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  1. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    They've definitely put themselves totally in control now. At 150-4 and about 5 maidens in a row you felt England had a chance to blow through them, but they've batted really well and Shan has deserved his ton. Can't see anything less than 350+ at the moment. Edit: The running between the wickets has been brilliant, too.
  2. Roll on the fixture list!
  3. 06/08/2020 - Bombshell (PC) I don't tend to swear - I think I've only ever posted anything worse than 'crap' twice, and that was for a very specific reason - but I have no hesitation in stating that this game is unremittingly shit. It looks shit, it plays shit, it stinks of shit. It was so shit that I decided to disrespect it by sticking an infinite ammo cheat on about halfway through, then god mode for the last couple of levels - and I regret nothing. Bombshit (see what I did there?) is a twin-stick shooter set in the most bland, ugly alien world imaginable, with boring enemies, weapons and mission goals (it's all go here, then go all the way across the map just because, then exit somewhere else). It tries hard to be self-aware and funny with some fourth-wall breaking by the lead character - Shelly - who was caught up in a bomb explosion prior to the game - ergo BombShell(y) - it's so clever! It runs like shit too, despite my PC chewing up actual graphically demanding games without issue. There's absolutely no saving grace here and I feel dirty for having played it - even trying to use the excuse to myself that I got it in a bundle along with stuff I actually wanted (so it was effectively 'free') makes me feel ashamed. It's just an awful turd of a game that you should never, ever consider playing. Just rest safe in the knowledge that I suffered this so you don't have to. <shudders> Previously completed:
  4. I like how Iron Man's legendary outfit forgoes any leg armour in favour of some fetching gold tights. Nice red leotard too.
  5. Of course, but that would be true with or without COVID - I just find it amusing Man U coming out and crying about the pandemic meaning Dortmund should automatically drop the price for <reasons>. That said, I doubt Dortmund would be unhappy keeping him for at least another 6 months/season rather than selling him for a lesser price than they actually want - if nothing else, he'd probably be good for Jude Bellingham to be around.
  6. Well the Sancho bit was more to address the whole 'depressed transfer market' in that it's the buying clubs that generally are making the noises because they don't want to pay as much - but if clubs don't want to sell, then it's largely irrelevant to what the market is doing. By extension, would Ake, as a player in a relegated team, really have gone for more than £40m pre-COVID? I don't think so. Whilst Willian's scenario is different, I still don't really understand what you are trying to say with "he's in no position to negotiate" because of course he is, Arsenal aren't being bullied into offering silly money, they could just walk away. Ergo, he can - and is, very successfully it would seem, negotiate the best deal for him. Besides, aren't Chelsea still trying to keep him?
  7. Why not? It's still a sellers market, regardless of the overall impact on finances in current circumstances and, clearly, if he's been offered those terms then he very much has negotiated. It's like grumbles from Man Utd over Dortmund's price for Sancho being too high make me laugh, because Dortmund don't particularly want to sell so why should they drop the price? None of this takes away from the fact that Arsenal are showing a real contempt for their employees and it's awful. Even if they perform a u-turn though, would you really want to continue working for a club that needs to be publicly shamed into not treating you like crap? If it were me I'd take the view that it would be a stay of execution and they'd probably do it a bit more quietly down the line instead, out of the public eye.
  8. I've got Othercide on my wishlist, but I'm wary that the artstyle will grate on me after a while; I don't mind a bit of stylised black and white (Limbo and large parts of Inside for example) but the levels there had a bit more character; Othercide looks a bit, I don't know, bland? Is that being massively unfair?
  9. Re: Othercide, a lot of strategy games have that type of mechanic - it's another layer of risk vs reward.
  10. BBC2 used to be good around Halloween, I think they had horror films late into the night quite often (I seem to remember videoing a number around 91/92?) Back when Sky had just the Movie channel, Friday and Saturday nights also had that sense of wonder and discovery and I watched a number of fun films back then. It's been mentioned but the lack of information in those days meant you'd take more of a risk (plus the lack of choice played a part, too). Fun times.
  11. My gf and I finished the first series last night and I think we'd probably both agree with this. The first couple of episodes were brilliant - funny, shocking, full of intrigue. It then dipped for a couple of episodes before picking back up again but then ultimately dropping to a low point in the final half an hour or so, with Eve's actions making no sense other than to provide a (poor) setup for series 2 (and beyond, of course). The actual story wasn't all that interesting once things moved to Russia and it felt all a bit contrived to keep Eve one step behind and it did that thing where there are plenty of questions characters should ask each other but don't, for <reasons>. To that end, I don't feel the central cat-and-mouse premise is interesting enough for me to want to watch any further (despite thinking it was well-acted throughout) so instead I'll read the spoilers in this thread and let my gf watch the rest. Edit: Having now read the rest of the thread - and the general lack of any series 3 talk - I'm even more comfortable skipping it now.
