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  1. Dylan Levitt reminds me of this chap from Road Trip
  2. Subbing the goalkeeper? What’s that all about?
  3. Or as my Neapolitan house mate would say “Fucking Garibaldi”.
  4. Symphony of the Night is the best game ever. The GBA and DS games are all great too. I don't like games where your primary weapon is a gun, so clearly I'm biased and think them far superior to Metroid.
  5. It's not really true. The differing factor between Metroid and Castlevania is your primary weapon. If your primary weapon is a gun then it's trying to copy Metroid. Primary weapon is something you swing (a whip, sword, an arm etc) then it's trying to copy Castlevania. The primary weapon leads to two very different types of game.
  6. Ah the DS and Vita games - I hadn't considered those. I do regard Amusement Vision and RGG as one. The HD remaster of Monkey Ball Banana Blitz was made by RGG, and I didn't think it was very good.
  7. Haven't they made every single game in the series, including the not so good ones?
  8. Expensive tat alert. For each of Kazzy; Majima and Ichiban there’s a watch; backpack; jacket and pair of shoes. https://www.super-groupies.com/title/241/products?saletype=2 I like the Kazzy inspired backpack and Majima Corporation branded watch.
  9. Supply relative to demand seems to be getting better and there doesn't seem to be much if any money to be made from scalping. I even saw Series X consoles for sale on a shelf in a shop the other week!
  10. If you can afford it, then yes wait for a Series X
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