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  1. Treat yourself to a bottle of Cantillon to drink now and one to sit on for years and years or maybe something jazzy from 3 Fonteinen... Both consistently make lambics of a rare quality.
  2. That partition is at the top of my wanted mushroom list followed by the giant shroom and the excellent lamps but I have now given up on trying to obtain them as the rewards v time needed (one mushroom recipe so far) are stacked against me. Bah!
  3. Nabbed the painting @SteveH, thanks very much for opening...
  4. I'd like that quaint painting if it is still available please?
  5. Thatcher is so badly acted that I've had to give up on S4. I have no care nor empathy for the Charles and Diana story that is front and centre, nor the actors that portray them, either so it was a pretty easy, if disappointing, bailout. The first two seasons were magnificent TV (even as a non Royalist etc, etc) so I may just go back and rewatch those.
  6. Despite not yet owning the console, I am lurking the Sales folder awaiting a copy of this to drift to the bottom... *Spooky voice* 'It's not for you, not for you, let it go-o-o-o...'
  7. And in this aggravating pain lies the real beauty of Souls. In other news, I need a PS5 more than I ever thought imaginable a few months ago. And all for this...
  8. What did they say about improvements over PC as that is already running the game on max settings at 4K/120? I'd be very surprised if the Series X can bring tricks that a PC could not...
  9. I am missing all mushroom recipes apart from the stump despite popping at least five balloons a day for rhe last week. O don't have time to do any more that that and even this number is becoming a drag. I have one leaf recipe and a spare of that.
  10. Yeah, it's a bit of a drag but I guess reflective of the relative lack of devices that actually need 2.1. Thinking about it, I should check exactly what's plugged directly into the TV as there may be something I can route through the receiver instead.
  11. Yeah, I've not seen one anywhere but it would be very useful as all four HDMI 2.1 ports are being used.
  12. If you can find me a decent HDMI 2.1 splitter that would be very handy as my TV has run out of ports before even acquiring a PS5..
  13. I tried the game via Ubisoft+. It was just about worth the £12.99 I paid as the game world looks great, as is usual with these, but the gameplay is dire so I still feel a little cheated.
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