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  1. I've got out twice now and will probably take a bit of a break from it but there's no question this is the first game since Binding of Isaac in my permanent rotation and I will be dipping in and out of it for a long, long time. Superb game.
  2. What is effectively an entire issue of "coming soon" is right up my street. Looking forward to ploughing through it.
  3. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-23-vicarious-visions-reportedly-working-on-a-diablo-2-remake-at-blizzard Sounds very much like this is going to be a thing. I am always up for more Diablo and the second game is a true classic. It sounds like the Diablo 4 team were involved initially in the article (which from what we've seen has more of a 2 vibe about it aesthetically). The Warcraft 3 remaster wasn't well received though so Activision/Blizzard don't have great form in this area meaning some caution is advised in the excitement stakes. As for the developer they were r
  4. How far into 7 did you get? I did wonder initially if I could cope because the opening section around Pa Baker is horrifically nerve shredding, I'd say that's a third of the game but from that point on I continued to enjoy it but didn't find anything come close to the same levels of panic. Plot wise the more it went on the more it started to feel like it was veering into traditional Resident Evil territory too.
  5. Thread sorely lacking
  6. I have a new one: With Bethesda handling an Indiana Jones game now the lucasfilm games brand has been revived. Microsoft have engineered at least one other such collaboration in the form of a new monkey island/day of the tentacle/full throttle etc or other classic lucasfilm point n' click created by Tim Schafer/Doublefine.
  7. It's good of them to be upfront about this: "It'll be some time before we have more to reveal" but it always elicits the same feeling in me of "well why did you fucking bother mentioning it then".
  8. What a pity. I've just been playing Just Cause 3 now I've finally got a machine that holds a steady, high framerate. The missions are pretty awful so far but the traversal and dipping in and out of challenges/liberating settlements is a really fun loop. I was hoping to pick up 4 cheaply down the line but won't bother if it's a total mess (can't say I was enamoured with their headline weather mechanics in the build up to it's release anyway)
  9. I've finally, watched X Files from season 1-9 after starting a rewatch a couple of times over the years. I usually lost interest after the first movie but hung on for once and it isn't quite the train wreck I was expecting. I found the Doggett and Reyes pairing quite watchable (especially with Scully still pitching in) but the main conspiracy thread that runs through the whole thing is utter bollocks (that final episode is just a total mess!), happily there are still plenty of interesting one off episodes inbetween everything!
  10. If anyone else is watching Bobs Burgers via Prime they recently added season 10 to the line-up.
  11. Loving all these elder scrolls 6 predictions. I think it's 5 years away at the minimum. If you look at the pattern of their past releases it's highly improbable they've another large scale RPG almost ready when we know Starfield is next and not even that is guaranteed this year!
  12. May as well stick Fallout 7 on there while you're at it!
  13. Bethesda's Starfield is announced properly around June. Releases in November, is as broken as Cyberpunk in it's own way and somehow this is ok. Nintendo reveal their next console. It is an evolution of the Switch that is completely handheld but transmits to a TV without need of a docking station. New game reveals continue to ignore their wider back catalogue sticking to more Mario (incl new Mario kart) and STILL no new advance wars/ Mother/ Kid icarus/ F zero... Metroid has a big reveal..BOTW2 is still a no show this year. Mass Effect trilogy remasters are bar
  14. Enjoying this more than my original playthrough but I have found some of the same differences that put me off it before. The main one is how little dungeon trawling there seems to be compared to 3. I've found general exploring way less interesting as a result because more often than not you stumble across a building and it's either a small zone with a few trinkets or clearly designed to link with a specific quest. I'm finding it a better game to play by focusing on quest completion and the different factions and stories around their objectives and where they collide is admittede
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