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  1. You can spray water on the ground then slide on your belly for ages so Mario Sunshine is good actually.
  2. It includes the first Kombat Pack but the expectation is that there will be at least one more batch of characters. They'll likely do a disc with everyone included once they've stopped supporting the game?
  3. Pretty much every game drops in price similarly these days. I usually wait for most games for that reason but I make an exception for fighting games since multiplayer is their main draw and it's good to start fresh and learn alongside others. I'd imagine if I were to buy BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle at this point I'd get destroyed. Depending on how many seasons of MK11 DLC they decide to do I guess it may be a while before the complete game on a single disc exists?
  4. Theres the reveal trailer for the Kombat Pack characters: Arnie's lookin great. Disappointed there's no Ash as rumoured though.
  5. Is the Inside Xbox one on anything other than Mixer?
  6. They definitely did improve the loading times. They're still too long in my opinion but at least returning to training mode with Fight Request on is rapid now. Means you spend more time actually playing the game. I think she's generally considered to be a pretty well-rounded mid-tier character. She has some strong pressure if you stick out her hard punch into her hard kick tatsu. I really like her VTrigger 2 because you can use its powered up tatsu from her excellent standing light kick to really punish people. Especially Ken players who use full screen hard tatsu a lot.
  7. Really enjoying Poison. She can whip up some scary pressure when she has meter to burn. I managed to land a cute meaty crouching medium punch setup which catches both quick and back rise:
  8. They've significantly hampered the effectiveness of Scorpion's teleport now by making it a high attack so it can be ducked. This is particularly significant because ducking also avoids the Reborn variant's teleport cancel into throw antics. This thread on Test Your might has patch notes: https://testyourmight.com/threads/8-7-19-august-playstation-xbox-mk11-patch-notes.71419/ Kano's main changes are to his Dirtbag variation so hopefully that's now a viable choice. I've never encountered anyone using it. I think he'll remain in the lower tiers all the same though.
  9. Theres gonna be a balance patch, likely alongside Nightwolf, and they'll go into detail on some of the changes during a Kombat Kast stream tomorrow night. Seems a bit premature for balance changes; the game has barely been out a few months.
  10. Yeah I'm enjoying Poison a lot. She can properly harass folk into making poor decisions and yeah; that VT2 ranged throw is terrifying. Her anti-air whip is really slow, too slow to be used on reaction. You have to read that they're gonna jump and that just even more satisfying, haha. Not sure how I feel about Honda. Damage from headbutts seems meagre and kinda hurts the classic Honda turtle style (EX is strong though). Buttslams are slower too. Feels weird seeing him going in with frame-trap stuff rather than laming it out/abusing buttslam. His traps seem strong though; st.mp leaves him plus enough to stomp beating 3 frame moves/jump escapes or kara-cancel the stomp into command throw which also beats 3 frame moves/blocking. Some fun theory-fighting solutions in this Twitter thread:
  11. Ah wild; theres a free trial on both PS4 and PC until the 11th so you could have tried it and saved yourself some money. On Steam and PSN it's currently £7.50 for the base game or £30 for the game with all Season 1, 2 and 3 characters which isn't too bad. It still lacks a bunch of cosmetics. I'm sure it'll be cheap for a bundle which includes mostly everything once Street Fighter 6 is out. With fighting games it's always better to wait until the end of their supported life if you prefer owning them to playing them.
  12. Matt Edwards has posted his character breakdown videos for the new trio:
  13. Season 2 was confirmed at EVO earlier, with new mechanics and a guest character appearance from Samurai Shodown's Hoahmaru.
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