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  1. I think Everton will give Silva the Man City game and then get rid. With the various issues at Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Man Utd there's a slight chance for someone outside the "big six" to qualify for the Champions League. Given the level of investment at Everton over the past few years they really need to be competing for that spot.
  2. bear

    Google Stadia

    I still haven't seen the big selling point beyond "Its Google". I don't see why I'd invest in their ecosystem now instead of holding back for a few months to see what MS, Sony or Nvidia will offer in their services. They seem to have the weakest lineup of announced exclusive content and less in house dev teams than Sony and MS so why should I care?
  3. Has anyone got some (reasonably priced) recommendations for mixing equipment? I'm just starting to experiment with mixing drinks at home but I don't want to end up with some cheaply produced shite that won't hold up. The Cocktail Chemistry and HowtoDrink sites both have equipment lists but they link to Amazon.com which makes things pricy.
  4. 5-0. Firmino hat trick. One each for Matip and Salah. Or maybe it'll be boring. I don't know.
  5. The 21st century started in 2001. This list has games from 2000. List is bad. Also Spelunky is far too low on the list. GGOAT.
  6. Does this make Spelunky (360 release onwards) eligible?
  7. bear

    Gears 5

    I believe that's just for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.
  8. At the time I thought that Scar in the Lion King was unbeatable. I just could not kill the bastard. It must have been two years after I got the game that I found out that you needed to throw him near the cliffs edge in order to win. Simply beating him wasn't enough. The stampede level was incredible at the time.
  9. Longest in the Premier League era. Joint longest overall.
  10. bear

    Google Stadia

    After what was announced at Gamescom are people more or less excited by Stadia? Maybe I'll be proven wrong but at the moment its big hook still seeems to be that it's Google and that it'll be active before Xcloud and whatever enhancements Sony are planning for PSNow under their MS partnership. I'm not shitting on the idea of streaming games before anyone accuses me of that but I'm not getting excited by what Google has shown so far. Is there exciting exclusive content on the way? When will it be shown? Why isn't it there for launch? Surely I'm not the only one asking those questions.
  11. Finished the series last night and enjoyed the vast majority of it. The first episode was a real attention grabber as the basic setup was put in place and even though later episodes didn't have the same level of shock value they all maintained a real edge which I enjoyed. I know the grim nature of the world should put this series more in line with the DC films but I ended up feeling it was a bit more Marvel-esque as it maintained a healthier humour balance.
  12. bear


    I bought a Svart back in April to replace an old Krups burr grinder and I've been really happy with it. The grind adjustment seemed to have a sticking point at first and I found the bean container hard to remove in order to wash it once I first purchased the machine but once I managed to release it I have no trouble since. The container for the grounds is the only real negative. Instead of a simple bin its got little grooves on it which means that it can be slightly awkward to empty. Its not a deal breaker by any means but I figured its worth mentioning. The noise isn't bad and it only takes around 10 seconds to grind enough for the Aeropress.
  13. I reckon I've played at least 62.4 hours of Dig Out! on the PC at work just through having to kill five or ten minutes each day while waiting for some test to finish or a reply to an email etc. It's a terrible game and I've hit a brick wall in terms of progress as it'll take an age to grind out the currency I need to progress or I have to start spending money. Its an easy way to kill a few minutes so I'll just keep playing it regularly though.
  14. Has the toxic reaction ever worked? We've seen it so many times since gamergate and the Feminist Frequency Kickstarter but I can't think of one situation where it's been successful for those spewing bile. I read the post from the Ooblets devs announcing the Epic deal and thought it was a bit try hard but I wasn't enraged by it. I simply can't fathom reading it and deciding that the appropriate reaction is death threats and unbridled rage.
  15. Laurens and Gab Marrcotti are going to be doing a weekly podcast for ESPN next season so I doubt either will be contributing much to any of the Totally Football shows.
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