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  1. What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Finished one that I've had on the go for over a year: 20th February Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4) Definitely my favourite of the three games in the Uncharted Collection but I still didn't have the best time with it. The brawlin' and the puzzles were much better than the first two games however the bulk of the gameplay was made up of tiresome gunfights. Some hulking, bullet-resistant enemies make those even more of a chore. It's a pretty game for its age though, like Uncharted 2 I reckon I'd have been more impressed with some of its spectacle had I played it nearer release. Camerawork and seamless transitions from cutscenes to gameplay in the capsizing ship section in particular were great. Dealing with what the game deems to be an acceptable movement is frustrating; it looks wonderful when played a certain way but try to explore or experiment and Nate's leap becomes a pathetic stumble. I'd like a whole load more of the sections where you're asked to reference Nate's notebook, aligning it with scenery to solve puzzles. I think I want a Professor Naython game instead, basically.
  2. Oh, I thought you meant the General Story; that's a longer thing with in-engine cutscenes. A bit like the recent Mortal Kombat games but somehow even worse.
  3. The general story? Yeah it's dreadful. Except the bit where Zangief snaps a katana blade by flexing his muscles. That's the greatest moment in all videogames.
  4. Blanka is available to download now. Servers aren't back up just yet so you can't play him online or earn Fight Money with him but you can use him in Training/Versus etc Tested him a little; you can do j.mk to cross up then light kick, crouching light punch as a confirm and cancel into medium Blanka ball as a combo. That combo is +8 if the opponent quick rises so hard punch crush counters if they dare walk up quickly with a non-invincible move (and you can cancel that hard punch into another roll or VTrigger). Anyway he's fun. I hate him.
  5. Celeste - next game from Towerfall devs - Switch/PS4/PC

    Aaargh. I stopped with Celeste post-credits to focus on Dandara (which I very much enjoyed but it's nowhere near Celeste). I'm looking forward to all this insane nonsense.
  6. I bet it's technically Wednesday AM for us. On the plus side: you get to post one more picture. I played in Ranked last night for the first time since AE launched (been mostly on Switch because of travel). I won my first match but lost the set to a teabaggin Guile. Then lost the next to a respectful one. Went for Bison's VTII but had no idea how to use it effectively. I will stick with it though because it is badass. Ended on a 7 win streak because I'm down in Super Gold just now (failed Ryu experiment). Blocking is OP versus Gold Kens.
  7. What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    19th February Dandara (Nintendo Switch) I played a little bit of this at EGX last year and thought it was very cool; it's another indie metroidvania; shooting, exploration and areas gated by equipment and bosses. You don't have freedom of movement, though. Rather than running, climbing and jumping Dandara can air-dash in a straight line to other white patches of ground by tilting the stick toward them and tapping A. There's some leniency with it so you can press in the general direction and the game will zip to whichever platform you aimed nearest. Her standard weapon lacks range, which can be occasionally frustrating however the combat's focus is definitely more on timing and positioning than aiming and blasting. The bosses build on this further with some intricate encounters. It's a pretty difficult game overall; you can upgrade your health and magic bars as well as their recovery items but I didn't ever feel like a powerhouse like end-game Samus often does. It adopts the Dark Souls approach to experience too; fall in battle and you can return to the location of your death to recover "Salt" (this game's experience points). They must be spent at a Camp, which also acts as a respawn checkpoint. I had fun with it; the difficulty frustrates more coming from the purity of Celeste's but I did appreciate the oppressive atmosphere. I haven't felt this intimidated about the mood of a game since being terrified of Shadow of the Beast. There are some horrid little creations in there. Also, it's a relatively small map and by the end I would have considered the game pretty short however the end-game results told me I'd played for 18 hours! Oof. 98% exploration rate, so I was somewhat thorough until the final stretch. I'd recommend it.
  8. Arcade Edition is almost certainly cheaper than any other option, yes. It comes with the Season 1 and Season 2 character passes so you get 12 additional characters on top of the vanilla edition's 16. It's about 26 quid on Amazon or 35 on PS store digitally. The Deluxe Edition is over 50 quid and includes the Season 3 pass (Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, Sagat) but you could probably earn them with in-game currency or wait for the pass to go on sale.
  9. The majority of the locked content is cosmetic anyway. I wouldn't worry about it. There are no "pay-to-win" mechanics; just find a character you like and play. Skill isn't really a factor in earning fight money; it's time investment. I agree that players should get fight money win or lose (including Battle Lounge matches) but it's the experience points and subsequent levelling of characters which makes up the bulk of FM earnings. I've won a combined total of 2926 fights across Ranked and Casual; at 50FM per win that's only 146,300FM: just 7%of the 2 million FM I've earned in total. The best method (now the only method really) for earning Fight Money is levelling up characters. You get 1000FM for each fresh level up. If you watch all 28 Arcade Edition characters' Demonstration, Story Prologue and their Easy Survival you'll have 336,000FM and that could be done in an evening. If you also do the Normal Survival (a dull slog) and trials (far easier than most fighting games' equivalent but still tricky for inexperienced players) you'll be up to 532,000. More if you include the newer volumes of trials. Don't forget there's always an easy, 2500FM challenge every week (they refresh on Thursdays). This week's is called A Game of Push And Pull. Just go to City of Chaos in Versus against an easy CPU opponent and sweep them a lot until the background guys flip the red car. That's it! One like that every week. Once you've done all the solo stuff you can the fight money thins out but cycling through different characters and playing online helps because you'll level up less-played characters faster (you still get exp for losses). It's also a good practice, broadening your experience and knowledge. The Shadaloo Soldier fights (and that damn Bison one) are difficult though. I guess they're supposed to be a gamble. Maybe they should offer a practice fight so players can get a sense of the difficulty before putting their fight money where their fight mouth is? At least the Costume fight ones against Rashid (and now Chun Li) are absurdly easy.
  10. Here's Matt Edwards' intro video for Blanka.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Or the Robot ToyCon.
  12. Haha no of course not; you have to do that plus also spend 40,000 of the now harder-to-earn fight money.
  13. It's his story costume so you don't need to pay money for it anyway.
  14. POLL: Favourite Rare N64 game

    I remember your old avatar.
  15. POLL: Favourite Rare N64 game

    Goldeneye. I didn't get on with Perfect Dark as well, despite its more customisable multiplayer. Plus shooting through the lens of a camera in Goldeneye was far more satisfying than PD and that's important. I was tempted to choose Blast Corps because I love it dearly but Goldeneye was the game I devoted most time to. I'd never even seen a Bond film before playing it.

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