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  1. 24/01/2021 - A Mortician's Tale (PC) Another from the itch.io bundle and another short experience rather than traditional game, this is a death-positive look at the funeral home business - and it's actually really rather good. It's all very simple - you basically read some emails and then treat bodies before attending the funeral service for the deceased and just hearing what those attending have to say. There's no fail-state, nothing complicated to do, no choices. Just read and do some mouse motions in the 'preparing the bodies' bit - there's (deliberately) no challeng
  2. Isn't it quite a time investment also for whomever runs it?
  3. I think the thing is though in most walks of life people will take the easiest option and the vast majority would never upgrade to Game Pass, no matter how attractive a proposition it was. On that basis you can see the logic in putting GWG up to near-Game Pass prices as a better motivator - though, again, a fair amount just wouldn't bother at all and just leave the ecosystem all together.
  4. Argos are shockingly low on stock of the official adapter, I was checking multiple times a day for a couple of weeks and there's nothing near me. In the end I managed to get one for less than full price on Amazon Warehouse (werehouse? Wi-fi) last week - might be worth keeping an eye on that.
  5. All these types of shows will have, somewhere along the line, people that will get through at the expense of somebody else even though they don't meet the brief. I always tend to wonder if some instruction from upstairs plays a part when it happens. Bake-Off is ironically one of the worst for baffling decisions, where being excellent on day 1 is often forgotten when it comes to judging who goes on day 2, with plenty of people who do great in the first day's challenges but perhaps have an average showstopper being eliminated by somebody who did awful on day 1 but did well in the sho
  6. If it's any consolation @Pockets before the season started I said I didn't think other teams were far behind, specifically I didn't think Man Utd were too far from being challengers and that was laughed-off too
  7. Yeah, I think this thread is generally pretty balanced and the chat is fun. Group hug, y'all!
  8. I guess it's a bit doom and gloom but more just not really feeling connected with football all that much at the moment. It'll pass, it always does. In my defence though, there's not a great deal of positivity on the pitch at the moment and you're only as good as your last result...
  9. Yeah, our season could very well be pretty much over domestically in the next 2/3 weeks and right now I don't even think that would elicit much more emotion from me than a bit of a sigh. And yet I do still enjoy talking about it here, I find it more fun seeing everybody's opinions and stuff than watching the games. I think we'll lose on Sunday - Utd are just a much better functioning team right now - and I'm not even sure if I'll put myself through it. In fairness, some of that is because our FA Cup record has been largely miserable for a while now and I've never really felt like K
  10. I know what you mean, I've felt less interested in football this season in general and haven't even watched a number of our games this season even when I've had free time, and that's unheard of for me. Lockdowns 2 & 3 have definitely played a part in that but the lack of crowds is definitely more apparent - I even think the fake crowd noise has been toned-down too. Most games - not just ours - feel all a bit hollow to me right now. I don't think it's just me, either, I think chat in this thread is a lot slower-paced compared to previous seasons too. In fact, whilst
  11. I think the truth is that he doesn't know how to fix it at the moment. We don't have adequate quality to come in and change things so they need to try and play into some form. The next few games could be very humbling. I honestly can't recall a time when we looked so poor up front and unable to get a win - and I remember that horrible spell of no wins between November and January in the 02/03 season, because at least we were scoring then but our defence was awful. Sigh.
  12. Well done Burnley, they spoiled Liverpool's home winning streak last season and have destroyed that long unbeaten run - and there can't be any complaints really, Liverpool were awful. Again.
  13. Abysmal, but credit to Burnley. Gutted about the home record more than anything.
  14. That team doesn't scream goals to me, hope I'm wrong.
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