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  1. Oh, absolutely. More challenging than 3D World too; the latter half of the game if where it really stepped up with amazing remixes of earlier stages. It's a shame the Chase and tightly timed stages of 3D Land didn't make it into 3D World but I guess they'd have been a little cluttered and frustrating with four players. Maybe a Switch version could bundle both games together? Haha.
  2. Ah just got the Champion Edition Upgrade and it really does have everything. Including the Japan-only special edition EX1 colours, giving Ken a pastel pink gi. Time to switch back to Ken!
  3. It's wild. There's loads of YouTube videos (and one Edge review) which refer to it as Championship Edition so its not an uncommon thing. Cant believe this. It's my new Alex Kidd.
  4. Yeah, you can get the £19.99 upgrade as long as you own a version of SFV already. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0102-CUSA01222_00-SFVDEEARLYBNDEUR
  5. I'm in if they make an even longer Capcom vs SNK one.
  6. Heres a demonstration of a few new VSkills. No idea why Ryu is getting yet another variation of a Parry/counter since that's what his first VSkill and VTrigger II are already. I hope on the whole the new skills make the characters more versatile. I genuinely forgot Nash was in this game.
  7. Here's a few 60fps gameplay videos of the newly titled Guilty Gear -STRIVE- as well as the new trailer teasing Faust from ARCREVO this past weekend:
  8. Yeah V is just a little shy of 4 million as of Capcom's last update. That is more than Vanilla SFIV's 3.4 million however that game was superseded (haha) just 15 months later. It's probably fairer to compare SFV to those together; all the versions of SFIV across all platforms (PS3, PC, Xbox360 and 3DS) sold closer to 8 million in total. SFV likely turns a decent profit from its DLC. Character specialist are more likely to pick up one or two costumes here and there for their main while in SFIV you couldn't get an individual's outfit without forking out for a weirdly-grouped bundle. That it's one consistent game with cross-platform multiplayer rather than an upgrade that splits the user base like IV was from vanilla to super and AE to Ultra made the online feel more active so a cosmetic purchase feels a bit more worthwhile. I do think SF6 wont be far away. Well see a farewell batch of characters halfway into 2020 and marketing will begin for its sequel. I do wonder what route they'll take. I'm sure they wont make the same error of rushing out the game unpolished and lacking in modes but they're absolutely certain to find a fresh mistake to taint it all with.
  9. No, they said the first disc would be the only one you need so no forced upgrades like SFIV to Super SFIV was.
  10. I've always called the Mega Drive version that so I'm surprised to find it was just Special Champion Edition. I dont think there was a Championship Edition? What?
  11. Champion Edition has been announced for February next year. It includes all 40 characters including the newly announced Gill (presumably Seth is the remaining unannounced character to round out the Arcade Mode bosses), ~200 costumes, all stages and each character gets an additional VSkill. Its $30, or you can upgrade from your current version for $25. The upgrade is available today and will unlock any of the already-released content CE contains. Gill released in December. Gill's trailer: I figured they'd wait until Capcom Cup for the new version announcement. Other than Seth and the new Tournament mode I'm unsure what they could reveal. Unannounced extra content maybe or perhaps a brief early tease of Street Fighter 6 for next gen? The Capcom blog goes into a few details: http://www.capcom-unity.com/mattrayu/blog/2019/11/18/?no_redir=1
  12. The very final level is excellent. I kinda wish the game had a longer run of difficult challenges, like 3D Land, but the variety of ideas across the game makes up for the overall lack of difficulty.
  13. A couple of matches deep into the first of tonight's top 8's now: http://www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters
  14. North American Regional Finals tonight at 22:30 with the Top 8 of the Open Premier starting earlier at around 19:00. There ought to be new announcements; characters likely and probably more details around next years new Tournament mode. Probably not Street Fighter 6 though. Dreamhack Atlanta and ArcRevo are on too so a lot to watch this weekend:
  15. Yeah Game Pass is pretty amazing. Yakuza games as well; woaft.
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