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  1. I have first hand heard it used directly against a friend of mine, who has an obvious physical disability, here in the UK so I can assure you there is comprehension of the meaning of the word in this country. Also, why do you think the word was adopted by the S&M community?! But this is exactly why there is a need to be educated. 'Retard' was a similarly US centric insult which became an established insult online and IRL in the UK until it was pointed out that deploying it was a bit shit. And constrained is a really polite euphonism for held back which is a very s
  2. I'll not advise you to 'give it a rest' but I will advise you to go fuck yourself if you think this language is in any way more acceptable than the use of, for example, 'retard'. The OP here is as explicit as can be that he is referring to a console being held back or, if you want, crippled by it's specs so don't give me the hand waving bullshit that the context of the fucking word is not understood.
  3. I'm still fucking angry that 'gimp' and 'gimping' have been deemed acceptable language on this forum.
  4. I liked Shari a lot but then I do like a monkey so was a bit annoyed at accidently allowing her to leave. I now have two cats.
  5. He lives with me now but is still unpacking. He has good Bowie eyes to be fair.
  6. Big day on Pazuzu as it is Graham the excellent Hamsters Birthday AND I haver a new resident after accidently pressing the 'yeah, off you trot' button when Shari the monkey suggested leaving the other day! The new resident is a cat named Raymond which is a bit annoying as I already have Bob the cat and I'm not even a cat person. Still, Raymond seems OK - he has mismatched eye colours and dresses a bit businessmancat like. I'm still annoyed at having two bloody cats though...
  7. Nice to see Iceland included in the Nordic update as it was very poorly mapped and rendered when I took a jaunt over there last year. Updating it now so looking forward to a revisit when I get time this evening...
  8. I finally replaced the white face plates with some cheap matt black ones. The hideous lump of ridiculously curved white has now almost dissappeared under the TV. They are a little flimsier feeling and, obviously, don't have the Sony logo/textures but that's not an issue at all... Why Sony have not been pumping out face plates in different colours or themes themselves is a mystery as they seem like they would be easy money.
  9. I double checked and can confirm that, prior to watching an hour of Army of The Dead, I had never seen a Zack Snyder film. As he appears to only make superhero/comic book adaptations that's no surprise as it is a genre I have zero interest in. Wait until you find out how many Marvel films I've seen!! I have seen several movies that Tyler Sheridan was involved with. They were OK.
  10. Fuck me, I am still reeling from how awful Army of The Dead was. The opening sequence alone suggests a pretty significant budget (by Netlfix standards) yet all that money seems to have been thrown at someone who doesn't have a fucking clue as to how to make even a half decent film. It was all just so endlessly sub-par. Not one element I saw was even close to average, let alone above it. My word, it is bad.
  11. Army of The Dead (2021) I've never seen a Zach Snyder film before this but do like a good zombie film so followed the hype. I regret that. This is one of the worst films I've ever seen - the extraordinary sense it has of it's own worth and import was really quite something given how inept literally everything about it is. It is turgid, has cliched characters shitly acted, looks awful (that vaseline effect!), is boring beyond belief, has the most irritating soundtrack/score (I think I got to four or five terrible acoustic, breathy, slowed down, covers of rock standards/c
  12. Nice, that's some classic King even if it is nowhere near his best.
  13. That latest Madeley is amazing and, surely, there can no longer be any doubt at all that Madeley is the Partridge inspiration? That said, he really seems to be becoming more an more Partridge as the years go by, almost as if he has read those comparisons and is now properly 'leaning' into the role. This series of This Time never really hit peak Partridge for me for reasons I can't really put my finger on. There were endless brilliant moments but an awful lot of flat filler too - repeated Simon and Ruth gags for example and some genuinely poor moments (that Guardian journo sequence
  14. I don't know what that is but know I won't like it as much as Elden Ring and BOTW 2...
  15. Being able to buy the PS4 version for cheap and then have it upgraded to the PS5 version for free is excellent news on top of excellent news. I'm off to hunt down the cheapest price... Also, if we do get BOTW 2 next year as well then it's going to be quite the shootout for game of the year as I doubt, for me at least, anything else will come close to touching these two.
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