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  1. whizzo

    Fighting with my Family

    Hated it.
  2. Its his fault. He should have had the books finished for them to follow. The lazy prick.
  3. Nope. It was summer for the first 4 seasons.
  4. You sound like literaly everone in season one.
  5. And Im afraid Its been as damaging to his books as the Lack of time is to the tv show
  6. Possibly the biggest understatment I have ever seen.
  7. Theres a point there but its not about Books v tv. The Best Thrones is when the books were being adapted for tv. Much much better than the plodding dull source material. I really think people hoping for GRRM to sort it out with the books a heading for a crushing dull dissapointment.
  8. If only Drogon had a way of attacking people that has been repeatedly shown to have no effect on Danerys......
  9. Yeah mate no. See you on thursday evening
  10. Why would you think that? The last two books were utterly dreadful.
  11. whizzo

    Football Thread 2018/19

    "Financial Doping" Stop it.
  12. By "Becoming bobby strong" I assume you mean when qyburn reanimated him? If So no Him ripping that dudes head off was after that. Perhaps you are thinking of him crushing Vipers head?

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