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  1. Is there any recommended order in terms of story, side-quests and post-game? In terms of story: I've done most of the hunts and wanted side-quests, about half of the historian side quests and most of the other available side-quests that are randomly dotted around. I'm a level 25 Pyromancer running around with level 30 gear (mostly purple and one low level gold) on World Tier 7. God knows how many hours I've put into, but I've been playing solo and increasing World Tier automatically as they unlock. Am I doing it wrong lol?
  2. Hollow Knight would be my choice, but I'd also include Streets of Rage 4 and Huntdown in that list too.
  3. Dark Empire is great, and could have been used as the basis for an excellent follow-up trilogy to the original films instead of the dire prequels but there you go. Such is life.
  4. Page 2, and you know that you can just quote yourself instead of using a screenshot right? Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but suggesting that the MK reboot should have taken a tack similar to a film you haven't actually seen is questionable at best, and that's before we even get into your idea of high school fatalities. U wot m8.
  5. Excellent analysis but spoilers man. The film is only just out and I was skimming through to get a rough idea of what people thought then that. Damn.
  6. If they had made Kano the main character, cut out Cole Young and Jax (sorry but Jax was rubbish too), leaned heavily into taking the piss out of the entire premise, had OTT gory violence throughout the film and featured an actual fucking tournament, it could have been a decent film. Actually, fuck that. They should have made Joe Taslim the main actor (in a good guy role) and just had him fighting Hiroyuki Sanada (who was probably capable of doing his own stunts as he trained at the Sonny Chiba Japan Action School, but I just checked and the dude is 60 so maybe not) and other traine
  7. I'm not sure what you're getting at with Kano. He was an utter dickhead throughout the film and in no way was being portrayed as a hero. He just happened to be amusing and would occasionally skewer the pompous bullshit being spewed out by Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Raiden. Whilst I'm here, can I say that I really fucking hate action films that cut between multiple fights happening at the same time. The hyper-editing of Western action films is bad enough at the best of times even for a single fight (Cole's first cage fight is a prime example) but it's a blur when you have multiple fight
  8. Apparently the soundtrack features new songs and songs that have been re-recorded and extended in length (that last bit at Yoko Taro's request), so that issue has probably been fixed.
  9. I'm still playing it. It'll be awesome all the same, and there is always the possibility that I didn't spoil everything. That's my hope anyway lol.
  10. I stupidly watched a game developer conference talk that Yoko Taro gave about how his games are designed to elicit an emotional response from the player and how he goes about doing that, by giving examples from NiEr without actually mentioning the game's title. I'd watched about half of the talk before realising I had inadvertently spoiled the game's ending, which was then made significantly worse by the news that NiEr was being remastered and that I would eventually be playing it. Fuuuuuuuu.
  11. Was Rooker playing an arsehole? I watched The Bone Collector recently and unsurprisingly, he was the arsehole police captain getting in the way of the dynamic duo of Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. I mean, why wouldn't you let a rookie cop with no training examine crime scenes alone? Makes perfect sense to me.
  12. The two Blood Bowl Team Manager expansions, Foul Play and Sudden Death I meant to pick them up when I was in the US for work trips practically every year from 2012 to 2018, but kept forgetting in favour of buying more comics and eventually they went out of print and then on eBay for stupid money. Bah.
  13. Brilliant. Are those small sized hardback editions? They look great.
  14. The Farewell (2019) A beautifully made drama about white lies, emigration and family ties that was a little painful to watch at times. Anyone who says that Awkwafina can't act needs to watch this film, but in general it's a film that should be widely seen. That last shot though... 4/5
  15. I was thinking the exact same thing when i saw that image!
  16. "Taro" Is the PC port of Automata that badly broken? I thought you might be waiting a while since it's been 4 years since it was released, but I saw the Polygon post so you should be good to play it soon. https://www.polygon.com/22382371/nier-automata-steam-version-patch-update-fix-resolution-pc-release-date Although I want to read reviews, I'm probably going to get this full price since I only paid peanuts for Automata and then rinsed it, so feel like I should actually buy this thing on release.
  17. Triangle (2011) As mentioned above, it is slow to get going sure, but that's because it's setting everything up. There's a deep sense of unease from the very beginning of the film, and I had wondered about a few things early on:
  18. Maybe, but revealing that to someone who was looking for a recommendation and prefers to avoid spoiler-laden trailers should be avoided so thank you for editing your post.
  19. Well, that's put me right off ever watching The Irishman. You could still maybe pull off an Indy film where he's trying to prevent an artifact falling into the wrong hands (uh, like the first three films) but one where the artifact gets destroyed or lost without trace (the third film). Or maybe it's possible to make such a film that manages to discuss cultural theft sensibly. Lol, who I am trying to convince here? Also, it wasn't so much that Shia's acting was bad but that his character was badly written as a whiny dickhead and pretty much every adult who watched it tho
  20. I'mm watching Triangle right now and 30 minutes in, slightly naff CGI notwithstanding, it is very unsettling. Bonus points for the gratuitous shot of Melissa George's boobs as she wakes up on the yacht. I think.
  21. Valerian was visually stunning and incredibly inventive at times, but daft in places and hamstrung by the two main stars being absolutely shite at acting. I need to watch it again to better articulate what I didn't like about it, but it's certainly worth a punt for some mindless SF spectacle.
  22. For 99p each, they're all worth a punt. The only one I haven't read is The Ocean at the End of the Lane but I'll be getting it now
  23. As in any old shit will do?
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