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  1. I did actually go through the process of reporting them via their PS4 profile, choosing the relevant options Sony offers, only to be presented with text telling me to report them using the relevant game's reporting function. I'm not even sure MK11 has one. I think the only things you can report are offenses within their PSN profile? Like their name or bio. Unless I'm missing something.
  2. Despite mostly friendly matches and messages I've finally started to see some seething rage in Ranked. This Scorpion player descended to Xbox Live 2004 levels of hateful patter. Only the last match of the set and recorded on my phone since PS4 Share button omits strangers' mic audio.
  3. Still haven't seen a huge number of quits across hundreds of fights; this is my third Quitality. Deeply satisfying.
  4. If you mean in Practice mode you can pause and go to Practice Options; there's a P1 Variation select in there which let's you switch between them (those with a "T" prefix are the tournament ones). That way you can be sure you're not practicing with moves you can't use in Kombat League. If you want to create a tournament preset so you can use it in Towers and online Kasual you need to go to Kustomise, choose or create a Variation, use R1 to select the Abilities tab. Press square to "Use a preset" then equip one of the two listed with a tournament cup icon. Really odd they weren't available by default but playing locally in Tournament Mode locks everything to the tournament standard variations anyway.
  5. Yeah that Erron Black one is weird. Even if you block correctly he's (relatively) safe from punishment. Most characters' Flawless Block Up+2s whiff as well. Annoying. I guess you can jab him out of it but a bit o' wonky lag and you're dead. Also I'm nearly 40 and reactions are dulling. I played my first Kombat League matches yesterday and my first opponent was Scorpion* so I feared the worst however in eight sets I only fought the same character twice and that was Shang Tsung. I like the additional wee challenges for unlocks too. *despite knowing the teleports were coming I got hit by every single one and got battered.
  6. Tests of the day one patch seem very positive
  7. It did really feel like both Link and Zelda being playable is likely. Maybe one trapped beneath the ground in an upside-down netherworld where changes up above affect below and vice-versa? I'd like that. The discordant music definitely felt like a nod to that sort of thing. I'm very excited for it. Im gonna play BotW again.
  8. Didnt Miyamoto already confirm that it was different?
  9. 12 Minutes, Legend of Wright and Blair Witch all looked great. And that Lego/Forza expansion is amaaazing. Kinda interested in Cyberpunk as well now since Keanu Reeves is in it, haha.
  10. Weren't there sections where you use the pointer to pull a weightless Mario toward floating stars? Those are likely pretty awkward with analogue stick controls. Gyro would be ideal though.
  11. The momentum and the way speed and timing of jumps off different gradients makes a huge difference to trajectory is really fun. Going at pace is more of a memory test than reactive though. I dont like many if the levels in Mania but I do enjoy Green Hill Zone a lot. Currently 8th place on the leaderboards for Act 2 on PS4 but about half a second slower than my time on Switch so I'm gonna try better it.
  12. Still waiting for that Itadaki Street PS4 localisation. Or, even better, Boom Street 2.
  13. I think this is definitely the year for Ridge Racer Switch. Definitely.
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