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  1. I'd add these to the other recommendations: The 13th The Staircase The Keepers Icarus I hear American factory is very good but haven't had the time to watch it myself yet.
  2. You need to 'make a wish' when you see them by:
  3. Yeah, it has killed my enthusiasm for the game almost stone dead. I have no motivation to fish anymore, balloons are just recipes for egg things or yet more eggs. I think I will get a few more fruit trees growing, harvest them every few days, and then step back until the whole egg thing is done.
  4. I just noticed (the original) Dumb and Dumber is on there. Never gets old.
  5. Quote me saying that, please. Maybe also start a poll requesting that every post be spoilered as that is what would have to happen if this is taken to the logical conclusion. Unless you want to make a list of what can and can not be spoilered? Is godzilla acceptable but a fish not? Is an odd hat OK? What about wallpapers? Fencing? etc. As I said, it doesn't matter that the game has been out for a while - due to the RNG many may well not have seen X fish or X bug, or X outfit even after playing for X days. Also, many players are playing at a slower rate or are fresh so you really need to spoil every single post if you want to do this properly. And by awful I didn't mean the act of actually retrospectively spoiling every post (although that would of course be immensely tedious). I was referring to the finished product - a thread in which everything is behind spoilers. Which would be awful. I remember the mess and confusion of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne threads in which spoilering of boss names was a thing.
  6. Start by going back and spoilering every post in which you have named or shown a species, clothing, furniture, wallpaper, collectibles, etc, etc, etc? Then ask every one else to do the same. It would be awful.
  7. The whole thread is a spoiler and, realistically, it cannot not be. It doesn't matter if someone sees the name of a fish (or a weird piece of furniture/walling/etc) now or in three weeks as, other than the common species, there is no guarantee that they will have seen it at any time so that argument is a bit of a nonsense plus, of course, people are starting fresh all the time. If a fish name goes in a spoiler, given the random nature of them, how does the nervous viewer know it is one they won't have seen? I specifically mentioned maybe two new fish as I was excited to catch them especially as one had a very amusing name, just as many, many, others have done since day one. That is the fun of the thread - I don't mind hearing about a fish as it makes me keen to try and catch one (the others I named have all been outed in this thread already, as have some other new species by other posters posting before me today). Showing images of rare species is a whole other thing and that I do consider a bit of a spoiler. Again, that is something that has happened plenty of times in here but, equally, there is a good possibility that you might see those rare species on display on other folk's islands (as I have done and I am not an especially frequent traveller to other islands). So, logically, you'd best not travel either. Anyway, I like reading about rare species as it gives me something to aim for/look forward to maybe seeing/catching. It seems like that is a big part of the fun.
  8. It's a pretty significant fuck up and really doesn't bode well. I did a search the other night and it seems that, back in November, Disney assured a pissed off US market that the proper aspect ratios would be made available in 'early 2020'. Clearly that hasn't happened which is disappointing as the current treatment is unforgivably awful.. I suppose I could watch the correctly ratio'ed Season 20 onwards but I'm not hugely familiar with later Simpsons and really wanted to watch all those classic earlier episodes. One other thing, using the Apple app, this is a pain in the bollocks to use. If I'm watching an episode of The Simpsons I'd would expect going up a level to take me to that episodes summary screen, and doing so again would take me to the list of episodes in the season, and then again to all the seasons. Instead it takes me straight to the main homepage where I need to find the Simpsons (in the banner if lucky or, if not, via search). It genuinely amazes me that such backwards, clunky UI could be signed off. I have it for another month so shall watch the first Pirates of The Caribbean, maybe the second, but after that I'm out. Ha. True.. It's not new but The Rocketeer remains a lot of fun.
  9. Aah, right. Accidental cosplay! I'm no snitch though...
  10. Hardy a list of loads of new stuff. A couple of fish from dozens... Images are much worse as spoilers - I saw photos of folk holding oarfish, with them in paddling pools, etc way before I caught one and I'm not in this thread all day so miss a ton of posts which is a bit annoying as it's such an oddball of a fish. There has also been plenty of talk of fish and bug types all through this thread...
  11. Yeah, it was. I still don't get your point.
  12. Maybe pictures but, even, then I've seen fish in tanks on other folk's islands that I hadn't seen myself. For example, I saw oarfish on here way before I ever caught one. Same for stringfish although I never saw those as can't be arsed to grind for bait.. Names of fish don't bother me at all though. Nor furniture, fixtures, and fittings.
  13. I've had a fair few eggs too. A rabbit just told me there are six types but I've only found five so that is bugging me a little...
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