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  1. bear

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    But then your pasta will stick together.
  2. If they get the game streaming tech to a point where it's good enough that people are willing to use it then why bother bringing all that other stuff to iOS and Android? Based on what they said in the video then a developer could potentially just have to create an Xboxone version of a game and then Microsoft's game streaming tech will let it run across iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS while the developer only has to maintain one version of the game. No pouring resources into developing for multiple platforms or having to maintain their own account system to track purchases across platforms.
  3. bear

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    You forgot all that healthy, healthy butter. Homemade curd is lovely but just like homemade mayonnaise it's got a lifespan of about a week before it's got to go which is a shame.
  4. bear

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    There are drivers like Stroll on the grid purely because they are connected to wealth. Bottas was fortunate to get the spot at Mercedes when he did but he is nowhere close to being the luckiest on the grid.
  5. bear

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Ave it
  6. bear

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    According to yesterday's Times report on qualifying the sensors in question we're actually added back in May. The Times were putting the lack of pace of the Ferraris down to them being worried about grid penalties due to engine failure so they dialled things back a notch. I'm sceptical enough about that story. With the performance advantage the big three have over the rest of the field Ferrari could afford to take a hefty grid penalty, start at the back of the grid and still expect to finish fifth and sixth.
  7. https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/188081/microsofts-project-xcloud-game-streaming-service-arrives-in-2019 Didn't see a thread on this but they've put a public name on their game streaming stuff now. Is it wrong that that the thing I'm most interested in is that clip to hook an Xbox controller to a phone?
  8. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    If you haven't played Captain Toad then it's worth picking up. A bit light on content so worth waiting for a sale price. It's just a nice experience. One of those titles I'm not sure why they include a lives system in though. Doesn't add anything to the game.
  9. bear

    PlayStation 5

    Software parents are horrible bullshit a lot of the time. Ideas companies are nowhere near able to implement but they'll try and claim by applying for a vague yet wide reaching patent and stuffing it with mumbo jumbo.
  10. bear


    Are the PSN leaderboards on this combined across Vita, PS3 and PS4?
  11. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd like to know what chip Nvidia are planning to put inside their upcoming BFG displays. They are supposed to have an Nvidia Shield built in but I'd be surprised if they are going with a solution based on a four year old chip considering the rumoured price of the things.
  12. bear

    Google Project Stream

    Based on what Brad Sams was reporting about Xbox Scarlett earlier this summer it doesn't sound like the streaming Xbox will be running a full version of the game but it will be capable of handling more tasks locally than was typically the case with stuff like Onlives streaming box or the Steam link. Until we get more detail it's hard to know just what that really means.
  13. bear

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Too much talk about spiders and bugs.
  14. bear

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    One of the Twisted Metals is a certainty for this thing. There has to be a Wipeout on there. Tomb Raider 2 Syphon Filter 3 Resident Evil Directors Cut Medevil Cool Boarders Metal Gear Solid
  15. bear

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Even though I preferred using the Xbox during that generation, especially once they updated the controller design, there's no way I could try to argue that the PS2 wasn't by far the best overall console of the generation when you look at all the exclusive games it got from Japanese developers in particular.

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