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  1. It's no big deal despite my drama! Turns out Indy sent me four items so I will just not order today and then miss one order tomorrow and order shall be restored! Great on the painting, will give you a shout later. Thanks!
  2. Ooh, has Common painting gone? If not I would like that very much but don't have the Switch handy just now.
  3. The AC name is Steve! I'm not allowed to bin them! They need to be returned to sender or passed in to an animal that the sender chooses. The animal is warned that this is most unusual..
  4. On my way for a very quick check in with Celeste!
  5. Now, in other VERY IMPORTANT business, I have received two items each from Steve and Indy which is causing all sorts of problems on Pazuzu given the rules that we have in place in order to protect the animals. One rule forbids the importation of goods from other islands by off islanders which these goods are in direct contravention of. This is for the benefit and protection of my herd, a few of whom are already angsty enough as is. Are they Mario items? As, if so, we have decided that we these can, on this occasion, accept them given that we can buy them here. However, given that i
  6. I do not envy that. Those dickheads bringing their dickheadery into the city centre is not cool at all. 'Manchester. Cotton and Guns!'
  7. Aah, that could be a problem. I am mostly hopeless at parrying in Bloodborne but found Sekiro to be easier than that as it feels like the windows are a little larger or maybe it was just that I was forced to work at it unlike in Bloodborne where it is a very useful skill to have but not an essential one. It also helped to think of the combat as more of a free style rhythm action type affair, especially on boss encounters.
  8. Out of DS 2 or Sekiro I'd go with Sekiro as it is a nice break from the formula, is a decent challenge, and is just much better than DS2. It might take a short period of adjustment in order to click but, once it does, the combat is very rewarding.
  9. I bet. I've not been into the city since passing through in early December.
  10. It is an amazing museum. My favourite is the room with the whale bones. When lockdown lifts I think it'll be one of the first places I go to in MCR...
  11. I thought it might have been new with the last update. I want a giant crab.
  12. If this isn’t the game of whatever year it is released then I will buy a wizards hat and eat it. Without condiments.
  13. That could be a really great mechanic especially if the number of corpse fires was limited and assuming they would be a total replacement for campfires. Seems a brilliant way to really amp up the risk v reward tension...
  14. Derek is excellent. I always make time to go and prod him when visiting. EDIT: Hang on, how did you make crab models? Are they models? I want giant crabs. And a Derek for that matter.
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