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  1. The basic Street Fighter V comes with just the starting 16 characters while Champion Edition has 40, with 95% or the cosmetic DLC (costumes, stages) unlocked too. It's definitely worth the extra tenner. The pass for the Season 5 (the final season) characters is not included and is £14.99 at the moment (or £27.99 all bundled together). You will be able to unlock all five of this season's characters (Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira and Luke) with Fight Money from the single player modes if you wanted to. Their additional costumes aren't included like they are with the pass, however, if that matters to you.
  2. Surprised to see quite a lot of positive reactions to Luke on the Twitter Internet website. I wish they'd at least made him Irish or something, rather than another USA punchman rep. Also he should be the Neo Shadaloo Gorilla.
  3. Not interested in anything about Luke. At least he continues the game's tradition of dreadful looking blonde hair? I hope this isn't an indication of SF6's character design and is just some cutting room floor reject from SFV's initial roster. Akira looks kinda straightforward but fun all the same; I hope Oro can be an absolute nuisance.
  4. I forgot Evo starts this weekend! I haven't followed many tournaments since covid made almost everything online only (plus I no longer commute). Hopefully it's still an interesting watch however, quite wildly, the Evo twitter account just said players should use ethernet "if you can" (the rules still suggest match forfeiture if a player is found to be using WiFi). EDIT: They already deleted the tweet and reworded it: Another Fortnite collab will be covered in tonight's update, two new characters it seems (my guesses are Zangief and Cammy). Time for speculation that the final character is Jonesy from Fortnite to begin!
  5. Had a quick go on the PC version before while my wife was baking and attempted Celestial on a whim only to finally succeed! Got incredibly lucky to be matched against a VIP Goldlewis I was able to 3-0; my Axl shot up from level 63 to level 100 after the first game, haha! It seems like a terrible matchup for Goldlewis since he really needs to get in and Axl is the opposite of that, plus they're gonna have nearly no experience. Plus Axl's command grab makes their full-screen laser pressure attempts pointless. Good. Next up was a Leo player who did get the best of me in our first game by being very Leo-y with a lot of buttons and side switches but they used the same buttons in the same sequence in the rematches so I was able to avoid some damage and throw a few dash-through attempts to take it 2-1. Delighted! Need to manage it on PlayStation now.
  6. Having been mostly playing on my laptop lately I went back to PS5 to check this (and to try Goldlewis since I didn't buy the season pass on PC) and Activity Cards don't seem to exist anymore?! It was always kinda inconsistent getting them to appear but now I have no idea where they are.
  7. Info on the next update, Oro, Akira and more* will be streamed on Tuesday next week at 11pm (I think). Looking forward to seeing Akira's stage and how their aerial combos work. *probably some DJ's terrible SFII soundtrack remix and gaudy tshirts.
  8. Characters being overpowered early days in a fighting game is absolutely delicious and I love it. In the (admittedly few) tournaments I've watched there's been matchup variety despite that.
  9. On PS5 you can skip that using the activity cards to go right into training but yeah its a pain, especially since it does it a second time when you choose an online mode. Trailer for the first DLC character is out:
  10. If the first DLC character is definitely the one from the leaks then I'm excited to give them a go. I also hate mirror matches a lot however I did play a wee set yesterday against a more experienced Axl yesterday and things stayed pretty even. I even managed one (singular) Axl bomber loop. They got the best of me overall and the set ended 8-6 in their favour. It's interesting to go from "how the hell were they not expecting the command grab?" to "...oh.".
  11. Both of those salty messages were me on alt accounts.
  12. I had a couple of comfortable wins in my Celestial Challenge last night and felt "this is pretty do-able" then got absolutely and completely obliterated by an I-No player. Once they're in an on the high-low I simply cannot defend. Too fast! Next time up I got more than destroyed by a Leo player. I don't think I've seen many since the beta but I definitely now know that his counter also works against Supers.
  13. Absolutely strong work. I look forward to watching your tournament performances!
  14. This is the first time ever that my issue has arrived before the thread. Felt special.
  15. Oh I didn't even know you could change those auto-messages. I wish the chat log had a filter to show only manual messages, so I can enjoy the public salt. Maybe it does; the menus are incredibly busy and I'm scared to click anything in case I have to wait on a server for 5 minutes.
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