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  1. Yeah I've only played solo so far. The single player mode is Tournament, 30 years long (so 30 x 12 turns each) and the lowest ranked player is eliminated every 5 years (replaced with a new CPU character). The AI takes its turn pretty quickly but you can hold Y to speed it up further or set it to Fast by default (it's so fast the text boxes are unreadable). Its local multi only; no online at all. Up to four players, and everyone can play on a single controller. The presentation is very kid-friendly. Probably so much so that adults might be put off tbh. It's all chibi cute folk and Poundland digimon.
  2. Picked up Billion Road on the eshop today; it's been on there for a couple of months (as well as Steam) but I only heard about it due to yesterday's New Game+ Expo stream showing that it's 40% off (currently £21.59). We've really been hankering for some Boom Street (we set up the Wii U again recently for that reason) and this seems to draw a fair bit of inspiration from it. It's one (very) large board based on a map of Japan and you roll a die to move toward a randomly placed goal (which relocates each time you reach it). Landing on various spaces causes you to earn/lose money or affords you the opportunity to invest in property or items. The game is played over a number of years, with each turn being one month. The board is basic and cluttered looking but there are some cute details and the aesthetics update with the seasons. You can set custom game which run for up to 99 years if you like. Additional complexity is added through Monsters; you pick up partners as you travel the board and they give bonuses like increasing the money earned from certain spaces or letting you retry a bad die roll. Some increase your chance of getting the exact roll you need to land perfectly on the goal. Having monsters which match a certain colour class when reaching the goal will grant you cash boost with a bonus multiplier. Then there's monsters who hinder you; they'll follow behind and snap your cash or nullify your helper monster's abilities or even sell your properties. In addition to these wee beasts who help and harass players there are occasional, colossal beasts who terrorise the board adding a further layer of complexity to proceedings. You can send one of your helper monsters out to attack this foe each turn (all have a visible attack stat) though you'll lose access to its special power for a while after. The player who does the most damage will be rewarded, as will whoever deals the finishing blow (it fled on me before I saw that, damaging my properties in its wake). Oh and sometimes a portal to Monster Island(?!) appears and you can go there to snatch up rarer monsters. This is what I've gleaned from a quick hour on it; I'm unclear on how the property Monopolising will play out since the board is so vast I've not had anyone land on mine. I don't even know if it works like that tbh: I want to make sure I can sabotage other players so here's hopin'. I'll give it a go in multiplayer later but I reckon I quite enjoy it as a Boom Street alternative. TL;DR: Billion Island on Switch is 40% off and a bit like Boom Street.
  3. I've never played Card Fighters Clash (and avoided the DS version due to apparent bugs) so that's the one I'd like to see too. Apparently there was a Japan-only sequel which has a fan translation?
  4. The left direction on my stick is fucked so I ended up watching hours of a low ranked Ryu player attempting USFIV trials while I put together flat-pack furniture. Was a good time. Supersquaddy appeared in the chat; the Cammy player from waaay back.
  5. I just want a a Min-Min hat.
  6. Was optimistically hoping for the full ARMS cast aw costumes but Min Min was my go-to character so I'm happy with her. I've not actually played either game in a fair while though.
  7. I think every time I play a game with a character creator I spend aaaaaaaages footering about with it only to find the game a complete bore once I actually start playing it. WWF Warzone on N64 is the first I can vividly remember, and Skyrim on 360.
  8. Cutscenes longer than two minutes, especially at the start of a game. I wanna be doing stuff as quickly as possible. Doubly annoying when games finally give you control only to trigger another cutscene when you walk a couple of steps forward.
  9. Spent too long on that star wars game. Shame there were no big announcements but nice to see Skate 4 is coming.
  10. Might take a chance on Runner 3 at that price; I really didnt enjoy Runner 2 with its tedious Dance mechanic.
  11. Managed an 11 win streak in Kombat League earlier which is the best I've even done in this game; I usually end up with a 50% win rate at best. A couple of those wins were Quitalities but I'll happily take 'em:
  12. I don't have the game to test it but if the command in USFII is the same as it is in Super Turbo (with Spinning Bird Kick being charge back then forward + kick) then you can charge down-back then jump backward, quickly pressing forward and kick once you're in the air. Doing this during a forward jump is muuuch trickier. You have to do the same down-back (or just back) charge then input up forward with a slight delay before you press kick (too early and you'll get her Tenshokyaku "up-kicks" instead). I just tested it in Super Turbo and managed it twice in 20+ attempts. And easier way to get a forward-moving air spinning bird kick is to hold back as you jump backward into the stage wall, then tap forward to do her wall jump and then quickly kick for the air SBK. It's so high she's out of the screen during its active frames so it's even more useless than the move already is. You might find it easier if you use Negative Edge. All special moves in all(?) Street Fighter games can be performed by doing its motion then letting go of an attack button, rather than pressing it. For example as Ryu you'd press and hold punch, do down, down-forward, forward and then let go of punch and he'd still do a fireball. Negative Edge is useful for air specials since no normal attacks will activate from a button's release so you can quickly let go of all three kicks in sequence for triple the chance at the timing without risking an unwanted jumping kick. I don't think air spinning bird kick is too useful anyway though. It's mostly used when jumping back to help build super. I'm no expert in SFII though.
  13. joffocakes


    I thought it looked pretty cute, especially the cinnamon roll snail and the burgers with curly-curly-fries for legs. Seems kinda like Viva Piñata with puzzle elements. Not the sort of game I'd use to showcase a next-gen console but likely one I'd enjoy.
  14. I thought this looked excellent; I've not played any Resident Evil since 4 (which is one of my favourite videogames) but I'm keen to give VII a go and this looks like a blend of both of those games. Beautiful style too.
  15. I guess there's more USB ports on the back; only one on the front will be a bit annoy9ng for fighting games. Assuming pals will be allowed to come over before PS6 is out.
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