I assume someone sold their entire collection. I picked up quite a few games for a reasonable price. As for selling my copy of Cotton for £25, I’m not too bothered. It’s not a game I’ve missed.
  2. With retro games it’s all about plastic, paper and cardboard so the NGPC games will be worth a lot less than boxed copies. CEX who aren’t the most reliable when it comes to retro pricing sell unboxed copies of Cotton for £120 and Evolution for £80. If going for a fixed price listing and assuming you’re not desperate for the money I’d list them at a bit more than that (the Evolution price is maybe on the low side) maybe £150 and £120 each and if they don’t sell then I’d gradually lower the price. Posting internationally (you can buy additional insurance from the post office up to the value of the item) will get you a higher price. I sold my boxed copy of Cotton on here in the mid 2000’s for £25...
  3. Fair enough. Two GameCube games. I’d have more than that in my entirely subjective top 50, which wouldn’t include either of the two they did pick
  4. Just before that boss fight there’s a screen where you can find a pair of fighting boots. Equip them. Makes you twice as fast and that boss battle much easier. Also as you whittle down the bosses health their attack patterns change, which gives you an indication of how much progress you’ve made in defeating them.
  5. Or any Dreamcast or GBA games, with only Smash Bros Melee representing the GameCube. The early to mid 2000’s was a great time to be playing games and yet it’s almost as if they forgot all the good stuff.
  6. I sold mine at the start of the year. I’ve not missed it one bit.
  7. You should know the rules by now. If you want a game on release date you never ever order from Amazon. Their systems can’t cope with pre-orders.
  8. Thankfully they didn’t include any fighting games.
  9. That’s all manner of pervertedness. Too much for me.
  10. I’ve played all of 15 games in that list. Yet I don’t feel I’ve missed out on the other 35.
  11. Can you not do the old eject the cartridge when the game is saving trick?
  12. Looks pretty awesome to me.
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