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  1. Bad way of saying: Traditional Zelda with plenty of dungeons and items that gradually unlock progress. (or to put it another way a full game, rather than feeling like an add-on or side curio to the main series)
  2. Aye, the Heart and Club keys are exclusive to their respective scenarios.
  3. Links Awakening is a full campaign Zelda and they have obviously rebuilt the game and it's assets from scratch, also we don't know what might have been added or tweaked either. I'm expecting a minimum of £30 but it may well hit the £44-£50 pricepoint.
  4. This has spurred me on to get Link between Worlds finally! Am I in for a treat? I haven't played a handheld Zelda since Phantom Hourglass (which put me off playing Spirit Tracks to be honest).
  5. Ran

    Minidisc Appreciation Thread

    What would be the most hassle free (cheap) way to get some music off a minidisc into a digital format like mp4 if one already has the following components: The minidisc in question. A portable minidisc player? (Sony I think)
  6. Everytime I look at this I fall in a love a little bit more. I hope the final flow of the ending is exactly the same in how it's orchestrated with the music flowing into the end credits. I can't quite believe it but I really am going to invest in a Switch for this alone! (Be nice to finally play Odyssey and experience Breath of the Wild on Switch instead)
  7. Ran

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I've just given up on the second game after playing the first. I was aiming to overload on Kingdom Hearts and put off buying the third and it feels like it has worked. From what I'm reading here KH3 is more of the same? Overwrought combat system coupled with tedious exposition heavy cutscenes delivered by characterless spiky haired twats in black? Long meandering rant enclosed:
  8. I've softened on the visuals a bit this morning. I think my ideal scenario would have been something 2D looking along Minish Cap lines but that was always incredibly unlikely. My only problem now is I actually need to buy a Switch! (Also put me in the Links Awakening = first Zelda club)
  9. Ran

    Devil May Cry 5

    Think my reflexes may be past this. Felt like a right ham fisted twat fighting the boss (who I haven't beaten yet!) Also the lock on seems to have an infuriating need to focus on enemies not in camera sight. With alarming regularity when I do an R1+back+attack or R1+forward+attack I get the opposite result of my intent. Thats the sort of shit that puts me in prime pad smashing mode (and remorseful embarrassment when I calm down)
  10. Ran

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Excited for Link's Awakening. I must confess I thought it looked a little bland (but tidy). Great to play an updated version though with what already sounds like a wonderful version of the original music.
  11. Exactly how I felt, so I see them more like parallel universe scenarios rather than concurrently running events in this remake. It is a shame because the original definitely had a nicer sense of boss progression as you effectively took it in turns to shoot up Birkin (seeing him gradually transform more and more, also seeing the aftermath of the other characters encounter I think at times). The two climactic battles and escape from the lab felt a lot more synchronised and exciting in the original I think. I wonder how much of it was cutting down cost and development time compared to actual design decisions. It's not like the original had a massively complex overlapping scheme that was watertight but it gelled a lot better as an A / B playthrough.
  12. Finished both scenarios on standard now. It is a brilliant remake and I'll revisit at some point I'm sure. A few niggly things here and there, personally I'd say though it's mechanically a better game In a lot of ways the way the two scenarios play out in the original was better and felt more like playing the complete story. The two playthroughs here feel very much like the same game with some differences at a couple of key points. (There may be some naughty nostalgia colouring my opinions here of course)
  13. No, it is the former, 3:30 for A scenarios and 3:00 for B scenarios
  14. Nice work, I've spent a chunk of the weekend formulating why I despise these ratings systems so much and wondering who really engages with them! (I found all the tension I felt in my A scenario turned into tedious frustration in my B scenario when I had an eye on the timer). Needless to say it just feels like way too much replaying and busywork to get up to that level but it is good to know not so much that it's do-able but someone actually enjoys doing it! Any tips? Did you have to do a lot of restarts? Did you have a route planned out? I just don't know where to begin with cutting down a 7-8 hour playthrough to 2!

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