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  1. It is very creative of you
  2. Must admit dude that looks a very nice map Nice walkthrough and textures i will learn 3dsmax one day
  3. Rapid

    The End is Nigh

    You bet baby well i hope anyways
  4. Rapid

    The End is Nigh

    Your welcome to join the Efragz server when you want we plan on something similar to ye olde fnmdsnsdfsjhdfdfgsdfgsd. whatever it was called. we had one session the other night was good fun. Im sure some of you remember [Monkey], W3rd. We have a good laugh. eFragz Public Teamspeak Server: | CS:S Server:
  5. Rapid

    The End is Nigh

    Noes, the Counterstrike is teh dying on rllmuk Fond fond memories Match Match 2 Just two screenshots i could find on my pc of some matches we had ages ago. Trully trully sad
  6. Rapid

    Small Problem

    Myself and FAF get the same problem. Probably about once every map change. No idea why either
  7. My vote goes to troublegum, I just like it
  8. The more i look at mine the more i realise how terrible the photo is lol
  9. For Larger scale Please Look HERE My entry, It was a toss up between this one and THIS
  10. That excuse solves so many problems
  11. Dude Ranch I love the focus on the shot. Everything looks woverly and crisp
  12. WTF? Ill get a proper entry somehow .....
  13. Only had to wait 5 mins dustywoo, your popularity must be rising. Or.. OR.. He just felt so incredibly sorry for you. All in favour of the later say "AYE"
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