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  1. Offal in black pudding. Unforgivable.
  2. Driller Killer from Micro Machines 2.The best track ever created for local multiplayer. In realistic games I like Laguna Seca a lot. Didn't stand out to me when I played it first but I think Forza 2, or 3, was the first game I played where they captured what the corkscrew was about and that was transformative. Trying to perfect that section of track was hugely satisfying.
  3. Current-gen ports of Tekken and Soul Calibur would be nice seeing as they are releasing new content for those games. Well Tekken anyway, not sure about Soul Calibur.
  4. CEX seem to have cut their prices for PS5 consoles. Still way over rrp but getting closer. Didn't want to bump the stock alerts thread and get peoples hopes up so I'll just stick that here.
  5. Will we? Its not like we're wondering about how Microsoft had a working version of the Spotify business model in place years beforehand with Zunepass and had an excellent interface ready to go based on the ZuneHD but failed to get anywhere due to their own pigheadedness. What seems flatout weird at this point is that Harrison is still running the show. Maybe I'm missing something hugely important but its hard to see anyway you could describe him as a success in his role. The technology works but most of that work was done before he showed up so you can't give him much credi
  6. How pissed would people be if the PC version was a Windows Store exclusive? I don't think there's any chance of that happening, just wondering out loud.
  7. They were saying on this week's Gamesbeat podcast that they expect Elden Ring to be shown in March which is the most specific they've been about it since I started listening to the show. I'm not sure if it'll show up at Microsoft's rumoured event (March 23rd) but that seems the most logical place.
  8. Pikmin 3 Deluxe Its more Pikmin so I already knew I was going to enjoy it and I mostly did. Having 3 commanders at your disposal and the Go Here functionality of the Koppad are the big additions over Pikmin 2 and both make it easier to keep getting things done so you rarely end up finishing a day early which I found myself doing regularly enough in Pikmin 2. The whole juice concept replaces the parts and treasure mechanics from earlier titles but it mostly doesn't matter as you build up a decent juice barrier early on. Bosses are the weakest part of the game with the final b
  9. I wonder if the desire to establish a subscription model ultimately did them more harm than good. What they were offering at launch absolutely wasn't worth a $9.99 subscription as there was a lot of functionality missing and the selection of games was poor. Stuff like how usernames were going to work was put up on a Reddit ama instead of the main site and I'm sure there's a decent amount of people out there who ordered one before launch that were surprised to find that they couldn't get the username they wanted.
  10. They ended up with a service that basically offered the same experience as those under the TV boxes, just with a worse selection of games. The big theoretical benefit of ramping up in-house development earlier should have been that they'd build games that could only work on Stadia. I guess it'd be like going back to what MS were promising when they launched the Xboxone and were hyping up the power of the cloud. Deliver on the promise of that GamesCom Crackdown 3 demo with the collapsible buildings or a souped up version of Halo 5s Warzone for instance. Instead of the
  11. There's some good information in that Bloomberg article but compared to some of Schreiers other behind the scenes articles it's a bit lacking. I suppose that's a rod he made for his own back with the quality of work he did on the likes of Naughty Dog and Anthem but hopefully we'll get something on a similar level about Stadia at some point. Just how badly did they miss the mark at launch and how many people are using the service now would be the questions I'd like to see answered. Wired have a decent article up as well highlighting some of the issues that developers ran into tryin
  12. Time to get excited so. Maybe.
  13. I'm really looking forward to this but the likelihood of it being on Gamepass next year means I probably won't touch it until 2022. It does real good though. Real good.
  14. bear

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm in the minority on this one but Minecraft Dungeons is worth checking out, they've done a decent job with it since it came out.
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