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  1. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah your milk will be off by the time it releases.
  2. joffocakes

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I forgot all about teleport cancels into Ultra 2. So good. Let's arrange a big lobby sometime!
  3. joffocakes

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I've been listening to that Cane and Rinse episode in chunks. It is making me very nostalgic. I'd be very, very up for a Switch post of USFIV. Online matches will likely be laggy more often than not due to additional accessories being required to play wired on Switch but it would be wonderful to see the best game populated again. It's a shame it isn't likely to see further refinement ever (despite us now passing the 10th anniversary of SFIV's console debut ) because I'd love things like quick rematch online, best of 3 in Ranked, offline KoF-style team battle and the wealth of training options SFV had. I'd prefer an overhaul of the netcode to be rollback based rather than variable input delay too. With cross-platform play. And a proper Wario moustache for Dudley's yellow and purple costume. I'll happily fork out for exactly the same game all over again, of course.
  4. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    Box Boy is fucking brilliant.
  5. I'm glad to have finally gotten a win after a couple of eternities passing since all my friends got theirs. It's losin ma V.L. all over again. I got win shortly after too! How lovely. Then 78th for.my hundredth game. Getting far more total poundings; out in the first 30 a few times tonight.
  6. joffocakes

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    For the most part everything can be found just through exploring however there are definitely two things I didn't find without being told about them first. Neither of them count toward the completion percentage though as far as I remember.
  7. joffocakes

    Tekken 7

    The base game is definitely worth it for that price. It's a great fighting game and there are plenty of characters from the off. No idea about the classic OST because I don't know if I'd find any Tekken music particularly memorable but the old FMVs are included. It's a load of fun to.watch those. The first Season Pass includes Geese from Fatal Fury and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV and the Tekken Bowl mode. The 2nd Season Pass adds Armor King, Lei, Julia, Martin, Negan and maybe one more? I haven't bought that yet.
  8. joffocakes

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    The Switch can't play my copy of Boom Street. Nintendo Land and Wii Party U are still great and unique to the system too.
  9. joffocakes

    How many games can you keep on the go at one time?

    Usually Street Fighter, a story thing, an older thing and something somewhat new. With 60% of the playtime going to Street Fighter. It's SFV (and Dragon Ball FighterZ!), Life is Strange Btw, Mark of the Ninja Remastered and Tetris 99 at the moment. Pretty content. I am trying to finish more games these days though so I'm trying to forget about being a completionist.
  10. Had another session this morning in the hope of breaking the curse of constant second place finishes. And I did! I came 99th. It wasn't even a frustrated flurry of hard drops to end my own game; I got hammered by 8 garbage lines, then a further four, then more before I had any hope of defence. I'm not sure if being a high level relative to others gives a higher probability of being targeted by the "Random" attacks or if maybe by chance a few other players picked me as their rubbish bin* from the off but it was an incredibly dramatic start; over in under 15 seconds and I had a genuinely great time getting pummelled. Then I was right back into it. Such a superb game. First place still eludes me. I had a fair few chances yesterday morning but today it all felt much more difficult to even get into the top 10. Maybe I'll try again at a more sociable hour (I will actually be trying again every available waking hour of my life until it is done). *I’d originally typed “garbage disposal” like some American off the telly.
  11. Analogue sticks are fine for 2D games if that's what you're more comfortable with. Some of the best Street Fighter players I know use the analogue stick. Every game should offer a choice of controls wherever possible for accessibility's sake.
  12. Seems like a fake account. Has that been released as an official figure?
  13. Yeah they mention it taking that opposite approach in their Details video; seems like this theme might have informed the mechanics of the game itself too, jusging by the way Hornet gains height when attacking enemies in the air. I think The Messenger had a similar mechanic. I've not played that tmyet though.
  14. It's when you rotate the T shape to fit a gap it wouldn't normally slot into by just dropping it straight down.

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