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  1. So great they’ve delivered. See you Tuesday for some clean and utterly professional racing. Not. What’s everyone getting this on?
  2. Going to wait on the reviews before I dip on this. Gunplay looks proper loose and the environments sparse to me. Kind of not that enamoured with what I’ve seen if I’m honest.
  3. This was meant to launch last December right? Fingers crossed they have spent the time well and it’s decent. But indeed, no vids whatsoever is a bit of a worry.
  4. Out on Tuesday for PS4 and Xbox one, hoping for a good port and stable online code and on par with the pc version for fun and games.
  5. Dave White


    I watched that fella rattling on in presentation videos a good number of times with arrogance and cockiness. Basically he’s an actor, frontman peddling his wares via the puppet stings, knowing full well his game was utterly terrible could never live up to the E3 reveal. Wasn’t finished and let’s face it utter garbage in its release state, in other words lying. No morals and no integrity and the face of a company who couldn’t give 2 fucks and just want your money first and let everyone hang including all the staff who worked on it. That being said that guy should have just left regardless of contractual binds before release . He would have gained respect rather than tail between his legs cowardice which is how I view him. I don’t know the exact figure but I have a ton of respect for Blizzard who keep scrapping stuff that just don’t make the grade, regardless of how long has been spent on it. Protecting your brand and studio is so rare in this game. Which is why EA are just horrible. They’ve knackered everything. Im just glad I still have the copy gifted to me as a birthday present still shrink wrapped. I don’t sell gifts but I was sure as fuck not wasting my time on that.
  6. Playing hot pursuit online with friends was so much fun. Fucking #funtimedave with his rear end nudges and denying all knowledge. Proper red mist moments of hilarity. series had a brief moment of utter excellence that returned to mediocre on all fronts after hot pursuit.
  7. Saw an interview were the devs were discussing individual gun recoil patterns. Was hoping for CSGO type expert knowledge affair. Watched the latest reveals and it just looks the same point and 4 bullets to drop. Glad it’s gone boots on the ground but all I want is back to a skill based game. Problem is after PUBG and Apex TDM just seems a pointless affair now and that’s all I used to play. @RickyDVT was discussing this before. Its been a slow slow decline when they started offering unlock anything from them off. Working your way back up to your favourite weapons and attachments kept me hooked after a prestige. Im done with shit characters, day glo unicorn guns, and pay to win mechanics. All leaves a bitter taste tbh and such a far removal of what made this series great. Guess they're trying to get that back. I’ll purchase retail so I can flip In case the love affair is over, and even before I press start I think it is.
  8. this x100, I hate the Art direction too, really grates me.
  9. Rather than wait for a 35gb dl. I’ve chosen not to be arsed and delete it. I had got to a point with a boss that was just horrible and cheap with no fun or reward to be had. It just feels all wrong to me, the shooting feels off, enemies become bullet sponges and that ammo switch for the right enemies is dumb and stops the flow of fighting. And the open world element doesn’t work for me in this series. Intense arenas are when these games shine. Sure someone will discover the buildings are cut and paste from dishonoured soon. Ive definitely hit a point with gaming that I’d sooner just quit than trawl through mediocre rubbish wasting my time. Did the same with rage 2. Sorry Bethesda but next time I’m waiting for reviews and more importantly peoples verdicts in here before I buy. Roll on Doom in November
  10. Anyone else getting a 35 gb download from the Bethesda launcher today? Fuck knows what that's all about?
  11. I’m finding the checkpoints and mission structure, lack of ammo and bullet sponge effect far more offensive than the 2 leads.
  12. Has anyone else had problems linking their PS4 to this. Every time I try to log in it says incorrect password for my square account username. It’s the right password combo as it’s what I use for pc. Its driving me nuts.
  13. This is utterly fantastic. Seems like yesterday I was putting pounds in this incredible machine from the future in Las Vegas in Liverpool. To have this in your hands 27 years later blows my mind. I’m right hooked on shaving times
  14. Been looking at that and heard nothing but great things.
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