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  1. I'm really glad they changed that, back in the day when I ran it as part of the main quest everyone just skipped every cutscene and I had to watch the whole ending to the story afterwards in the Inn. It was a massive anti-climax for what was supposed to be the culmination of everything that had happened up to that point. Speaking of the Inn, does anyone have any tips on how to clear out gear? Having come back to the game, both my retainers, my armoury chest and my chocobo saddlebag are all stuffed full of old armour pieces (plus my inventory is full of crafting materials I'm not using). Do I just vendor the lot (and is there a quick way of doing this rather than transferring them all into my inventory) or are there particular pieces I should be bothering to put on the marketplace? I just want to clear out a load of space but I can't remember what anything actually is.
  2. You can visit other worlds by selecting World Visit from one of the Aetherytes in the three main starting cities.
  3. Titanic 2? What did they do, raise the ship then sink it again?
  4. Well, sounds like you can, you just need to trade in the poetics for the tokens, then trade in the tokens for the weapons. Although, from memory, the pre-Heavensward quests start rewarding you with armour and weapons pretty soon, so you might want to just continue with those unless you are struggling.
  5. Haha, yes, virtually every voice actor in the game changes between the end of one cutscene and the start of the next! I think it was due to contracts - they moved from the US-based studio they'd used for ARR to a UK-based outfit for the expansions and they basically had to recast everyone. In general it's an improvement - you've now got actual Brits doing the voices rather than Americans trying to do the accent - and mostly the acting is better, as it was pretty terrible before. But yes it's a bit jarring initially. The good news is they stick with the same actors from that point on.
  6. Yep. It can be a bit of a slog but the plot really kicks up a gear as you approach Heavensward so try and enjoy it for what it is. There are a lot of optional level 50 dungeons and trials you can unlock now too so break up the story sequences with those if you like, for variety.
  7. It's the best design decision the game ever made though, giving people not only a reason to keep doing old content on a daily basis but even welcoming new players due to the bonuses they get. It means stuff never gets outdated and the queue times (especially at the moment with the high population post-expansion release) are extremely quick. It makes for a very smooth experience even for people coming fresh to content that's nearly six years old at this point.
  8. Isn’t that just the minimum level you need to be? I think Sastasha opens at 16. The roulette should pick from any of the dungeons you’ve got unlocked.
  9. Got this sorted in the end, though I'm not quite sure how. Maybe disabling the Pet Hotbar completely did it, but it's forced these skills onto my crossbar now and I managed to complete the duty successfully. God those menus are confusing.
  10. Help please. I'm playing on PS4 and I'm on one of the final quests before Stormblood. There's a solo duty that halfway through puts you in some sort of magitek cannon to fight off a load of enemies. The moves for this cannon appear on a new hotbar in the middle of the screen. I can't find any way to actually activate these controls using the controller. The only way I can do it is by using the touchpad to move the mouse pointer and click them that way, which is obviously impossible at the same time as trying to move and target with the controller and I'm just dying repeatedly. How do I get it to add these new abilities to my actual cross bar? I've tried disabling the Mount Hotbar and playing around with the settings for the Pet Hotbar but nothing seems to actually shift these things from their new bar, and I can't find anyway to activate them with buttons. I'm completely stuck.
  11. I haven’t played around with Glamour or dyeing stuff at all, I just wear whatever the armour is I have at the time. Everything looks ridiculous on a Roegadyn anyway so it hardly matters. I’ve just upgraded from some sort of dressing gown thing to full-on Robin Hood cosplay.
  12. That's so odd. I've checked it again and it definitely doesn't work for me. I can summon them or favourite them, that's all. This is on PS4. Oh well, I can live with it, but there must be some reason behind it.
  13. Yeah that doesn’t actually seem to work. Individual mounts just get “add to favourites”, not add to hotbar. Only the two roulette options have the option to add to hotbar. Maybe they changed it for some reason.
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