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  1. Think mine has already let me down. Order shipped yesterday but I've already seen him pass through the street. I have no right to be this annoyed but I am looking at everything inanimate right now like it's deserving of a sharp kick!
  2. I wouldn't have any worries about this being some kind of Sekiro level of punishment. What would be the point of keeping the rating down so kids can play but having the game mechanics be impenetrably difficult. It looks to share the same kind of DNA of dodging, parrying and attacking at opportune moments but I bet it's a lot more forgiving even on harder difficulties.
  3. Can't wait. No weekend plans so will be locking myself away and feasting like a 12 year old on it! Any chance simplygames will send this out early? never pre-ordered from them before
  4. That's awesome. I know they weren't exactly hard up struggling performers but the energy and commitment they put into this from the beginning seemed very genuine and so it's fantastic to see the Kickstarter blossom from a 30 minute special into this! Hopefully the videogames aren't far away either!
  5. I imagine Broken Age is noteable for it's unprecedented community backing. Was pretty much the start of all this crowd funding for games on a large scale.
  6. Ran

    Diablo IV

    Looks very much like a homage to the original games visual style. Looking forward to it. (Not that I had a problem with the excellent Diablo 3)
  7. Presumably Starfield will be the first glimpse of their next generation engine for the various RPGs going forward. (Next generation engine meaning, horrifyingly brutalised and paper-thin evolution of the Creation engine). I hope they turn this all around, recent time with the excellent Outer Worlds has only given me a greater hunger for larger scale first person RPGs. Though it's hard to imagine they will be rolling things back towards more varied playstyles rather than the combat, combat, combat approach of something like Fallout 4.
  8. Indeed, I was just answering Ste's question. (but as I periodically do just farted out a response without hitting quote unlike this time!)
  9. Only one person with the sub needs to be present in the private server for it to be running (the owner or otherwise) Still pretty reprehensible from Bethesda again. I dread to imagine what their plans might be for monetising the next elder scrolls. They are being pretty brazen.
  10. No argument here. I'm actually pleasantly surprised there's any deformation at all after the first footage suggested even those spidery enemies would just go "health bar=0, fall over dead". I do feel like a daft, bloodthirsty teenager everytime I bring it up but it makes a huge difference to how satisfying the combat plays out for me (Jedi Knight 2 with the realistic combat thing turned on is one of my favourite gaming experiences of all time)
  11. Aye, that's life. I'm just glad you can clearly see it's not sanitised across the board. I'll live with it for now and enjoy what looks like a fully featured, third person star wars game with all the bells and whistles of exploration / upgrades and a (hopefully) decent story. Then in a couple of years revisit it cheaply on PC where it's possible clever modders will have retrofitted dismemberment on to all enemy types.
  12. It is looking like a really decent single player star wars game so I am definitely going to support it. The last previews even had some footage of the lightsaber looking more appropriately deadly against certain enemies in the killing blow so my main gripe unfounded it seems! (I expect the main humanoid enemies like storm troopers still don't get dismembered but that's understandable given the age ranges they may be targeting)
  13. Ran

    The Man Utd Thread

    I have a (rareish) opportunity to watch this in the pub with some scouse supporting mates today. Think I'll focus on appreciating the beer and company.
  14. This was a decent watch but I'd have preferred it as it's own thing rather than a Batman universe feature.
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