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  1. I don't think that supposed insider is saying random consoles are over heating like that. They seem to be implying that consistently running either the GPU or CPU hard over an extended period of time is eventually leading to the component failing. We know the PS5 GPU is running at a much higher clockspeed than the Series X, especially if its boosting up to its 10.whatever tfloppymabobs so I can understand why people find the rumour about component failure plausible. The stuff about the PS5 performance being all over the place and devs finding it a nightmare to optimise seems less likely.
  2. Fair enough really. I'd like to think I presented the story about Mark Cerny creating a home destroying firebox of pain with the appropriate level of seriousness. Figured it'd be more interesting than another few pages of "why aren't Sony showing exactly what this SSD can do" over and over again.
  3. So the PS5 is going to run hotter than the sun and if it doesn't die inside six months it'll burn your house down. Allegedly.
  4. Does anyone else subscribe through the Kindle app? If you do, have you got the latest issue yet? I got sent an email from Amazon last week saying Edge would be late this month and it hasn't shown up in the app yet.
  5. I'm going to give myself half a point because at least I understood it was a joke. Unlike some.
  6. Gerbik was just joking that the images looked like something from Dreams right? People aren't seriously discussing the possibility of Dreams coming to Xbox based on him goofing around are they?
  7. Fair enough, I'm just curious about how they'll hit that lower price point. I wonder will Lockhart even come out this year. The early adopters will want a Series X so maybe the plan is Series X this winter and Lockhart at some point in 2021.
  8. Have any of these "insiders" gone into detail about how much of a hit the CPU takes if the GPU is running in boost mode and vice-versa?
  9. Ever since the idea of there being two next gen Xboxes(is that the right pluralisation?) became public I've wondered just how much cheaper the lower spec box could possibly be if both machines were running the games locally instead of the cheap box being a streaming solution. Obviously a lower spec CPU and GPU should be cheaper to produce and getting rid of the optical drive would save a few dollars and forcing people to buy digitally would help justify selling it at either close to cost price or maybe even at a loss. I still wasn't sure how they were going to cut enough to lower the price by the $200 or so you'd imagine Lockhart would need to undercut Anaconda by to justify its existence. After watching that walkthrough of the Series X design and how it's put together I'm starting to see how Microsoft could eke out those savings in a lower specced console. It's not a small box but the X does seem like they've put a huge amount of effort into keeping the bugger running cool and quiet. The split motherboard design, that aluminium plate to hold it all together, that massive cooler and the big fan on the top all look expensive to engineer and produce. Presumably Lockhart won't need the same level of cooling so they could probably go with a more conventional console design for that. I just hope they don't go for a 500GB base model with that machine.
  10. bear

    Google Stadia

    Its that Stacks on Stacks game being added to Pro, not The Crew. It's getting to the point where buying games on Stadia doesn't make much sense as the chances of it being added to Pro in the near future are so high because there are so few games on the service. Kine and Trials next month I reckon.
  11. Microsoft have already clarified that the Gammill misspoke during that Game Stack video. They do seem interested in either buying or opening a studio in Japan or somewhere else in Asia though. Spencer has said as much and a few weeks ago on the bombast Jeff Gerstmann mentioned something in passing about them being linked to Platinum.
  12. Sony patented a bunch of stuff and people assumed that the PS5 was going to have turbo awesome backwards compatibility because literally everything a company ever files a patent on is immediately turned into something you can buy six months later. Until we start seeing some proper details on what is and isn't backwards compatible with the PS4 and PS5 there isn't much point getting worked up about what Cerny said. I thought it was reasonably clear at the time that the majority of PS4 games would work just fine on a PS5 but some might need tweaking. I'm not sure if it's just stupidity or people trolling, probably the latter tbh, but what he said seemed to get instantly twisted into "only some of the 100 most popular games will work on day one!!!, Sony hate BC".
  13. I'm not sure why you cut out my comments on the CELL processor as that gives better context to what I said. The PS5 is clearly an evolution of the PS4. We've known since that first Wired story that Sony were placing a huge emphasis on the SSD and the benefits it would bring to the table. It's a different approach to what Microsoft have done for the Series X but they are both ultimately variations on standard PC hardware. Developers will be able to carry forward a lot of what they learned this generation. With PS3 Sony were effectively telling developers who had spent a lot time and money mastering the Emotion Engine (Christ) of the PS2 that all that knowledge was now going in the bin and they'd have to start from scratch to get the CELL processor to sing. Oh, and we're adding in this Nvidia GPU late in the process so the tools you'll be working with are all on fire and PSN is held together by string and sellotape.
  14. It's not like a PS3. Sony might not have done a great job highlighting the benefits of their design but it's clearly been designed around fixing what they perceive to be flaws in the last generation of consoles. The PS3 was built around the idea of showcasing the CELL processor and Sony had to go to Nvidia for a graphics solution relatively late in the development of the console when it became apparent CELL wasn't going to be able to do all the heavy lifting on that front.
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