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  1. bear

    Xbox Game Pass

    Doom Eternal would be nice but I couldn't see myself playing it anytime soon considering they've confirmed it's getting a Series X (and PS5 which I assume is still happening) update next year.
  2. So after checking my emails it looks like two of my attempts at ordering direct from Microsoft have gone through. It's odd that they'd let two orders from the same Microsoft account go through so that might need sorting out as well. Still, at the moment, I'm fucking getting two!
  3. Well they make those Persona games people like. They've also got a surprisingly strong lineup of PC developers. Just to be clear, I don't think MS are doing a deal for Sega. Its just worth mentioning they are closer to being good Sega than they have been for ages. Apart from that itty bitty Gamegear. I don't like that.
  4. The new store seems like it might be genuinely good. Loads way quicker and it doesn't seem like it needs to be restarted in order to get it to refresh properly. It's good that they have finally gotten it to the point of being decent.
  5. So you can switch playing between Tetris and Cyberpunk in less than ten seconds.
  6. I think I've secured one through the using the store on my One X. Doesn't have my Eircode (Irish postcode)in the delivery address so I'll need to contact support about that but thats a small hardship. I'm fucking getting one!
  7. I'm still no good at paragraphs of text so I'll just do a few points instead. -It's a proper MEGATON announcement isn't it, not the usual "OMG, this game has exclusive DLC or costumes on platform y, megaton!!!" nonsense. Its the sort of powerplay people have spent the decades since MS announced the original Xbox fantasizing/speculating about and now it has finally happened. Only took twenty years. Hard to know if they are finished either, which is a bit scary. Asobo & Relic still seem like logical additions based on what they are working on. Maybe just buy Konami to twist the k
  8. I want a Psychonauts 2 level set inside Doom Guys dreams. They should delay the game to put that in.
  9. They sued him over a bunch of VR related stuff after he went to Oculus.
  10. Presumably the one that's due to release a new Halo game, which they've presented as the base of the franchise for the next decade, in 2021 and that they've already invested hundreds of millions in? I think the dev teams will be safe enough. If I was on the PR side of either company I'd be shitting bricks.
  11. If it's games that defined the generation then: Castlevania: SOTN: Still seems like it influences a lot of the biggest and best indie games. Overwatch: Really established loot boxes as a business model for the early part of the generation. FIFA/Battlefront: Pushed the loot box model so far that governments started to bring in laws to protect customers from EA and the devil Andrew Wilson. Uncharted 2: Sony's output this generation is defined by lavish single player games. That started here last gen. Halo:MCC: Launched a broken mess
  12. I was going to pos @bridger for the mini fridge under the telly which seems like a great idea to me. Then I realised it was a subwoofer.
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