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  1. Gabe

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    09/06/2018 - Oxenfree (PC) I didn't know anything about this other than a reference here or there to it being a bit of a walking simulator in a point-and-click style but, thanks to Origin Access it's another game I gave a try that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. I played this over 2 short sessions - it's about 3 hours or so if you aren't too fussed about the collectables (and I wasn't) and to start with I thought it was really good - charming art style, interesting premise and I was looking forward to understanding the mystery of the island. It didn't last, though. Some of that is my fault; I felt the initial direction of the story was better than what we got: But the script was also pretty clunky, the characters were stereotypical beyond belief (Ren was incredibly annoying in particular), the characters moved at a glacial pace (which killed any interest in subsequent playthroughs for the different endings) and the it had an annoying habit of forcing you to choose a response which would cut-off the person speaking (else you would stay silent). The ending, too, as noted in the spoiler was poor. I'm glad I played it - because that first session was eerie and set at least let my head imagine a different story - but ultimately it was a slightly disappointing experience. Previously completed:
  2. @BitterToad What about the ending made you laugh? I have a hunch but curious.
  3. Literally just got out of this and it was just so dull and managed to make dinosaurs - dinosaurs! - boring. @BitterToad is completely right about characters making stupid, stupid decisions and the whole plot is just idiotic and the ending beggars belief. I thought the previous film was rubbish too, so at least they are consistent I suppose.
  4. Having now seen the linked article above, it does seem something is happening, but I'm not sure it is enough. Only a few days to wait, I suppose.
  5. Gabe

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    I can't really describe it, other than it didn't feel as action-dense as the first film, but I suppose that it was because I was not feeling engaged with it generally.
  6. Gabe

    Star Citizen - Fishing for Space Whales

    I heard it's one of the 1,000 games included on the Vega +.
  7. Gabe

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    Saw this tonight and was disappointed. I agree with comments that this felt a lot safer than the first film and the emotional beats never worked for me. I also left with feeling that there really wasn't much action. I much preferred the first film, the friend I went to see it with thought this was better. Whilst I did laugh along at a number of lines, I'm struggling to think of any memorable ones and I agree with RJames, it just felt tonally off. The monster just felt dumped in there and the resulting fight wasn't particularly good anyway. All in all a bit deflated.
  8. Gabe

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    What on earth happened with Matip?
  9. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    It's amazing how many left-handers we have for batsmen, but so few bowlers. Anyway, I don't think that's a particularly great change, he's hardly been tearing up the County Championship and pace destroyed him vs South Africa. If Pakistan bowl as accurately as they did in this match he may well struggle again, and then where do the selectors go?
  10. Gabe

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    @Pockets Everybody can forgive the odd error here and then, but the first goal in particular was just unbelievably stupid and there's no amount of coaching/experience that is going to account for that. I mean, he pretty much threw it straight at Benzema from point-blank range. The second howler is bad, but that's the type of mistake you can forgive a little bit easier (although it still shows the fault in his technique) and players can recover from that type of thing. I don't think he has improved all that much though, to be honest. He still flaps at things and his positional awareness needs working on. Even without Saturday, the talk about the goalkeeping position has continued all season (which can never help him, to be fair) but I don't think his performances have ever convinced anybody (in the media at least) that he is going to become a top player. It's also how it will affect those in front of him; defenders need to have some faith in the 'keeper and where they don't (as we saw all too often with the Mig) players try doing stuff to avoid relying on the man in the sticks - like trying to play out of trouble from the back, or trying to head clear because you don't trust the 'keeper to claim a catch etc. It makes everybody shaky and he will get huge abuse wherever he goes from opposition fans and who knows if he is mentally strong enough to push through that? I think we just need to spend megabucks on somebody now that has top-tier experience and a proven track record; Karius could then continue to learn behind the scenes if the club want to stick with him but if he starts next season as No. 1 I will consider our summer transfer dealings a failure.
  11. Gabe

