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  1. That's great, thanks for sharing. I can see the way the level flows when the it is played properly. I'll give it another go tomorrow as I was being way too cautious in my approach.
  2. Mike S

    Best New Music 2019

    I read an interview last year, or early this year, in which he stated that he would rather his vocals sound odd but interesting than normal and boring. Or words to that effect.
  3. I have tried this course! It was a little tricky for me but, in my defence, we had been out for some mild boozing earlier. I shall try it afresh tomorrow. It's pretty marvellous being able to play other folk's creations though isn't it?
  4. I've never played mutli player. I just time trial the same course over and over and over. It is amazing.
  5. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch

    I never said he was being stupid, I said he was trying to make a point in a stupid way. Nintendo hard- and software doesn't get priced down too often because they don't need to price down - they are doing just fine on their current model without needed to get involved in Sony and Microsoft's never ending loss leading tech and sales wars. On the flip side, seeing things marked down a few weeks or a month after release is hardly an inspiring sign of quality, even if it has now become an expectation. How often do we read 'I'll just wait a few weeks till it's less than £30'?
  6. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch

    Nobody thought you were. It's just that it was a really stupid way of saying that Switch games hold value whereas the games on other platforms don't. As others have said, you can sell your two year old Switch games for a pretty small loss relative to the pennies you'd make selling most equivalently aged PS4 or Xbox software. Not that you'd want to sell them of course...
  7. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch

    There are no comparable games on other formats though! Which might be another reason they hold their price.
  8. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch

    Buying lots of things at once and then finding out that it costs a lot should not be a surprise. But Nintendo's own games hold prices as they remain as good now as they were at launch and none have been superseded by sequels.
  9. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch

    Is it smaller than the regular model?
  10. The meltdown had the potential to cause a secondary steam explosion had it reached the pool of water below the reactor which, potentially, would have been devastating to the entire plant. That's why the three men were sent to drain the pool.
  11. And that is without the possible catastrophic effects on the other three reactors had Reactor Four exploded and damaged them too. There was potential for a significant global impact rather than a regional one.
  12. There is already a CD quality FLAC release or you can stream at that, or higher, quality via Tidal.. https://www.highresaudio.com/en/album/view/pdkm83/hildur-gunadttir-chernobyl-music-from-the-original-tv-series
  13. Mike S

    Cadence of Hyrule

    I'm not finding it to be anywhere near as challenging as I found Necrodancer if that helps..
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