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  1. Yeah a lighter, higher res, wireless PSVR2 would be something I'd try; really didn't get on with the first PSVR and sold it after a few months but I'm keen to play Astro Bot.
  2. Coinciding with the new netcode's beta test which started yesterday, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R is on sale on Steam for under £3 right now. I got a laptop too so hopefully I have a chance to give it a go.
  3. Street Fighter IV and its upgrades probably 15+ times all in, if you count gifting it to friends.
  4. Haha, he looks excellent I love it. I didn't pick up the Aftermath DLV bit since its included in this new one and the game is compatible with PS5 I'll likely give it a go.
  5. Looking forward to giving it a go; this and the sack boy game are real PS Plus fodder.
  6. I still have the Wii U set up in the living room alongside the PS4. We play Boom Street on it once a week and I'll have the occasional go on F-Zero X.
  7. Demon's Souls. Never finished a From game before and I have no interest in the other launch titles so I went for that.
  8. Here's yet another fighting game being retrofitted with GGPO netcode, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R! Pretty strong news. I should have a laptop of my own soon too so I'm excited.
  9. I tend to use places like psprices for "wishlisting" stuff or finding games cos the official store is a pain a lot of the time. Shows digital and retail prices (including a history of price changes) and has more platforms than just playstation.
  10. Could go a wee slice of new info right about now.
  11. The others released after Street Fighter IV.
  12. I've only played (and loved) the first one so I'd be more than happy with it just being a collection with a stable frame rate and a resolution boost.
  13. Its a ludicrous length of time. Takes 2 minutes and 6 seconds just to get to the main menu. You can get into a match sooner than that in both Tekken 7 and Mortal Kobat 11. I hope the Street Fighter 6 delay and extended SF5 DLC support mean a PS5 patch too but we never did get a PS4 Pro patch so I I'm prepared for nothing more than BC "boost" mode.
  14. It would be useful for me to pause playing one game and load straight back to training mode in Street Fighter with the settings as I left them.
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