    Football Thread 2017/18

    I find that finishing 2-4 in the Premier League is pretty much nothing, really, so Tottenham finishing above Liverpool is a pretty sad thing to pull out as a measure of doing 'better'. Unless you are challenging for the title (as in, actually being competitive) then who really cares? I was glad Liverpool got 4th but even when we were pushing 2nd I really couldn't get excited about it as we were never going to win it. That said, I do think Tottenham have a really good team - and how many of us Liverpool fans wouldn't want their 'keeper and defence? Imagine what we could achieve if we had them! I think Poch is a very talented manager - but I would also say that that Tottenham team, with all the talent they have, is probably underachieving if anything. I think both teams are in the situation where each manager needs to win something - and soon - to really show that their good work is producing results because ultimately that is the only measure that counts.
  12. Gabe

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    27/05/2018 - Halycon 6: Lightspeed Edition (PC) Part Xcom, part FTL, part management sim, H6 is an decent concept spun out way, way too long - and it's worth noting that this edition reduced the grind of the original release! You manage an alien space station and find you and your crew the sole survivors of an alien attack and your job is to make space safe again whilst investigating this great unknown threat. It's split into 3 main areas - management of the space station, where you will research new tech, build rooms to provide various abilities, bonuses etc; space exploration, where you identify colonies and secure their resources whilst also finding other races; and the real meat of the game - combat (both land and space-based). This takes the form of turn-based battles and the main mechanic is that each commander of a ship has various powers (gained via research and ship tech) and generally each power will either inflict or exploit a status effect. The idea, then, is to use each ship to set-up an effect that the one of the other ships can exploit - and with 8 different effects that can be applied, there's plenty of options. Making heavy use of this is necessary, too, as the normal damage range of weapons isn't all that. It's all very functional, the graphics have a certain charm (mainly in dialogue scenes with other races), there are lots of different powers and the skill trees are varied for each commander and the researching and discovering new stuff is always fun. The problem, though, is that this is a neat idea for an 8 hour game that is padded-out for far, far too long (on releasing this edition the devs say it streamlined it to be around 12 hours - but even that would feel too long). It took me much longer than that (I did restart after a fair few hours though) but it was a real chore to get through, with too many instances of the threat being tackled only to find there's another thing to do. This is exacerbated by the fact that the rhythm and routine of combat never changes from the first few battles to the last - except for when you get some enemies where the max damage you can cause in a turn is capped, so you'll pick any old attacks just to get through it. And there is just so much combat to get through. To try and speed things up I turned-off the animations for my last couple of hours (wish I'd seen that option sooner) but it still dragged on. Like I say, a much, much more tightly honed experience could probably be pulled from this (which would also mean you don't run out of new stuff hours before the end, too) - which is hardly a glowing endorsement of this v2 in the first place. I can only wonder what playing the first release was like because even though you get both versions, I have no intention of ever finding out! Previously completed:
  13. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    Having the same person running all 3 formats can't be ideal, no. You'd think that won't likely change until after the 2019 Ashes, either.
  14. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    It's been embarrassing, but take nothing away from Pakistan - it's been mentioned a lot, but they have been disciplined and it has paid off in spades (along with having some skill, of course). England have too many players that flatter to deceive these days, Stoneman is surely done now for starters and Malan is on dodgy ground. I see Keaton Jennings' name cropping up about getting another shot at opening, not sure about that, but what options are floating around? They are all untested. I'd be interested to know how many times they've been 4-down for less than a hundred in the last 4 years or so compared to the previous, say, 10?
  15. Gabe

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    @ryodi Ahh yeah, Scott Carson - another who looked decent but, when he needed to step up just didn't have it in him. That is also the other problem - there is a very limited pool of top goalkeepers but far more top clubs that need them. Hopefully our run to the final will have made us look a better proposition for potential targets now, at least - though every club we talk to knows they can automatically add £x million to the price because, quite clearly, we are desperate.

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