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  1. Yeah, and totally makes sense with what he told me about going out to search for things to sell me.. Damn.
  2. I didn't even know it was possible to make a shopping list! It was definitely one item though and began with S, and cost 3000 sen. I paid half that for a seed from someone too.. Maybe? I wasn't paying too much attention as it was way more than I could afford at the time.
  3. I did! Oh no. I see where this is going....
  4. I'll head back to the start when I get back to it as I don;t think I've seen a merchant there but the Outskirts Wall shopkeeper is long gone. His stall and hat are there (or were until I smashed them all up to teach him a lesson).. Dragonrot has been cured. I do like the mysterious comings and goings of NPC's in FROM games but could really do with seeing this fella.
  5. I haven;t got that far into the Castle yet. The only non tent shop guy I've encountered (near the Outskirts Wall)has disappeared so I assume he was the one selling the mystery item.
  6. It wasn't that. The item has been available since the start of the game as far as I can remember, begins with S and cost 3000 sen which made me really want it as that was an awful lot of sen which makes me think it must be great. I'll have to buy a dew purses and bank as much as I can for now...
  7. I had a lot of issues with the XBox controller. Turns out that using a cheap old USB cable instead of the proper one really doesn't work. Last night I saved up 3000 sen with a plan to purchase something that was being sold for that amount by one of the merchants but now cannot find it for sale anywhere and can't even remember what the item was but have a recollection of it being a sword that began with S? The guy near where the chained ogre was has long disappeared and neither of the two tent guys I've found are selling it. I expect I'll blow it all on purses and Spirit Emblems instead. I do have four health flasks now though so that's nice.
  8. This is marvellous isn't it? It took me an age to stop playing in my Souls/Bloodborne style and embrace the block and parry style that Sekiro encourages but since it clicked it's been glorious. I'm still not entirely sure when I parry or just block (I assume the sound is different?) but am far more confident in risking a parry than I ever really was in Souls/Bloodborne where the timing windows were much tighter as well as being variable for differing weapons.. I'm defeated two bosses now and was on a third when I stopped playing last night: The first one in the spoiler was relatively straightforward albeit still pretty tough, as clues to his defeat were given, but the second boss was a PITA until I revised my strategy a little in order to cheapen him but even so he was still a pretty mundane boss by FROM standards. All bosses are made much more tolerable by the proximity of bonfires and the ability to get back at them without having to engage too much with other enemies en route. so that's a nice concession from Miyazaki The map seems a little linear so far but I've passed a few doors that I can't open but that I hope will eventually loop into later areas once I've made some progress. It's a beautifully realised world to be exploring though and a very refreshing change from the medieval fantasy of DS. Aside from the elements that are clearly mapped over from Soulborne I happily have no clue what most of the game's systems are really about nor what objects are about, or the best time to use them, etc, etc but I wouldn't want it any other way. Finally, I am quite relieved that I settled on the PC version as the speed of the combat and traversal really needs, and benefits from, a high, stable, frame-rate.
  9. Mike S

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    It's all configured for Xbox pad support. I've found that it works now but only if I am in Big Picture mode which is a mode I have ner used before for let alone just to get a standard pad working. Even then, if the mouse is moved, or if I alt=tab to a different application then it forgets the controller completely and I need to restart the game. It's hugely irritating and quite baffling a bug for a PC game in 2019..
  10. Mike S

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    It's always wired!
  11. Mike S

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    I'm having real problems with the controller support. I'm using an Xbox One pad but it randomly drops out during games and default back to M+K which requires that I restart the game. Sometimes the controller isn't recognised on start up despite showing as an Xbox One controller in the in game options. I've never had an issue with using the controller before so must be Sekiro specific. I did follow @Sie's tip in the main Sekiro thread but it makes no difference (I'm playing in desktop mode not Big Picture BTW). Any help or suggestions will be very gratefully received!
  12. I have been out boozing and am, to be fair, a few sheets to the wind. Hold my beer! I'm going in...
  13. @Radish @Sie Thanks for the help but it seems that VPN doesn't work for me probably, having thought about it, because I bought an EU steam code from CDkeys so I'm region locked rather than time locked when under VPN. Top tip on the controller too for whenever Steam lets me play it and very pleased to hear that it runs at a smooth 60fps at my resolution of 1440p. I'm going to have to bow out of this thread now as I am jealous of y'all playing the game.
  14. D'oh! For some reason I figured I'd still need to wait until midnight here. If that is actually up and running now then off to the PC I shall head!
  15. The VPN thing seems a bit of a hassle just for a quick hour or so at midnight so I'll likely leave it and wait until I have some proper time on Saturday. Thanks for the tips though... The steam afternoon/evening unlock really can fuck off though, it is always hugely irritating having to wait until Americans are ready to play before we can. Grrr.

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