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  1. bear

    Nvidias Gamescom conference thingamabob

    Why can't this dev rep appear on stage? Weird that he is just a voice from the shadows.
  2. bear

    Nvidias Gamescom conference thingamabob

    7 Gigarays. I'm sure that for people who understand what's going on that this demo is very impressive but it's too much for me.
  3. bear

    Nvidias Gamescom conference thingamabob

    He's gone and done a joke.
  4. bear

    Nvidias Gamescom conference thingamabob

    Sure looks that way based on rumours.
  5. Live here at 5pm Galway time. You shouldn't watch it as it'll be deathly dull but there should be some pretty videos afterwards. Whats Guaranteed: New Graphics Cards Big Numbers Video of games we know about running on these Graphic Cards Some stuff about their streaming service Whats Possible: Release details for those BFG displays they announced at CES Video of games we don't know about running on these Graphics Cards Whats Unlikely: A surprise announcement of new Shield Hardware. I really want a new version of the Shield Tablet and an updated version of the Shield TV that can run Dolphin near perfectly. Adaptive Sync support being added so their graphics cards play nice with TVs that support it. As far as I know Adaptive Sync is based on Freesync so that's a no-go. Their Android ports of Nintendo games getting released outside China. Those little plug in microphone things for Google Assistant they showed off making a comeback. An entertaining show.
  6. bear

    What are the most varied game series?

    The Jak and Daxter series of games on PS2 could be a candidate. The switch to a GTA-lite style game for the second game along with the shift in tone was a big departure from the first game. They didn't change things up as much for the third game but to go from the precursor legacy to Jak 3 in three years showed a major shift in tone for the games in a relatively short period of time.
  7. bear

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Better backup for Kane seems an obvious enough move. Llorente and Janssen aren't up to the task. I don't think Spurs should have bought just for the sake of buying but they are the 10th or 11th richest club in the world according to Deloitte. With their resources there aren't that many players who simply aren't on the market.
  8. bear

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    The big unknown here is just how much extra making a streaming box or television Scarlett compatible would cost. I'm assuming MS are going to try to create a solution that the likes of Qualcomm and Intel can support in a way that lets a future Surface Go work with the Scarlett service. Getting Apple or Amazon to support it on their TV boxes would be a stretch but if MS can get the likes of Samsung to put it in Smart TVs and phones then they are on to a winner.
  9. bear

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    I'm guessing only the full console will support VR/AR/MR headsets.
  10. bear

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    It's even worse this morning. Seems like part of the site has crashed entirely. Fucks sake.
  11. bear

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    And I ended up with nothing. Great.
  12. bear

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I hate these ticket sales so goddamn much.
  13. bear

    Football Thread 2018/19

    As long as Qatar keeps putting money into European football through beIN Sports buying TV rights or by investing heavily in clubs like PSG then UEFA will be happy enough.
  14. bear

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    He'd be getting ready for another season on loan at Vitesse Arnhem. Not trying to be a shit stirrer with that statement but sadly a lot of England's best young players are already at the "big" clubs which seems to be the worst place for them to go from being good youth players to good senior players.
  15. Surely they can't have been sacked for just those tweets? Fries in particular seems to have been spectacularly harshly treated. A twelve year stint ended just for sticking up for a co-worker? That seems beyond crazy. I can just about see an argument for getting rid of Price but that's mainly driven by my own workplace experiences where a contract might be renewed after twelve months and the idea Arenanet might have been looking for an out. That'd still be shitty behavior on their part though.

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