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  1. That's all DC's digital releases shoved on on the end of April then; https://www.newsarama.com/49651-dc-s-april-1-titles-scheduled-for-april-28-on-comixology.html Wonder if Marvel are going to do this week and then also drop it for a bit? Not that I'm really complaining, I'm behind on something like 12+ months of reading some titles, so got more than enough to keep me going.
  2. This is a real well timed post for me to throw out a question - I'm going to use the time to catch up on the vast backlog of stuff I have to read, but I'm finding my 10 inch Samsung tablet is just annoying me now when it comes to double pages. I'm thinking of getting something 12 inch - is the difference definitely worth it? Anyone have any recommendations that aren't Apple based?
  3. I've been seeing a bit about associations and retailers asking the comic companies not to throw them under the proverbial bus when it comes to going only digital. I get it but I can't imagine even Marvel or DC could sustain an extended shut down with no content coming out, so that's surely going to have to make it a necessity at some point to keep things turning over? And Comixology themselves needs to keep releasing in order to stay afloat (as I can't imagine Amazon being too happy if their margins started to dip). So then it starts to look like a question of who goes under the wheels of the bus first... Then again you'd think now would be an fantastic time for an epic Comixology sale given people need stuff to do and read, but they don't seem bothered.
  4. Same for me with We3 and Pride of Baghdad - thoroughly enjoyed both but jesus did it tug on my heart strings. Rover Red Charlie by Garth Ennis is another simialr one. While I can take or leave Ennis' Crossed stuff, putting a bunch of animals surviving that end of the world scenario worked really well (albeit it really got me in parts).
  5. With Captain America it seems like it's a really weird mix as some bits seem devoid of sound (I'll spoiler the scenes that stood out as weird, just in case): Doesn't ruin the film but still odd. edit: I'm a fucking idiot. There was a passthrough setting I'd missed and it wasn't sending Atmos (and some other formats) correctly. While Captain America's not the best test of Atmos, the sound is much improved now. Not mind blowing, but at least the parts I mentioned above have some life to them. The end of Star Spangled Man with a Plan with the explosions is probably the films most noticeable moment of overhead noise.
  6. I've started my aim of rewatching the Marvel films in 4K with Atmos - up to the end of the first Captain America so far and picture quality is great. I read before hand that the releases get a lot of stick for their Atmos tracks and think I can see why - none have blown me away and the Cap one was so woeful and quiet that switching to the regular surround track knocked it out of the ball park. My 4k setup is new so is it me missing a setting (entirely possible but my last 4k Atmos was Saving Private Ryan which was something else)? Or should I temper my expectations and they this pants all the way through the releases?
  7. Some fantastic music in this too - reminded me of when the Beeb went all out on the soundtrack for that rubbish Living and the Dead series (where the cinematography and sound was the only thing that carried it through). I'd only sat down with this on in the background and no intention of watching it, but ended up really enjoying it.
  8. I love this show. That episode was the best slow burner I've seen in a long time. Quite a lot of answers too. Can't wait to see what happens in the finale but also going to be sad when this finishes. Hopefully it does get another series; God knows it deserves something after (imo) being one of the best pieces of TV this year.
  9. Superior Foes of Spider-Man showed that quirky character combos worked if handled right. If they can take some of the left field characters and make them funny and endearing it could be well worth a read. edit: then again, it's been revealed to be Havok and Psylocke so far...
  10. Just finished Episode 7.
  11. Comixology's Marvel BOGOF is now live - Amazon have dropped their prices to match some of it too (if you fancy and odd number of purchases).
  12. While this looks amazing, the fact that after all this time we get this, but never got Episode 3, is frying my tiny brain.
  13. Add me to the `this is brilliant` camp. I scoffed at the trailers when they first came out and then decided to watch it just for a laugh - turns out it's some of the best TV I've seen in a long time. This weeks episode did feel like it was a bit of a turning point for people who aren't well versed with the initial material (up until now I'd imagine it's been a bit of a confusing affair). The opening pullback shot was so well done after the film skipped on it, my inner nerd had a bit of a moment.
  14. That's the one! Amazing stuff, thanks for finding that (and reassuring me I wasn't making it up). Should have known bloody Sauron would be something to do with it! What issue is that from?
  15. Nope, not the X-Babies. I'm now more and more sure it's the original team in their blue and yellow outfits. They're being depicted as monsters and I'm sure it's Cyclops, Beast, and Archangel - possibly Ice Man's there too. It's a single panel with a side on view, close focused on the characters. They're crowded tightly around Marvel Girl in a single panel, she's just been hit or knocked out (or psychically attacked) and as she's coming too she sees them as grotesque versions of themselves (which is why it's stuck with me). My strongest early X-Men memories are of the time when Mimic was bothering them and then became a brief part of the team, so possibly it's from around that time frame? I was likely reading reprints of the series by Marvel UK or something around that time (I don't think it was from one of the Marvel Annuals I had).
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