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  1. Had a long gap between Sourcery and Pyramids, but I'm reading again and am well into Guards! Guards! at this point. It is shaping up to be a favourite already, I've just passed the Librarian desperately using charades to communicate a book title to Carrot which will stay with me for a long time.
  2. Ha, that's great but dangerous.. has that wonderful inspiring ring to it that makes you think "oh of course, I've never written before but I reckon I know exactly how to go about it now! I bet I'm a genius and I never even knew!" -500 pages of incoherent gibberish later- "It can't be rubbish... Nobody gets me, that's what it must be..."
  3. I do enjoy putting on my Micheal Pachter pants in the gaming predictions thread and then seeing how utterly terrible I am at calling anything so here's a second opportunity to show how on the pulse your finger is and have your hopes dashed as people suggest things you hadn't considered in your wildest dreams not come to pass! These are my main predictions: SONY Horizon gameplay demo God of War 2 teaser Last of us part 2 ps5 upgrade Capcoms Dragons Dogma 2 Konami's Silent Hill or MGS remake MICROSOFT Halo Infinite gameplay de
  4. Nah, the leaked footage looked pretty far along for Elden Ring. I think it's going to be in Microsoft's crop of exclusive trailers and will release this year.
  5. I think it's way too early for any elder scrolls 6 news. With Fable and Avowed also in development (and likely further along) they won't want to have too many fantasy RPGs bumping into each other even if they will differ thematically and visually. Starfield has to be nailed on for a big blowout now I hope. I want more tangible 'look at this amazing new thing a year or less away' and less of these fucking pointless CGI reveals and even worse 'familar music / big logo flash up for game we didn't need any confirmation of it's existence' I am trying to manage my ridiculous expectati
  6. Absolutely agree. Kirby is the first thing I think of but amazing as his work is I prefer the Paul Kidby art related to Discworld, his version of Rincewind (and pretty much all the characters) is exactly how I picture them. I love this image.
  7. That's the series I've been collecting/reading. They are absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Not all that interested in Lemnis Gate but that lenticular subscriber cover is absolutely glorious. It's a pity there's any text on it.
  9. The director's cut of "Leon" adds a load of worthless bloat that makes it a much poorer film.
  10. Ah I'm just a bit salty that it looks like pretty much the original assets. I was hoping for something a bit more souped up. Hopefully it forces you to perform Leon's roundhouses and suplexes as physical actions for a real workout.
  11. Looked like a cheapo lazy cash grab to me (the RE4VR). Hardly befitting the reverence any RE4 related product should reflect.
  12. There's no question the console version launch was a terrible decision (criticism well deserved for the state of those releases) but I feel like it gets held up as evidence that the game in general is terrible/irredeemably broken, which it isn't. The PC version (their traditional lead platform) was playable in my experience (and plenty of other accounts on here seem to indicate the same) and should have been their sole focus to begin with. The higher ups should have delayed the console launches to give them the proper time to fashion into a decent release. Anyway my main point was I think
  13. I might need to check the time periods myself here but I'm pretty sure the duration for No Mans Sky between first release and number of updates where peoples good will started to blossom was quite a bit longer than the 4 months Cyberpunk has been on release. In my head it was 12+ months before any kind of talk of a major turnaround began and Hello Games have put in an unbelievable amount of unending support ever since adding features and content over a span of years. This was all outside of pandemic conditions and No Mans Sky was largely written off/forgotten about to be relatively quietl
  14. Middle shadow looks likely to be Max. I wonder who the last character is, maybe Shiva?
  15. This was surprisingly watchable and better than no resolution at all I have to say. Venger sticks out like a sore thumb (not that he does a terrible job) but Peter Cullen does have a very unique voice that's probably hard to mimic unless you already sound a bit like him.
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