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  1. Help me out in a quiz

    Stop cheating.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Oh yeah; Virtual-On is probably the closest comparison. It's still very much about spacing, timing and reads like a traditional fighter though. As well as cheeky couter-picks against your opponent's style. It looks wonderful too.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Uh, actually yes.
  4. PS4 Pro

    I thought my PS4 was quiet for about six months but I was only really playing Street Fighter and Netflix. Had a half hour session on Wipeout and thought someone had installed a hand dryer.
  5. WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    I've been very much enjoying this lately. Did the basic 2048 races and I think I'll struggle with Elite Pass on those later Combat stages. The races and Time Trials are great though. Not mad keen on the left,right,left input for barrel rolls but everything else is perfect. Interested in trying the VR too. Sold mine to a friend a while back but I might ask him to bring it over so we can boak all over the carpet.
  6. You're saying it wrong!

    I once saw a C.E.X rep at an event say on stage "And listen: it's pronounced 'sex, yeah? Get over it" like a complete Nathan.
  7. You're saying it wrong!

    Halah-pea-no and chore-eats-oh.
  8. You're saying it wrong!

    I still pronounce Ryu as Rai-oo. And Karin as Karen. People who pronounce them "correctly" always make a show of it, so you notice. Like folk who correctly pronounce jalapeño or chorizo. Urgh.
  9. Why do so many Street Fighter characters say "let's begin"? She looks alright; I wish the VTrigger 1 fireball antics were part of here regular gameplan. Hopefully she can play a decent keep away game. Not a huge fan of the Ed-style inputs. I find them awkward because I'm so accustomed to the traditional motions. I've enjoyed this season's DLC so far; didn't play Sakura much because Celeste and Golf Story were great but ended up loving Blanka (I'm sorry) and now I've gone back to Sakura and her great standing light kick. I've not spent much time with Bison since AE launched actually. His new trigger is fun too.
  10. Falke Trailer. Releases next week. And the blog post: http://www.capcom-unity.com/strumslinger/blog/2018/04/16/falke-the-guardian-hawk-vaults-into-street-fighter-v-arcade-edition-on-april-24?pageSystem=full
  11. Sega Announce MD Mini and Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered

    But... that would be fantastic?
  12. I will buy a second Switch the moment it is announced.
  13. Here's an example of how quickly it loads now. They removed the unnecessary Versus screen. The Grid loads faster than the other stages it seems. A huge difference. I'm glad they're continuing to make improvements beyond balance tweaks.
  14. Alex's Hard Hit properly after his VSkill doesn't suffer from the scaling nerf which crush counters received so that's nice for him. Blanka's backstop roll became a load more useful too; he can combo into VSkill then more nonsense if the hits a jumping opponent. EDIT: Oh wow! The loading times rrally are improved! Using the "Return to Previous Mode" option after an online match to go back to training is near instant. The load times and unnecessary versus screen from before put me off using that. Maybe now I'll be more disciplined in my training mode use (I won't)!
  15. PS4 Pro

    I got a budget LG 4k tv, the UJ630 model. It's £410 from Tesco just now. The HDR isn't great in Game Mode (it's bad, actually; it dims the full display so I ended up turning it off on the PS4 completely) but the input lag is superb for a relatively cheap 4k TV at 12ms. I used the info over on rtings when trying to pick one: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/inputs/input-lag I was purely interested in input lag over all other factors though.

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