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  1. Loads of really good titles leaving at the end of the month too, unfortunately: Elite Dangerous Hades Myst NBA 2K22 Signs of the Sojourner Spiritfarer Twelve Minutes Two Point Hospital What Remains of Edith Finch World War Z Hades and Edith Finch are probably the standouts there but I was a huge fan of Spiritfarer too.
  2. Intrigued by Immortality, which sounds like some sort of interactive VHS but somehow got 10 in EDGE. So it's either really good, spectacularly pretentious or both.
  3. I should probably watch this. I watched Breaking Bad years ago, I can remember the main characters and plot beats but probably not much of the detail, would I be OK with going straight into BCS? I'm assuming yes as it's a prequel, but if it's stuffed full of BB callbacks and references then maybe it's not for me.
  4. It's a separate purchase rather than an upgrade (despite the name) so there's no point buying the regular sub then the expansion pack, just go straight for the latter.
  5. You can remove the button reminder text (it's in the main options menu somewhere, you can't access it in-game) but there's still no way of removing the user icon or the grey square pattern in the borders. That's concerning for OLED owners and somewhat discourages me from putting serious time into any of these emulated titles.
  6. There have certainly been "safe" Zeldas - Twilight Princess, A Link Between Worlds - and even those are pretty good still, but in general the series is pretty experimental. Majora's Mask is still the best example of how asset reuse can result in something vastly different in tone and structure to the original game. Wind Waker's graphical style caused absolute outrage back in the day (it's fascinating to see that virtually everyone has come around to it in the end). Skyward Sword did more with motion controls than any other Wii game outside of the sports titles. Phantom Hourglass was experimental both in terms of control method and dungeon structure. And of course Breath of the Wild threw out almost everything that people associated with Zelda (dungeons, linear story) and ended up an instant classic. Breath of the Wild 2 might be a safe sequel and it'll keep everyone happy if it is, but I wouldn't rule out it upending everything again just for the hell of it.
  7. I managed to grab one of the N64 controllers for Switch when they briefly went back on sale and it completely transforms the N64 library on Switch Online, suddenly all the games "feel" right in a way they never do with any other controller. Even disregarding the odd button mappings, the games were so clearly designed around that stiff analogue stick and its very specific range of movement. I still wish they'd add a decent CRT filter (they've got it on the NES/SNES apps) or at least the ability to play games at the original resolution rather than the upscale they force on you, but it's a good selection of games these days. I showed the N64 controller to my son and he laughed at it, the little git. Two hours later I found him hooked on Mario Golf 64. Really looking forward to Wave Race. That game was hit particularly hard by the PAL conversion issue that blighted a lot of the N64 library - squashed AND slow? Certainly, sir! It's going to be nice playing the "proper" version for the first time. Did they ever fix the frame rate issues on F-Zero X?
  8. Boiling Point I really thought I'd like this one more than I did. Stephen Graham is always great, there's loads of potential for drama in a restaurant and the whole thing was filmed in one take which is something I absolutely love. It didn't really work for me though. Partly this was the setting itself - when you're doing the one take, handheld camera kind of thing, you need to really nail the small details and this didn't. I can see why they went for an open kitchen kind of layout, it kept all the drama focused in one place and meant the camera wasn't constantly going backwards and forwards through a single door, but then the film also needed the characters to speak openly and have conflict so there was this constant problem where you're aware that no bunch of chefs in any high end restaurant would act like that or speak like that while on public view. Also, the food looked shit. It just wasn't a convincing setting at all and that's a big problem when you've set your whole movie in a single location. Also, the movie didn't really go anywhere. I was hugely disappointed when the event that finally precipated the full meltdown was exactly the one they had clearly signposted an hour previously; I thought they'd do something more clever than that. It was just all a bit predictable, then the ending was really abrupt. There's still a lot to like - the cast is genuinely really good and it's a very intricately-made movie - but I was expecting more. 2/5
  9. I've heard good things about "Tonight We Riot" (PC and I think also Switch): "The player controls a group of revolutionaries that grow as they liberate workers from their jobs. They fight with bricks and molotovs through lines of police and white power gangs to achieve the goal of beating the final boss — a Jeff Bezos-type capitalist that controls the working class with a technocratic iron fist."
  10. Just finished Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart. Easily the bleakest book I've ever read. It's the story of a young boy growing up in the roughest parts of Glasgow in the 80s with his alcoholic mother, it's clearly at least partly autobiographical, and the subject matter makes it a very, very tough read. Two of the chapters here were among the most upsetting things I've ever read, and one of them kept me awake at night for hours after I read it. It's also an absolute masterpiece. I hung on every word, desperately wanting a happy ending for these unflinchingly well-depicted characters. I would recommend it without question, but be aware of what you are getting into.
