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  1. Ran

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    G-Police was amazing. I will cut you. (Not played since it's release.. there may be some fogging of the brain!)
  2. Ran

    The Man Utd Thread

    Well on this evidence we'll get ripped to shreds by Juventus. What do you know.. shut up!
  3. Ran

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    GT is a pretty landmark first party title which you'd think is nailed on to appear. Agree that Wipeout (licensing issues aside) is pretty synonymous with the console and it's initial popularity. I think a Crash Bandicoot /Spyro is likely, I'd love to see Rapid Reload and Vagrant Story on there but I think neither has a strong chance (above other possibilities). I guess the no analogue sticks rules out any Ape Escape games. Is it possible they've not announced the full 20 titles while still hashing out licensing on desirable titles?
  4. Ran

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Is Metal Gear Solid likely? How would the fourth wall stuff work with Psycho Mantis and the old "Check the frequency on the back of the box" bit.
  5. A videogame mascot social club early 2018: Mario: Heya guys, I think everyone has finally forgotten that god awful live action movie about me and Luigi from 93. Link: Fuck aye, that was a stinker. I don't think it's possible to make a much worse movie even with Uwe Boll involved. Sonic: Hold my rings...
  6. Wow Hexx! This is pretty much the exact thoughts from my head after finishing it this weekend. I'd like to see better variety (or less overall) side fluff in a sequel and maybe some more refined stealth mechanics. Enemies seem really flakey for deciding when they can't see you anymore (Staying laser focused on you when you travel 4 storeys up and behind several walls one minute and deciding they cant see you when you are 5 feet away near a pipe the next). The instafail stealth sections were as always abysmal but kept short at least, I felt like they hit the seed of a good idea:
  7. Ran

    Great Gaming Shortcuts.

    Also inversely the long cut where if there's a long wait time during that boss phase he dies of old age!
  8. Well, posting a threadbare collection of a much revered developer I guess is just begging for a "you call THAT a knife" type situation!
  9. I know it's kind of perverse but I have reasons! Loved the inclusion of Knuckles as an antagonist, I liked the way the zones link adding a touch of continuity and super light narrative. The Sonic 3 sprite is my favourite with it's slightly chunkier look and the new shield types are a great addition, best special stage for emeralds and the final boss music/setting felt incredibly epic at the time (I was just a snotty teen). It's obviously better with Sonic&Knuckles plugged in for the full experience but I remember I was happy enough before that came along so it goes in the list!
  10. Low (low low low low) expectations for this. Came out feeling extremely entertained! I don't know quite what else to say, but I do like a bit of a Shane Black and I'll happily watch it again when it comes to DVD/Digital!
  11. I don't keep a list so much as concoct one everytime I read this question online, hard to really organise them into absolute 1-20 but as a top ten and following ten they go something like this: 1-10 Resident Evil 4 (GC) Resident Evil (GC) Dead Space 2 (PS3) FTL (PC) Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) Batman: Arkham City (PS3) LOZ: Wind Waker (GC) Dragons Dogma (PS3) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (MD) Dungeon Keeper (Amiga) 11-20 Creatures 2 (C64) Resident Evil 2 (PS1) K240 (Amiga) Starfox (SNES) Final Fantasy VII (PS1) Metal Gear Solid (PS1) The Last of Us (PS3) Half Life (PC) Gunstar Heroes (MD) Streets of Rage 2 (MD) Vagrant Story (PS1)
  12. Ran

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    Pretty much yeah though there is a slightly tedious workaround down the line. If you invest enough points in Charisma (6 or 7 levels I think) you can add a perk that lets you link settlements (Its a job you can give people where each person you assign it to can start a caravan linking to another settlement). Linked settlements share their junk but not everything (annoyingly I think weapons/armour is only local). There is no quick way to alleviate overburdening if you're playing survival sadly. You have to get yourself underweight and haul ass wherever you want your shit (you can fast travel otherwise obviously) I tended to take a non annoying companion like Dogmeat or a robot for extra carry weight.
  13. My (massively) incomplete "Treasure chest". I kind of gave up when I realised what it would cost to hunt down just a copy of Radiant Silvergun that I probably wouldn't even be able to play! Few games I'd still like to add to it though.
  14. Aye, came perilously close to toddler smashing my pad trying to do the drone challenges. If anyone else has difficulty, little tip that I didn't notice till I'd struggled through 2 of them:
  15. It's more than combat though isn't it. The way the narrative in Arkham progresses with your gadgets is more interesting and structurally how it opens up new areas and lets you gradually clean up the map/collectibles is more involved. Here what you get is a new set of markers to travel to and press triangle to collect or at best some mild distraction (swing through some smog etc) compare that with the variety they squeezed from solving Riddler challenges alone in Arkham and I'd argue it's a way richer/varied experience. In fairness the structure does suit Batman "worlds greatest detective" character more easily than Spiderman. This is still an entertaining and beautifully crafted experience so far just not one that I would at the moment rate quite with the Batman games (not finished yet so I'm far from final impressions).

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