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  1. I was mildly entertained by the Netflix series but thought it was a brilliant concept so gave the comics a try. They are fantastic aren't they? Absolutely superb read so far. I've just ordered volume 6 (which I think is the last one?) And I can't wait to see how it all ends.
  2. The move controllers are better for sculptural stuff if you have access to them.
  3. It's everything from scratch technically but it's designed that anything else someone has published you can feasibly pull into your own creation (bits of sound, whole characters, props whatever you want) So it's about creating your own thing or remixing others creations and anything invetween.
  4. Irresistible. I kind of wanted the box and cart but being able to just whip it on and off without switching carts seems the most natural way for Animal Crossing to work.
  5. Oh you're going to be so embarrassed when he turns out to be the real Duckula Strafe!
  6. Aye, I thought Stander was particularly clever with his infractions, but ultimately we didn't deserve shit anyway, really scrappy and uncoordinated.
  7. Thanks, it was broadly modelled and textured around PS1 limitations so its feasible I think, but I have no doubt taken some liberties (the skinned meshes being an obvious one).
  8. Cool, I was dabbling a little while back with a similar desire to make something that looked of that era. <self promotion apology> Didn't quite finish it but the progress I made has been sat on my hard drive ever since so I've uploaded it because fuck it!
  9. So... 1 = 101 2 = Vanquish 2 3 = Bayonetta 3 release date 4 = P.N.04 (Yeah right)
  10. What was the significance of the number 4 here? It has (predictably) already blasted through it's goal. This will hit a million or so easily right? Oh, there are 4 announcements! So 3 more to come. That's an exciting start then.
  11. They've taken the reigns of Metroid Prime 4 from Retro Studios. They are developing RE4make!
  12. Eurogamer reporting it has exceeded EAs expectations so that gives some good hope for a sequel and maybe (whisper it) some other single player Star Wars content? As reported above. Ignore the dimwit who can't read!
  13. Ran

    The 3D Thread

    Hey @Broker Knew there was one somewhere!
  14. I think there might have been a 3D thread at one point. Nothing saying you can't put it here too (particularly if its game related!)
  15. Jesus, imagine your takeaway of a movie about an innocent child rejecting the (historically real) propaganda of Nazi Germany being "Those soft lefties are talking nonsense again."
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