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  1. His Gen X stuff for me - loved that series back in the day (and it hit Comixology a little while back in a collected edition). The stuff with Emplate (chronically underused as a character afterwards imo) and the mystery around Penance was really cool (although I remember the series falling apart quite a bit some time after).
  2. Just wanted to pile in on the Chris Bachallo love - I'm another who adores his artwork. He could illustrate the back of a crisp packet and I'd still buy it (my only other weakness like that is John Romita Jnr thanks to his work on the X-Men in the 90's). Made me quite sad to hear he went through a rough time last year when his wife died. Really pleased to see he's doing better now and back doing art for the latest Spider-Man story, so I'll be all over that when the trades hit. No one draws The Lizard quite like him
  3. This version of the song specifically
  4. That's how I remember playing it first off back in the day and don't recall it having any real negative effect in understanding what was going on. Really hyped for this - it'll be my first day one purchase in years.
  5. I know it's another Marvel event but I'm looking forward to War of Realms purely because I enjoyed Dauterman's work on Mighty Thor. Plus that panel as Malekith rides in on a tiger acting like the big man, and is the first to get Cap's shield right to the face
  6. Bendis is saying that all will be revealed gradually with each passing issue... but my guess is it probably won't (at least, not in any satisfactory way). The man has a history of retconning virtually everything he touched at Marvel, and I always feel like he's the kind of prolific writer that throws so much shit at the wall that some times it occasionally sticks. This feels like one of those times where he doesn't care about explaining it, he just wants to tell a particular story and damn to everything that gets in the way (like the time he mucked around with the Guardians of the Galaxy - then he moved off it and most of the things got brushed under the carpet like it never happened). After DC going through the Convergence and Rebirth stuff, it just feels weird for them to be letting him go down this route.
  7. I never got around to playing Season 3 of the Walking Dead (although I bought it on Steam a while back). Without spoilers, does season 3 have a defined ending (like the first game) or does it end of a cliff hanger that leads in to season 4? If it's a cluff hanger for a season that's never getting finished then I probably won't bother starting season 3 at all.
  8. The big bonus of guided view for me is it stops big surprises in multipanel pages from being ruined. I've never been able to stop my eye from being immediately drawn across the page where something big or important happens further across / down. I don't know how they do it (does someone have to map out each panel in every single book / issue)? but it's something I'd sorely miss if it ever went away.
  9. Just noticed that Amazon also appear to have slashed a lot of their digital releases to half price because of CMX's BOGOF. Might be useful if you wanted to pick up an uneven number of titles or something.
  10. Some bits of that just make me think how awesome it could be to get The Darkness made into a movie
  11. I've seen them remove stuff from sales as they go on - typically it's the longer running ones. There was a Marvel sale a while back that had over 1000 titles at the start, just before the end it was down to around 990 for some reason. Was it a Marvel book? It's probably just a coincidence it was one you were after but God knows why they do it (especially as it's not a physcial object they can run out of stock of)
  12. Utterly bonkers. Though can't imagine he'll have many problems with Big Dave being there - the fact that he's built like Bane can't be a coincidence
  13. Unlimited is US only at the moment - if you're in the US you can sign up to it for a monthly fee, but if you're not then you won't be able too. If you're in the UK and have told the app your location (been a while but I think it asks you right at the start?) then it shouldn't be trying to push Unlimited on you.
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