  12. 01/08/2020 - For Honor (PC) Ubisoft's online GaaS medieval-em-up - which was received with a general shrug of the shoulders back in 2017 - is clearly doing well for them as they are now on Year 4, with all the opportunities to spend money that brings. I was only interested in the single player campaign though, which comprised of 6 missions for each of the main 3 factions (as another faction has been added post-release). And it was good fun! I suck at games so I played through on easy, but even so the depth of the fighting system was apparent and the logic of the controls - move the stick right to block or strike from the right, or left to block/strike from the left etc meant it was easy to put together a chain of blocks or strikes without getting confused about buttons and combinations. It looked gorgeous, too, with some beautiful vistas dotted throughout the lands of the Knights, Vikings and Samurai. Given that the meat of the game is the online portion (which I think revolves around capturing territories in a three-way war), I didn't expect a great deal of variety or depth to the gameplay or plot and, in truth, it was about par for the course. I did enjoy my time with it though, experiencing a number of different characters and playstyles over the duration and, if I were more interested in online gaming then I could see this being something a bit different to dip in and out of. Though I'd still suck. Hono(u)r mainted/10 01/08/2020 - World War Z (PC) I got to experience this thanks to the Epic store's giveaways and I'm glad I did. It's another online game (which I ignored) with a campaign mode that, pleasingly, could be played offline with bots. Which I did (except for the last couple of missions) but, like For Honor above, I actually could see me playing a bit of this online if I ever ran out of stuff to play (so: never, then). It's loosely based on the book/film in that it doesn't share any plot with those things (although there is a group of missions set in Jerusalem) but does incorporate the spectacle of the film. By this, I mean you have lots of zombies - and I do mean lots - chasing you down (they move fast), swarming in massive numbers and - joy! - building zombie pyramids to climb things (which was one of the visual treats in the film). And yes, that does mean killing those at the base of the pyramid will collapse the whole thing. It's actually quite exhilarating to see a massive swarm get to a fence and then start to build up to climb over it (and also very pleasing to launch an RPG at the base and watch them all tumble down). It's a set-piece the campaign uses frequently but well, especially on some of the larger kill zones you find yourself in, allowing you to see the swarms in the distance getting ever closer to whack-a-mole range - and there are plenty to whack. Whilst I played with bots (meaning I was always killing the most), each 30-minute or so mission will usually see upwards of 1,000 zombies being put down (with many pushing closer to 2,000) - and that's on the easiest setting (because, see above - I suck at games). I shudder at how many more you would get on higher difficulties! You do get some time between these big money shots to pick off smaller groups of stragglers but also take in your surroundings - and whilst the game isn't doing anything amazing graphically, it still looks really good at times and - importantly - runs like a dream throughout, however many zombies are on-screen. The campaign is broken down into 4 geographic areas (with a 5th available as DLC, which I didn't buy), with each area having either 3 or 4 missions in. They aren't linked at all plot-wise, being self-contained stories, but they all generally play out the same; running point-to-point to open doors/get keys/turn a switch, defending of areas, some protecting of NPC whilst they do some task, big final fight. You'll go through London, Moscow, Jerusalem and Tokyo (with Marseille being the DLC episode) and meet different groups of survivors each time. It was genuinely a blast, to the point that I decided to do the last couple of missions online and thoroughly enjoyed myself (even if my teammates were a bit pap). Whilst zombie games can feel fairly old-hat now, I think World War Z's ability to throw masses of dead flesh at you - at pace - and incorporating verticality as a factor makes this feel like a much cleverer game and probably fairly unique? (Note: I've not played any other titles in the genre.) The only disappointment is that it made me want to watch the film again, but it isn't on any streaming service at the moment. Bah! Regardless, I really, really enjoyed my time with this and, had I not instantly deleted it to reclaim some much-needed hard drive space, I'd probably have stuck around to enjoy some occasional online games. Infectious/10 Previously completed:
  13. He got an elbow in the back there, you clearly saw it from behind when they replayed it during the match. But yes, a lot of players were exaggerating contact throughout.
  14. Seeing it in real time doesn't help much, as there's the other picture where he's clearly outside the line. Not that it matters now anyway.
  15. Atkinson was pointing to other areas of the pitch to signify it was an accumulation, I think. Although I don't even think the one that did him was a foul in the first place (nor was Mount's yellow card, who was fouled, if anything but Ceballos conned the ref).
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