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  1. Ha, no, but I said at the time I didn't agree with him/Jones getting medals as they hadn't earned them and it could make them get a bit ahead of themselves - and who knows, as a title winner perhaps he feels he's a bit better than he is.
  2. Be interesting to know just how much stock there was, and how this all came about. @Bluejam Is there a post somewhere that explains who these people are and how they ended up buying the stuff (and was it sold to try and raise funds for creditors)?
  3. I'd be surprised if there were many changes for the game tonight purely because I don't really think that's Southgate's style. Plus I guess you want the core of the team building some kind of rapport on the pitch, which you don't get with loads of changes to personnel.
  4. I don't think fans of any team want the new horrible CL format do they? I certainly don't, it'll make it even duller (and it was already pretty dull) than it was until the knockout stages.
  5. Shows how much attention I pay to things He did try pushing for 32 teams though, I didn't imagine that, right?
  6. Lots of rumours about Neco Williams wanting to leave, can't say I'm surprised as he probably plays more for Wales than the club. Shame when a home-grown player wants out all the same and it still annoys me he got a PL winner's medal, despite contributing nothing to it Be interesting to see how he develops though and if he can really kick-on with regular games.
  7. It doesn't really matter, does it, they would still have to go out and get whatever result they needed, of which there's no guarantee they would. And most teams are going to at least need a draw and we've seen many times teams coming a cropper when trying to play for that out of the gate. Besides, doesn't Platini want the next one to be 32 teams?
  8. For me the Germany v Portugal and Netherlands v Ukraine were better games, but it wasn't bad and a strong win for the Danes.
  9. I see Hayes has been mentioned a few times as the best co-commentator, but why is that? I've only heard snippets of her here and there over a few games (and when she was in the studio) but I haven't heard anything that you don't get from any others, certainly no special tactical insight (which somebody mentioned upthread)?
  10. Great strawman there, given that nobody said it played like a mobile ftp game, just looked like one - and it does, it looks hideous and cheap (which is funny, given that Nintendo will charge full price for it.) I do think it's extremely cynical to release these at full price too, but sadly (as seen in this thread), people will lap it up. Yeah, from my ancient memories of one the first one, they are more puzzle games than strategy; it's more about 'solving' each map as opposed to having the freedom and scope to win in multiple ways.
  11. This is why I think the final group games could be interesting now, with all who could finish on 4 points being conscious of GD and hopefully being a bit more attacking (even England!) Edit: I know England are basically through, that bit was tongue in cheek.
  12. Guess I'm probably one of the few watching the Swiss game (I have no interest in watching Wales), and it's been really good, they could be 5-up already. Of course, Turkey are pretty rubbish, as they have been all tournament, but the Swiss have played some great stuff and Shaqiri looks in the mood (scored a lovely goal too.)
  13. I've not seen Twin Peaks nor played Deadly Premonition (despite owning it), but it's not the supernatural/eerie aspect, more the tree-lined streets, picket fences, all shops being mom-and-pop types places etc. I guess an equivalent of blue sky gaming? Yeah, I'm not going to try the demo as I want to go in fresh when I get it, but that is a description that sells it (despite the fact I hated Life is Strange.)
  14. It's unfortunate that you aren't able to separate reality from the game, but this description has got me very interested in this now. There's definitely a slice of small-town, leafy Americana which tv shows like Murder She Wrote/Stranger Things/Eerie Indiana tap into - there's a certain 'feel' to them which I can't articulate, but I really like it and this sounds like it could be a very relaxed experience, so thanks!
  15. So how does this rule work with the Spanish penalty then, given that the ball had gone and the play wasn't impacted by the foul?
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