  11. I thought Wrath of the Druids was great but I hated Siege of Paris, it is pretty much exactly more of the same with some really annoying new mechanics (rats) and some of the worst Allo Allo acting I've heard in a game. I'd probably have liked it more if I'd taken a break from the game before tackling it. Isle of Skye though is brilliant and well worth playing, especially if you've played Odyssey and its DLC.
  12. The subway station is the first level where I've felt truly daunted by the size of the task ahead of me. When I first started I just sort of wandered around it for a couple of minutes in dismay, looking at the sheer size of the thing and the layers of filth. Then I picked something as small as I could to start with, just to feel like I was achieving something. Even now, at about 50% through, I'm finding I'm just focusing on one item at a time, not really looking up to see the rest of the level because I just get dispirited when I do. Is it just me though or is the storytelling in this game quietly brilliant? I know it's only told through text messages but the way they build up a strong cast of characters and then start to bring the storylines together is quite ingenious. I really want to know what's happened to all the cats.
  13. That was... perfect. One of their best ever episodes and a reminder of how great it is simply to spend time with these characters. The balance of humour and character stuff felt far more in line with the best S1/S2 episodes than the more self-consciously epic nature of much of S3. I hate to say it but that felt like an ending.
  14. Same here. I spotted this yesterday and developed a bit of a twitch. I’d get the green nozzle on that pronto.
  15. I don’t use a VPN, nor do I have an Audible subscription. If the novella was available on Kindle as it is in the US then I’d probably buy it, but I don’t do audiobooks. Possibly you could use a VPN to buy the US Kindle edition, but then it’s all tied to your account so I guess they could easily tell.
  16. Definitely. Season 2 is the low point.
  17. Free DLC for this out now apparently, with more to follow. A new story that can be played alongside or after the main game.
  18. Sadly - at this stage - selling a kidney. Instruments are basically impossible to find. They haven't made any since the release of Rock Band 4 in 2015 and any that didn't sell out immediately have been snapped up since by people looking to replace old and busted kit. You may possibly find a second-hand guitar or two if you're really lucky. Get the Rock Band 4 instruments - there was an adaptor to allow people to use older instruments from the previous generation but that's even rarer than the kit these days. Working, new drum kits (especially with the cymbals attachments) are basically the holy grail now but I wish you luck, there must be some out there somewhere. Also, bear in mind that instruments are platform-specific, so you'll need Xbox instruments if you're playing on Series X. PS4 instruments are actually slightly easier to find as the player base is much lower on that platform, but they won't be any use to you. The game itself should be available digitally, and there's tons of DLC. It works with any old USB microphones at least so you could start by playing it as a karaoke game maybe (the harmonies mode is actually really fun) and then look to source instruments as and where you can?
  19. The tree house is interminable. I never want to see another wooden railing in my life.
  20. The bumpers on the Elite 2 controllers seem very unreliable. My left bumper is very unresponsive and isn't getting better on its own. Lots of people reporting the same problem. I tried fixing it myself but I couldn't get the face plate off the controller. They want a small fortune to repair these things out of warranty so I'd definitely raise a repair ticket while you still can.
  21. I prefer teleportation controls anyway, not just due to limited space or VR queasiness but because (perhaps counter-intuively) I find them more immersive. Full motion controls in VR feel like I'm playing a roller-skates simulator, and using the right stick to turn removes a lot of the immersion. Also with full-motion controls I tend to play like I would a regular game - run up to something, if I'm not in the right place I'll back up a bit, slide left and right, rotate using the stick... it's not very "VR". I kind of forget to use my actual body outside of pointing and shooting.. With teleport, I jump directly in front of where I want to go then manually move and interact with my whole body. Take a step or two in each direction, turn to face the right direction, lean in to what I want to do... it's much more immersive.
  22. Energy saver mode is effectively "off", it wakes up once every 24 hours to check for updates but other than that it's fully shut down.
  23. I was quite surprised to learn how much power the Xbox uses in standby mode. I've switched that to energy saver mode now, the difference is probably pennies but I feel better about it. I've still got an old desktop PC from 2014 that's in use almost all day every day - my wife uses it for work - I don't use it for games any more but I bet its energy usage even when just doing work stuff is way more than a modern laptop would be. Might need to look into that.
  24. Had several instances where I was stuck on the last tiny bit of an area and there was nothing showing up on the highlights. The roof on the forest cottage and the cubicle walls in the toilets were particular issues. I just went over and over the area with a bunch of different nozzles and eventually it dinged. Sometimes doing a different section and coming back seems to cause it to complete almost immediately. It's probably my one criticism of the game - it seems very inconsistent on what it requires you to do, even on areas that are the same size. Some areas auto-complete with visible patches of grime, others require you to get every single last pixel.
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